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Blueprint takes first Horizon StitchLiner 5500

Monday, 29 January 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Blueprint takes first Horizon StitchLiner 5500
Powerhouse Melbourne printer, Blueprint Dynamic Print Services, has boosted its capability to deliver a complete printing and publication service by installing Victorias first Horizon 5500 saddle stitching line. Focused on developing its product differentiation in the crowded and competitive full colour A3 market, the company sees the latest acquisition as helping to put more space between itself and the rest.

According to Stephen Reichelt, co-owner with Phil Gurry & Chris Terry, the company has always regarded itself as a full service provider.

“We don’t send out any work. We take the jobs in on disk and deliver fully finished bound and stitched products out the other end. The Horizon StitchLiner will improve our speed and throughput,” he said.

While acknowledging that growth is hard to come by in the present tough market conditions, he illustrates why Blueprint is more than just holding its own with the example of a catalogue job the day before. The 3,000 copy, 8-page colour job arrived on disk in the morning, was processed to the press, printed, stitched and delivered to the mail house the same day.

“You can’t get that kind of turnaround by using trade binders. That’s why we’re different. Very few other blokes with A3 colour have the substantial line-up of plant we have. We don’t just put ink on paper, we’re a complete service provider,” he said.

Blueprint was recently in the news with the purchase of the 100th Australian Purup-Eskofot DPX computer to polyester-to-plate system. Its print production capacity includes two Shinohara presses, a four-colour 52 4P perfector and a two-colour 52llP. The new Horizon 5500 augments a powerful bindery that has a Horizon BQ440 perfect binder, a Horizon MC80 collator and a Shoei KT52 folder.

The company continues to explore ways of differentiating itself in the market place, keeping an eye on coating equipment and digital presses. “But we haven’t seen a clear cut reason there yet,” said Stephen.

The StitchLiner 5500

For further information contact Bernie Robinson, General Manager of the Currie Group on 1800 338 131 or e-mail

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