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Book Club: The Basics of Print Production

Thursday, 29 September 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

Often there is a lack of understanding and communication, resulting in reduced productivity.
The Basics of Print Production provides an overview of the production process from the creative concept through to the printed piece. The manual is an excellent resource for all professionals in the printing and graphic arts industry from clients through to creative and management.
Mary Hardesty breaks the entire process down into specific steps (see Table of Contents), highlighting important points and defining key terms and phrases. Information on all key areas of the process are investigated from sizing and estimating, paper products, proofing, printing and finishing.
This book is a must for those of us who are interested in increasing our awareness and appreciation of the production process.

Table of Contents


1. Specifications

2. Sizes and configurations

3. Photography and illustrations

4. Paper

5. The mechanical

6. Scans and color

7. Proofing

8. Printing

9. Finishing

10. Binding

11. Packaging

12. Shipping

Appendix: image and surface comparisons
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