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Bob makes the Honour roll

Wednesday, 27 February 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

The environment and printing industry don’t often go hand in hand. But an on-going commitment to both has earned Bob Snedden an Order of Australia in the New Years Honours List with the citation, "For service to conservation and the environment and to the printing industry".

"It was quite an honour," Snedden said. "I’m the sort of person who likes to get involved in issues, see where I can contribute and then get on with the job. I never really expected to be measured alongside of people who have won these awards."

Snedden began his career in printing as an apprentice photomechanical camera operator at NM Dixon in Sydney. Upon completing his apprenticeship, we worked for trade house, Alfred Johns, before working in Europe and the USA as the recipient of an award from the Services Canteen Trust Fund.

48 years later, he has still maintained many of the friendships developed throughout the years and stays involved with what’s going on in the industry. "As an industry, printing is dynamic and constantly changing so there’s always a challenge," Snedden said.

Printing is only one side to Snedden’s life. Over the last 35 years he has been responsible for recording Aboriginal sites for the NSW National Parks Service, along with an involvement in the extensions to Morton National Park and the establishment of Mimosa Rocks National Park.

In the 28 years that Allan Wetherill, LIA secretary, has known Snedden, his dedication to work and family has been unwavering.  "Bob has always remained committed to his tasks," he said. "I consider myself fortunate to have shared some of Bob’s life over the past few decades."

Guiding Snedden is the sage advice of his father. "He always said to me, ‘If you’re getting something out of something then you should give something back’," Snedden said. "That has always come naturally for me."

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