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Blue Star NZ gets into high-end digital colour printing

Thursday, 25 January 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

A seamless offer crossing over between offset and digital without any discernible difference in print quality was the bottom line for Glen Climo, CEO of Blue Star Print NZ, the largest printing company in New Zealand. “We wanted to maintain the same offer to our clients, not provide a substitute quality for offset. The decision had nothing to do with price, the big thing was quality of the print,” he said.

The HP Indigo 5000 is Blue Star’s first digital colour production machine and is the only A3 press at high-profile Auckland printer, Nicholson. Its arrival at the major printer represents a significant step forward in the acceptance and development of digital printing in New Zealand. A second HP Indigo 5000 is due to be installed at Blue Star’s Format printing company in Wellington in February, by the local HP Indigo agent, AM International.

According to Glen Climo, the intention is not to go and seek out digital work as a separate business but to bring all of the company’s current digital spend in house. “We currently do a truckload of digital business and this will give us complete control of our branding. Because we already have the front end in place and the ability to move files across our network its not been a huge learning curve for us.”

The ability to provide high quality variable data printing has already drawn the attention of some Nicholson clients and a number of VD jobs have already gone through the press. This is an area where the company sees the opportunity for expansion.

Format already does some black and white, and quick printing digital colour out of Wellington but Climo sees the HP Indigo as moving the offering to a different level. “This is a very different technology. The quality is as good as offset and it will allow us to provide the short print runs demanded by our clients.”

The Blue Star decision is seen as further evidence of the quality of the HP Indigo technology by Rob West, (pictured) channel development ANZ HP Indigo. “When companies of this size make a decision, it’s only after exhaustive testing and comparison. I’ve always been confident that when people see the quality coming off the HP Indigo they’ll decide in our favour.

“Blue Star’s two presses provide a solid recommendation for all companies, large or small, considering entering or upgrading their digital printing offer.”

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