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Call for print industry training input

Friday, 05 October 2018
By Wayne Robinson

The PIAA is asking print business owners, managers, operators and apprentices to contribute to an industry training review, being held under the auspices of PWC, which is the Skills Service Organisation for the printing and graphics arts industry.

Great opportunity: PIAA president Walter Kuhn

PWC will be holding focus groups throughout the country, and says it wants to hear from print people who are passionate about improving vocational education and training, and/or who would like to provide feedback around industry trends, skills needs or training priorities in their sector.

It says you do not need to know about specific training products to be able to contribute. Click here to register your interest.

Walter Kuhn, PIAA president, says, “This is a great opportunity for the voice of genuine employers of apprentices to be heard and acted on. PIAA has long fought for better skills training and better funding. This consultation process with industry is a critical part of achieving what industry needs.”

The PIAA says representative members are active participants in the Printing and Graphic Arts Industry Reference Committee, whose secretariat is PWC Skills for Australia. These industry representatives have amongst other things, been advocating for the modernisation of the print training package to be in line with new technologies developed in our industry, and for courses to be fully funded.

PIAA has been encouraging PwC Skills for Australia conduct a consultation program across the country, to engage more broadly with interested industry participants, and to identify what employers of print apprentices need in print training programs to better align themselves with their skills needs.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO at PIAA says, “Feedback is solicited from across all sections of our industry to give the best result in shaping our industries future skills base and growth to maintain our technical superiority in the SE Asian region. If you have any ideas as to what skills need to be added to the print training packages across Australia, please register your interest to attend one of these seminars, using the attached link.”

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