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Canon gets the wraps off ImagePRESS at IPEX

Thursday, 06 April 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Describing 2006 as a “true milestone year,” the Canon UK personnel had the job of justifying the wait for the newly unveiled product line. Claiming that 75 per cent of the engines on the company’s considerable stand are “brand new,” the centrepiece is still the ImagePRESS technology. It is a new engine, hedged around with new imaging patents and has given birth to a new factory for its manufacture.

Although there is a lower rated model, ImagePRESS CI, which is rated at 14 pages per minutes for around Euro 50,000, the star of the range is the ImagePRESS C7000 VP, rated at 70 ppm , which will sell in Europe for around Euro 250,000 (AUD$ 416,000).

This is the engine that Canon hopes will make it a serious competitor in production print and although there is no doubt the quality of the print is very good, it may need a serious marketing drive to impact on the hugely competitive sector.

As the show progresses there will hopefully be an opportunity to examine the imagePRESS technology more in depth.

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