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Ball & Doggett makes its move on paper rises

Wednesday, 22 November 2017
By Patrick Howard

That’s a clean sweep for paper rises in the new year with all paper merchants flagging prices increase of up to 8%.

The last domino to fall is the biggest one, Ball & Doggett, which dipped out on a mid-year price rise due to its merger activities. Spicers, the second largest merchant put its prices up in July and may possibly move again in the New Year. Direct also posted a price rise this month.

Mill price rises leave the local merchant community with little opportunity to absorb any further costs. Pulp prices rise in excess of 12% since January are identified as one of the major components fuelling the price rise. Increasing appetite for paper in China is putting increasing pressure on prices globally. Increases in energy and freight prices are also in the mix.

Ball & Doggett are indicating that as of Thursday Feb 1, 2018 prices for its paper and board will rise;

  • Coated Paper & Board – 8%
  • Uncoated Paper & Board Sheets & Reels– 8%
  • Self Adhesive Sheets – 6%
  • Specialty Papers – 6%
  • Packaging Boards – 9%
  • Carbonless Sheets & Reels – 8%
  • Cutsize Copy Papers – 6%
  • Synthetics Sheets & Reels – 6%
  • Rigid Media – 6%
  • Industrial Packaging Grades – 5 to 10%

Paper prices continue to be at historical lows, with little appetite in the industry to accept increases. However, this time around it seems printers will have little choice other than to bite down hard and accept the price rises.


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