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Business achievements on the agenda for Get Connected Conference

Thursday, 25 August 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

The Get Connected Conference in November is a consolidation of Printing Industries’ NSW Conference and Business Awards, the LIA’s Printacular Biennial Conference and the Forum of Asian Graphic Arts Technology, hosted for the first time in Australia.

The shout has gone out for entries to the Business Achievement Awards for the best in environmental initiatives, best in business practices and the best in education and training. Awards will be judged according to the varying resources and needs of different size companies, with a new category, best in occupational health & safety initiatives, also added for 2005.

Nominations close on Friday 7 October, with the winners to be announced at the Get Connected Conference gala dinner on Friday 18 November. For more information and entry forms please call Printing Industries on 1800 227 425 or e-mail: .

The entries for the different categories will be judged against the following criteria:

Best in Environmental Initiatives:

  • Cleaner Production initiatives that maximise efficiency and resource utilisation, as well as lowering emissions to the environment on a unit production basis (eg. being efficient and green).
  • Initiatives to reduce emissions to the environment: – land, water and air.
  • Waste minimisation initiatives (eg reduction of substrate waste, spoilage make ready, binding, supplies, shipping and dispatch wastes).
  • Recycling practices, internal or external, where new recycling initiatives have been successfully introduced.
  • Utility management where successful energy and water savings action have been implemented.
  • Improvements to the management of the environmental impact of the organisation with demonstrable outcomes.
  • Communications of environmentally beneficial printing to customers and the general public.
  • Other environmental achievements by the organisation.
  • Best in Education and Training

  • Structured staff training program (management, production, sales, apprentices and trainees).
  • Youth awareness program (tours, work experience and markets).
  • Employee orientation.
  • Training records and number of training activities per year: documented education and training programs.
  • Other training initiatives.
  • Best in Innovative Business Practices

  • Use of Benchmarking to align the business to best practice.
  • Application and outcomes of using the Print21 and Business Diagnostic Tools within the business.
  • Examples of certified business practices (e.g. ISO 9002).
  • Market development and diversification example.
  • Commitment to business ethics, customer service and human resources principles.
  • Demonstrated business innovation.
  • Best in OH&S Initiatives

  • How effective and meaningful consultative processes have been implemented and continue to function.
  • Examples of how the Risk Management program has been implemented and sustained. Are there measurable results that the risk management program is working such as reduction in the rate and severity of accidents and injuries, less downtime due to accidents, increased commitment from employer and employees etc?
  • Details of how safety training programs are utilised to provide knowledge and information to employees and to improve the level of safety and safety awareness.
  • Processes used to identify OHS responsibilities and comply with OHS legal obligations.
  • Strategies for improving return to work outcomes and minimise workers compensation costs.
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