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Bright future for NCP Printing

Tuesday, 02 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

Business continues as usual for Newcastle Camera Print (NCP) staff and customers following a takeover by Sydney-based Bright Print Group.

Deborah Burgess, director of Bright Print Group (BPG) says the strategic acquisition opens a new growth market. It is the company’s fifth takeover in the past 15 years.

“We only acquire companies based on merit. NCP was a profitable company with a solid growth history, and is a good fit culturally for the Group.

“NCP Printing was strong in packaging capabilities and excellent finishing lines, which will add to the capacity of what we can produce under the Bright Print Group banner.”

The Group will retain all 45 staff working at NCP printing, swelling its employee numbers to well over 100. BPG has brought over the six person sales and administration team from NCP’s North Parramatta branch into its Wetherill Park operations.

“It is important to Newcastle customers that there is no change to the NCP management and production team. The value of a company is in its staff, so we are keeping the management on board,” said Burgess.

“We will share experience and resources across the Group as effectively as we can. Providing additional recourses through Wetherill Park to better to service NCP’s clients.”

Newcastle Camera Print will continue to trade as NCP Printing.

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