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Tuesday, 25 September 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Digital Print Rep (Signage) – Melbourne
This young dynamo is conversant with all pre-press software (having attended several overseas training courses), and is familiar with the Melbourne corporate signage market. Driven by a “solutions selling” philosophy he’s more than just a rep – he’s the thinking man’s sales-and-relationship builder. His background is in major signage and display projects, so he understands the market, customers’ needs and how to solve them.

Account Manager/Print Sales Rep – Sydney
A true “gem” comes along only once in a lifetime (according to Alan Bond, anyway). This young lady has everything (well, we won’t go there …), other than to say she knows print, she’s bought print, she’s sold print and she’s managed print – all before the tender age of … sorry, we can’t reveal a lady’s age!. Until recently, she was a senior account manager with a large telco, managing their diverse and complex print requirements. This has been a fabulous experience but she’s attracted back to the sales-side of the fence and seeks a receptive company to re-launch her sales career – preferably with a mix of offset, digital and/or mailing.

Senior Account Manager – Sydney
Well presented, with the “corporate look” and style that financial services clients love – plus an in-depth knowledge of print – what more do you need? This young gentleman has been to the “dark side” and back – he’s actually worked within one of these financial giants, purchasing print (lots of it) – so he knows how their grubby little minds work! He now wishes to return to the “print side”, managing large financial-services print accounts, for a blue-chip printing company.


Senior Print BDM – Melbourne
I’ll let him speak for himself: “Over 20 years experience as a multi-skilled professional … in securing, managing and delivering high-quality graphic design and print services … well versed in securing new business and building long-term relationships …” Couldn’t put it better myself. With a career beginning in design and advertising and progressing into the “big end” of print sales to major corporations, no print buyer is safe from his predatory habits! Offset or digital, this omnivore devours it all.


POS/Print & Promotional Products sales Rep – Sydney
This young man (40-ish is young, believe me) is passionate about everything that begins with “P” (well almost) – POS, Printed Promotional Products, even “Packaging” – you get the message. He’s manufactured them, printed them and (importantly) sold them to all the big name corporates including the FMCG’s, as well as to other marketing companies, event managers, etc. If you want to add a new dimension to your business then consider promotional products – he can help organise it for you! And if you get really lucky, he might be able to find his own list of contacts …


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