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Wednesday, 21 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Dear Editor,

I do not know where this gentleman gets his information
from but I suggest he talks to a few people at the coal face who actually go out on a daily basis to try and source clients and work their bottoms off to try and win the orders instead gazing out of his Ivory Tower.

I further think that he has never had to try and sell against companies who will fly work into Australia and pay their workers poorly.

I speak from 40 years’ experience in this trade when first I worked for Griffen Press when the opposition was Hong Kong then Singapore, South Korea and now China.

Until we work on a level playing field under the same conditions nothing will change.


Patrick O’Malley
Graphic Print Group

Dear Editor,

just to follow on a little bit from Matt Handley
of Print’n’run.

I agree fully with the comments he has made, I also feel that the PIA has lost touch with the smaller guys in the industry. They have breakfast meetings and run various courses, but for a small digital shop they are not my pressing need.

The information that I would be looking for which I have asked for in the past two years from the PIA is information on website development (can they recommend web designers or courses on building your own website?)
I have also asked if they run online courses for computer tuition from basic upwards, as we are time poor.

I understand that TAFE run these courses but I was looking at online specifically for printing.

Sometimes it’s not one-size-fits-all and we as a print shop have done things a little bit differently, which suits us in our location and has benefited ourselves and our staff.

I’m a member of the appa and the signage association. I have to say the contacts made from those organisations have been a good source of info. that has been used to make Print2Day better.

I will probably take out another years’ membership mainly as support for the organisation.

Not sure if what I have wrote is of use in terms of feedback…reading Matt’s article got me thinking. Miss Clancy and the joke at the end …bring back clancy I say!…always enjoy Print 21





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