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Become a Quark 5.0 beta user

Friday, 21 September 2001
By Print 21 Online Article

“QuarkXpress 5.0 is a key component of our strategy for media-independent publishing,” said Jürgen Kurz, vice president of product management at Quark. “It’s a single application that publishers can use to create content for print, Web, eBooks, and more. It’s critical that tools and processes converge for publishing businesses to remain competitive. QuarkXpress 5.0 helps publishers cut costs by giving them a single tool to deploy content to multiple media.”

What’s New in Quark 5.0

QuarkXpress 5.0 has a new Tables feature that allows users to create graphically rich tables to structure design elements or organize complex data. Rows and columns in QuarkXpress tables can contain picture and text boxes with virtually all the typographic and image control users expect from QuarkXpress.

The new Layers feature allows users to isolate items on separate tiers within QuarkXpress documents, and lets publishers manage document variants quickly and easily. This feature is for users who need to manage complex projects such as targeted marketing materials, multiple versions, and documents with language or text changes.
QuarkXpress 5.0 also has a revised, more efficient print user interface, enhanced PDF support, contextual menus, and improved colour management.

The program is designed for multiple media by enabling its page layout environment for Web design. Designers who are familiar with QuarkXpress can become productive Web designers immediately without having to learn new tools.
It is an open application that relies on industry standards to generate content for print, Web, and eBooks. Users can import and/or export dozens of file formats, including HTML, PDF, and XML.

In addition, the XTensions interface allows developers to enhance the functionality of QuarkXpress to meet the needs of unique publishing workflows. There are now more than 500 commercially available XTensions that augment the capabilities of the QuarkXpress software.

Testers can offer feedback or report technical problems by sending an e-mail message to General inquiries about QuarkXpress 5.0 beta software should be directed to

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