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Candidate of the Week: Printing Professional UK seeking work in Australia

Thursday, 01 September 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

I am presently seeking employment in Australia.

I have been involved in the Printing industry for 20 years and enjoy the work very much. I know the industry and understand the many varied processes it takes to produce print.

I have a solid track record in sales and marketing that calls for building revenue-generating accounts in highly competitive markets, strategic business planning, and visible achievements with leading edge printing technologies.  I have a particular interest in Business Development and Marketing I believe I have the character, skills, knowledge, and experience required to assist your company.

I am a skilled communicator with well-honed people skills, supportive and thorough, as well as innovative and decisive.  In addition to inter-personal skills I have practical management ability, managing department resources, the recruitment and management of sales teams and been responsible for the commercial viability of team projects with leading technology suppliers. 

I took a five-month sabbatical this year to pursue an independent study for a business project outside the graphic arts sector, then decided not to pursue.  

I enjoyed working for my previous employers and welcomed the opportunity this has given me to cultivate my aptitude for prioritisation, organisation, and knowledge.  I am now looking for another responsible position, and feel that your advertisement offers just the opportunity.

For further details and resume please email on

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