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Bright Print Group shines as Sydney green star

Tuesday, 08 December 2009
By Print21

Sydney-based Bright Print Group has become the first NSW print company to achieve the Sustainable Green Print (SGP) Level Three certification.

Printing Industries CEO Philip Andersen, presented the Level 3 certificate and newly released SGP labelling guidelines to Bright Print Group Director, Debbie Burgess at the Wetherill Park site this week.

According to Andersen, eight companies had now completed Level Three and many others were in various completion stages for levels one and two.

“I congratulate the Bright Print Group on this achievement and on their commitment to achieving and promoting their sustainability credentials,” he said.
Pictured: Philip Anderson presenting Debbie Burgess with SGP Level 3 certificate.

Bright Print Group Director Debbie Burgess, said her company was already ISO14001 certified but wanted the Printing Industries SGP certification because, while also based on ISO14001, it was print industry-specific.

“Whilst there are many similarities between the requirements of SGP and ISO14001, we found the reporting requirements under SGP, in particular the capturing of waste streams to be more arduous than 14001,” she said.

“In regard to our own SGP – we are very happy to have achieved Level 3 and look forward to continuing our environmental improvement initiatives through achievement of Level 4 in the future.”

Burgess said it was also beneficial to have a highly qualified, independent set of eyes, in the form the Printing Industries consultant, to critique their system.

“They made some sound recommendations, which we will implement, to strengthen the robustness of our current system,” she said.

Information on SGP is available via this link

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