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Avon to launch Aluma raised foiling

Friday, 19 October 2018
By Wayne Robinson

Raised foil: Tate Hone shows Aluma, new from Avon Graphics

Trade finishing supplier Avon Graphics is launching a new raised foiling solution, Aluma, which uses no dies, no embossing, and which the company says enables finer detail and type than possible with digital systems.

Developed by Avon itself, the Aluma solution first lays down a raised polymer, and then prints the foil onto that. Avon says it is cost effective over short, medium and long runs.

Avon Graphics general manager Tate Hone says, “Aluma will take on digital foiling and make it cost effective. It is for short, medium, and long runs. It can lay down different colours at the same time. A major advantage over digital foiling is that Aluma can produce fine detail and small text with no breaking up.”

Avon has built the equipment necessary itself, and merchant Spicers will supply the consumables.

The raised foiling solution can be added to a press, with the UV enabling the polymer to take to the stock, and the foil then taking to the polymer.

Hone says, “It can be used on any sized stock, and on both coated and uncoated, which digital foiling systems cannot do. It is cost effective, flexible and a great solution to many applications, for instance greetings cards where the embossing to raise the foil can take out half of the inside real estate.”

Melbourne will have the first system up and running in the next couple of weeks, with Sydney having its own installed before Christmas. Hone says, “It will be a real boon in certain applications, it comes with no limitations, it is cost effective and high impact.”

Avon Graphics is Australia’s largest trade embellishing business, with some 110 staff operating from sites in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

One Response to “Avon to launch Aluma raised foiling”

  1. October 24, 2018 at 6:07 pm,


    Congrats Avon Graphics on developing such an awesome solution.
    Well done and I hope you are having success with it.

    Unfortunately you are slightly wrong about digital foiling.
    It works on coated and uncoated stocks, but it doesn’t work on every substrate.
    Some work better than others.
    It is also important to lay the toner properly, to have the right foil and the right foiling equipment.

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