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Bambra Press goes Digital with HP Indigo

Monday, 30 April 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Award-winning Melbourne printer transforms its prepress division to address the growing market for digital printing.

Bambra’s decision to go with a HP Indigo 3050 digital press came down to the quality of the printed sheets, according to director, Troy Riley. The firm has always been synonymous with quality printing, he said. “We’re known as the company that will take on the hard jobs. A lot of our clients are quality conscious graphic designers and advertising agencies so we have always operated at the highest standards.

“We did a lot of research among the different digital presses before we made a decision and found the HP Indigo suited us best. It has the highest quality. We felt the results from this machine are the closest to offset,” he said.

He nominated the HP Indigo liquid-based toner technology (Electro Ink) and the ability to run specials and PMS colours as some of the differentiating benefits.

In the two weeks the 3050 has been running at the Docklands premises Riley claims the printed results have been, “outstanding. Some of our customers have a hard time picking the difference.”

He sees the HP Indigo as perfect for four-colour work with lots of pictures and as a valuable addition to the company’s stable of offset machines that run 24/7. Bambra operates two Komori 28inch presses as well as a swag of smaller formats.

“It’s horses for courses. Run lengths depend on the jobs. If you can fit multiples on to the digital sheet then you might print up to 2,500. But if it’s four A4 pages then it will go on the Komori.”

One of the benefits he expects is the ability to produce a proof job of books of 32-36 pages. With proper calibration the client can receive a bound copy of the job as a proof, from the first impressions. This is fast becoming a normal expectation from marketing and event managers and until now was an area that Bambra, as well as other offset printers, were barred from.

Bambra Digital has already run a number of personalised jobs on the 3050 with great success. Variable Data printing provides a vital point of difference in the company’s approach to clients and Riley is not concerned about some grumbles from other digital printers in the Victorian market. He believes they have approached it with too rigid a print mentality. “Certainly we see two sides to the digital printing market, a top and a bottom, and we don’t want to be working near the bottom. Variable Data printing is very important for us,” he said.

Two dedicated digital printing sales personnel and a new experienced operator, Ben Simmons (pictured right), along with training for everyone in the company in the benefits of digital printing, are part of the process. Along with his fellow directors; Allain Pool and John Wanless, Riley is confident the HP Indigo 3050 will provide a solid business for the new Bambra Digital. As an award-winning printer he is already aiming for the first Bambra Digital gold in next year’s NPA.

The move to HP Indigo by Bambra is indicative of what is happening at the high end of the printing market, according to Phillip Rennell, general manager, Current Images, the digital printing division of Curie Group. “We’re seeing more printers who really know and care about the quality of their work deciding to use HP Indigo. It seems when they closely examine the result they always choose to use Electro Ink technology.”

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