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Graeme Barnes to head judging panel of Vic PICA’s

Friday, 13 September 2013
By Print 21 Online Article

Victorian printers have until September 20 to submit their best work for the 2013 Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards following a flood of entries on deadline day, while well known industry identity Graeme Barnes heads the 2013 PICA’s Judging Panel.

Announcing the appointment, PICA Victoria Chairman Trevor Hone said, “We’re delighted that Graeme has agreed to act as the Chairman of Judges for this year’s competition. Graeme is a highly respected industry expert, educator and craftsman who has nearly sixty years continuous involvement in our great industry covering everything from letterpress, flexo and gravure printing to offset and digital. Graeme brings a depth of knowledge and expertise which would be difficult to rival.”

Barnes is a key member of industry associations. He has 30 years of teaching experience behind him and was the head of the former Melbourne College of Printing and Graphic Arts prior to its acquisition by RMIT. He was also a key judge and Chairman of Judges in various industry awards including the PICA’s and NPA.

Hone also sounded a caution that there will be no more extensions for PICA entries.

“Everyone is busy and we know that getting your entries together for print competitions is often not prioritised until the deadline is looming – so while it would be nice for our team to have a full week’s preparation, it’s more important that we ensure examples of great print don’t miss out on their chance to be recognised and applauded at PICA and, ultimately, the National Print Awards.  There won’t be any more extensions so make sure you get your entries in by Friday.”

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