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Canon makes a song and dance over new printer

Thursday, 01 March 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Smoke machines and staged explosions aside, Canon’s move into digital print was described by Mark Deere-Jones, general manager of business solutions groups as an investment in the company’s future. “We need continual investment in coming up with different ways of doing things,” he said. And that doesn’t just include putting dancers up on stage (pictured).

Describing the imagePRESS C1 as “a leap-frogging technology”, Deere-Jones hopes that this purchase will be the investment to push Canon Australia’s revenue up from $927.2 million to that of a billion dollar company. He also sees the machine as a nice fit between traditional offset printing and the new digital printing. “It’s complimentary, not a takeover of traditional printing,” he said.

He believes that the features of the machine will differentiate Canon from its competitors. “What is wanted by the end user is a credible alternative to the gorilla that exists,” he said. “I’m not going to name that gorilla, but I’m sure you know who it is.”

Canon managing director, Shuichi Tsukahara (pictured) launched the machine; he also believes that it will elevate Canon’s status within the printing world. Chosen for its quality, efficiency and performance, the imagePRESS C1’s features include an oil-free, wax-based toner and the ability to work on media as large as 330mm x 483mm from all paper sources.

Christophe Lambert, general production solutions group described the purchase as a “historical event” for Canon. “We believe it has never been seen before. The new look and feel is a benchmark,” he said. “This is the equivalent of DocuTech 15 years ago for black and white.”

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