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Candidate of the Week – ISO Colour Specialist from United Kingdom

Tuesday, 24 February 2009
By Print 21 Online Article

I’m a seasoned professional with excellent communication and extensive technical skills. My focus of expertise is in computer applications with a wealth of practical experience both selling and installing solutions for digital colour graphics users. With an excellent track record of achievement I possess specialized knowledge of pre-press and colour managed workflows. Having good analytical and time management skills together with a real world in-depth experience I enjoy a professional reputation of working effectively in many business areas both in the UK and aboard.

PRINCIPAL SKILLS                          
Computer Skills

  • Macintosh / PC Sales and Technical Support  Software Applications;
  • Graphic Design and Reprographic Production  Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Streamline
  • Dealer Channel Development QuarkXpress & Adobe InDesign
  • Customer Service and Support with high end suppliers Microsoft Word / Powerpoint/ Excel
  • Colour Scanning & Digital Photograpy Adobe PDF
  • ICC Colour Management to an advanced level
  • Direct to Plate systems from Screen UK Ltd                                                                
  • Colour managed Rip workflows to ISO press standards for Epson wide format printers                                                                   


11.03 to 3.08 Digital Systems Sales and Support Specialist To the Mac’s, St Albans Herts

  • Sales of Macintosh Computer Systems and value added solutions.

  • Exceeding sales targets of support services on Macintosh and Pc hardware platforms

  • Responsible for the installation and support for ISO12647 colour management workflows.

  • Consultancy for sales of future customer solutions and on going installations.

Increased sales of hardware and support services for this Macintosh Value Added Reseller by widening the portfolio of clients from small business users to home users through support operations for the John Lewis Partnership. For colour graphics users configered a new low cost ISO 12647 colour management workflow and certified proofing system for the design and publishing market.

3.97 to 9.03 Colour Specialist Color Q Ltd, Kodak distributors for ICC colour management products

  • Duties; Sales and demonstration of Kodak software products for ICC colour management.

  • The set-up of dealer channels and support operations for installation

  • Responsible for the presentation of workflow solutions to end users with the construction of training and support programs for its effective implementation.

  • The solution offered the ability to colour manage wide format plotters colour monitors and printing presses. Creating very accurate ICC (International Colour Consortium) profiles with custom software and synchronising colour accuracy across the workflow.

On invitation from Kodak I played an active part in forming the colour management company  Color Q Ltd. Distributors for Kodak ICC Colour Management products. Set-up dealer channels as well as established the product with leading Gateway Reprographic houses for the Newspaper industry. The workflow offered complete control of the colour workflow from monitor to the press which I sold and installed the leading organisations in the UK.

10.92 to 2.96 Reprographics Manager Marketing Advertising & Design Ltd

  • Responsible for the production of promotional materials, graphics and pre-press work

  • Preparing quotations and the negotiation of  job specification.

  • The work required extensive knowledge of print and software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and Microsoft office.

  • Organising design, prepress and print processes to meet tight budget and delivery times.

Marketing Advertising & Design Ltd
Brought in-house low cost reprographic solutions for the company Marketing, Advertising and Design Ltd. This allowed the design team to totally by-pass conventional expensive outsourcing of reprographics, as well as avoid purchacing expensive high end capital equipment. I also perfected some of the first colour accurate digital proofing techniques without using proprietary proofing systems. In 1996 M.A.D became the official beta site for Kodak ICC colorflow software.

12.90 to 10.92 Training Instructor The Last Word Ltd, Computer Systems & Services House

  • Responsible for the demonstration and training clients on Macintosh desktop publishing systems

  • Construction of new training syllabus’s and sale of new programs to client database

  • Evaluation of potential and competitive graphic software applications and ROI

  • Providing customer liaison and problem solving for the sales and service teams

Introduced Apple Macintosh DTP training programs into Mirror Group Newspapers, constructing special Photoshop courses for the Pre-press and Journalist staff.

6.86 to 11.90 System Demonstrator Pershke Hell Graphic Services Ltd, Suppliers of Printing systems

  • The work involved training P.H.G.S customers and providing technical advice to sales & field staff

  • The role included the preparation of fault diagnostic charts and prioritising system change requests.

  • The instruction on pre-press colour scanners and Chromacom Electronic Page Composition Systems

Installed over 100 colour scanner and high-end electronic page composition systems into Printers and Reprographic houses in the UK and in Europe for Dr Hell Ltd (now Heidelberg) and Crosfield Electronics.The work involved analyzing pre-press and printing specifications for the creation of colour separations.

Newspaper industry

  • Digital Photographers
  • Printing & Packaging  
  • Small Business
  • Government Establishments
  • Graphic Repro-Houses   
  • Publishers
  • Trade press
  • Graphic Suppliers


5 year Apprenticeship for Colour Retouching in the Gravure Process Dept. Sun Printers, Watford, Herts.
1979 HND in Printing Administration with Technical Bias, City & Guilds of London Institute

  • Printing Production Management(Departmental)-Pass with Credit
  • Personnel Management (works)-Pass with Credit
  • Financial Aspects of Management-Pass with Credit
  • Departmental Management and Communication-Pass with Credit

CURRENT activities

These days I’m selling and supporting two main products both of which bring ease of use, speed, and accuracy to handling colour files for certified proofing. The first product supported is a low cost colour proofing or printing solution with the latest colour laser technologies. Offering certified proofing for as little as thirty five pence for an A3 proof sheet. This solution can be up to 10 times more cost effective than using current inkjet technologies.

The second product is a digital photographers system, offering a complete solution for handling digital photographic work. With a professional rip running on a portable PC tablet the raw capture data from the photo-shoot is converted into the colour-space and file format required for final image processing. This high-end application offers all the necessary controls to produce certified proofs to any ISO 12647 standard consistently and accurately.

The system provides every thing required to create extremely accurate ICC profiles and device link profiles used to simulate an ISO specification on the output device. The application then processes all the files for a contact sheet or low-resolution upload to a client’s ftp site. Once selected, the high-resolution pictures can be loaded into a “container” for colour processing to the correct proofing standard complete with all the photographic Meta data and Fogra control bar readings.

Close Loop Solutions
From from accurate monitor calibration to proofing solutions and press profiling. I am able to offer customers low cost high performance products for ISO 12647 colour management implementation ready for Fogra certification. Closing the loop in the Press room has involved on going development work to control and stabilize the variations from press to press during the operation of the computer to plate system. Using simple software allows the next logical step of ink zone control for precision make ready and ink key presetting.

Recent Training

2007 How to Double your Sales at the Institute of Directors Pall Mail
2008 Fiery Rip, laser copier technology and Print Networks.
2008 No Fear Cold Calling @ BiteSize Seminars London.
Busness Experience with Colour Management and Calibration Services

From my early experience of installing highend scanning equipment in the Graphic Arts Industry. Controlling colour accuracy had always been of the most challenging parts of the printing process. In those days colour management was treated as more like a “black art” than a science. Leaving a large gap in the market for a system that offered a more imperical method of control.

Colour proofing was still in its infancy as many repro-graphics houses were adopting Wet proofing” techniques to maintain colour quality. What must be said, is that this solution bore little or no relation to what was required for the press run as inaccurate colour separations gave large colour shifts on the final printed job.

Gradually proprietary proofing systems came into play from the likes of 3M, Agfa and Dupont which gave more consistent results, but varied considerably in establishing an achievable standard when colour matching in the press-room. Another problem with these systems is they would only work in their own closed loop environment. This required a specific set of calibrated devices, the scanner reproducing a facsimile of the original only when compared on the proofing system it was calibrated for.

By the end of the eighties Apple Macintosh postscript equipment started to replace expensive high-end closed loop pagination systems. Taking full advantage of my experience with the Mac’ Marketing Advertising & Design employed me to run their new design department.

Allowed to make executive decisions regarding reprographic equipment, I developed a low cost device independent colour proofing system using Apples ColorSync. So impressed with the accuracy of the MAD’s colour proofing, Kodak offered us the opportunity to take sole distribution of their ColorFlow ICC profiling software. Initially set up with one director of M.A.D, Color Q Ltd launched its ICC Color Corner colour management solution at the end of 1998 which would generate around £85,000 of turnover in the first year.

With considerable trade interest I sold the colour management solution into highend reprographic houses and newpapers and raised the turnover to £110,000 in year two. Primarily selling consultancey and ColorFlow profiling software but latter widening the portfolio of products to cover colour measurement instrumentation and colour viewing equipment.

Accumulating an impressive database the business continued to grow until 2003 when the Color Corner workfow no longer remained competitive against the more efficient high end Rip based solutions The calibration, training and consultancy part of the business still remained lucrative and was eventually sold to To the MACs at the end of 2003.



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