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C is for consistency … just ask Rural Press

Thursday, 16 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

First implemented in Rural Press’ Tasmania branch, the company was impressed by the SSC press and Baldwin’s Constant C technology, enough to now install it in the Bridge Print site in South Australia.

The move into the South Australian site is a testimony to Baldwin’s strengths and reliability according to Rural Press group general manager Bob Lockley. “Baldwin installed the World spray bars at The Examiner six years ago and they have operated reliably ever since,” he said.

As print manager of the Launceston Examiner, Shane Brooks found radical changes in waste savings thanks to Baldwin’s World spray bars. “Prior to the installation we were averaging more than 7 per cent waste,” he said.

“This has since been reduced … waste has averaged 4 per cent, a saving of $140,000 per annum in paper alone.”

The efficiency of the World spray bars resulted in greater print quality and shorter run times, Brooks noted. “Less maintenance has meant the press is available for extra print runs each week. This has boosted our printing revenue each year substantially. We have no calls from advertisers complaining about catch up through their adverts. The print quality has dramatically increased.”

Developed to further enhance the capabilities of LithoSpray Maxima dampening systems, the Constant C technology creates a consistent air curtain across the nozzle openings, keeping them free from blockage by ink, dirt or dust and maintaining uniform dampening spray of the plate.

At the Bridge Print site, Baldwin’s World spray bars were purchased along with four new Godd towers and retrofitted on two existing Goss towers. Rural Press noted that the South Australian factory is now benefiting from the same success as that experienced at Launceston.

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