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Baldwin buys QuadTech digital ink system

Thursday, 19 April 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

QuadTech digital ink system.

Global print technology and consumables manufacturer Baldwin Technology has signed a deal to buy the intellectual property rights to Quad/Graphics’ advanced Digital Ink System.

Baldwin Vision Systems already owns the rights to the Digital Ink System technology used in newspaper and commercial printing markets and the new agreement gives Baldwin ownership of new developments underway for future applications of the technology.

The Quad/Graphics Digital Ink System, which is exclusively represented in Australia/New Zealand by WRH Global, is a computer-controlled ink injection technology that replaces traditional open fountain ink trains – or can upgrade existing “pump and rail” systems – providing more precise density control at all press speeds with significant cost savings. The system eliminates ink contamination and delivers consistently high-quality results, metering the correct volume of ink delivered to each control zone across the printed image.

‘Enormous potential’: Brent Becker, CEO Baldwin Technology.

In late 2017, Baldwin acquired colour specialist Quad/Graphics’ research and development division QuadTech, combining it with PC Industries and Web Printing Controls to form a new Baldwin Vision Systems business.

“We are very enthusiastic about the possibilities this new agreement affords us, and our customers,” said Brent Becker, president and CEO of Baldwin. “We see enormous potential for the Digital Ink System technology beyond the efficiencies already being realized by commercial and newspaper printers. With our new Vision Systems business segment in place, we plan to hit the ground running to deliver inventive new solutions and adaptations of proven technologies to new industries.”

Karl Fritchen, president of QuadTech, says being part of a larger organization means bringing more diverse technical capabilities under one company umbrella.

‘We plan to expand automation capabilities’: Karl Fritchen, president QuadTech.

“Our focus remains the same: innovating and delivering world-class color measurement and management, registration and vision system technologies. By combining engineering talent and expertise, and with the infusion of more financial resources, we plan to expand automation capabilities to include and connect other workflows within print operations.

“We’re now able to put more pieces together to offer complete software and hardware solutions for color management, register control, and inspection. We’re able to connect data throughout the overall process and workflow, with automated tools for pre-press, at press, and post-press. And that capability is going to expand.”

Fritchen says the new agreement will give printers the ability to choose the option that best fits their specific needs and budget.

“For example, in newspaper and commercial printing applications, Baldwin Visions Systems not only offers standalone color-to-color registration and color control systems, but also combined functionality from the same camera, if needed. Additionally, customers can choose between RGB-based or spectral-based color control, depending upon process and customer requirements.

“In packaging applications, our combined product portfolio includes options for offset, flexo, gravure, and the unique requirements of digital print. We offer pre-press proofing solutions, as well as on-press and post-press solutions across narrow-, mid-, and wide-web applications—as well as sheet-fed applications. Furthermore, we offer connected tools across pre-press, production and post-press workflows that help our customers monitor and manage much more than just the print process—but also their inks, job data, production quality and reports.”

Baldwin, a world leader in providing process automation solutions, consumables and services for the print, packaging, textile and corrugated industries, currently has 18 locations across nine countries. Baldwin Graphic Equipment Australia-New Zealand is located at Rozelle in Sydney. [Telephone +61 29 555 9975].


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