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  • Currie

    A new Horizon SPF-200L booklet maker is proving a hit with both customers and staff at Sydney’s Twin Loop Binding and new orders are pouring in.

    “It’s a fantastic piece of equipment and we’ve had very positive reactions from our customers who are excited to have a one-stop store for all of their finishings,” said Twin Loop director Wayne Rubin. “The decision to buy the booklet maker really was a no brainer for us. We needed to upgrade our equipment if we wanted to take our business to the next level.  We bought it from Curries just before PrinteX and when the new machine arrived here at our premises in Macquarie Park our staff were just glowing.  It really was priceless.  They were able to see that the business was growing and that we’re heading into an exciting future.  We’ve been in business now for 22 years and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved.

    “The booklet maker been up and running now for just one month but we’ve already had 14 new jobs on the machine during that time.  We’re now able to offer landscape saddle stitching jobs and loop stitchings and the feedback has been very positive.  We can handle small and large jobs, all with a very fast turnaround.”

    Rubin says that great service and support provided by the Curries team had ensured a seamless installation. “We’ve been a loyal Curries customer for more than eight years and their support team is second to none.  They set up a maintenance program, their techs are always available to help and advise, and they provide the best training and service, which gives our staff a lot of confidence.”

    (l to r) Twin Loop’s Kishor Vatiya, Wayne Rubin (MD) and Chris Sullivan.

    Twin Loop Binding moved into its new 700sqm in Macquarie Park last year and is now negotiating to take over the offices next door.   Twelve staff members produce a turnover of just under $2m a year, with the manufacturing division, including the bindery and book binding work, driving most of the growth.

    The Horizon SPF-200L produces landscape format booklets at speeds up to 3,500 booklets per hour.  The SPF-200L also features improved format flexibility including 8.5” x 11” landscape capabilities ideal for producing landscape brochures or calendars. A fully-automated set-up through the 10.4” colour touch screen ensures user-friendly operation for professional quality booklet production. The system can accept digitally printed output from any of HOF high-speed sheet feeders and can also serve conventional offset print needs when combined with a collating tower.

  • 1st Scodix to make its mark on digital print embellishment

    Currie Group is bringing the innovative Israeli-manufactured machine to Australia this month with a series of demonstrations at the Group’s Hawthorn showroom planned for July and August. In February this year, David Currie travelled to Israel to review new pre-drupa technology. While there he took the opportunity to sign his Currie Group as the Australian agent for Scodix, the innovative digital enhancement press.

    At drupa Scodix showcased a number of new machines that drew plenty of attention. At the same time the first Currie Group machine, a Scodix74, was on the water to Melbourne.

    Plans are now advanced for a series of demonstrations in the company’s showroom before the initial machine goes to a buyer.

    Ohad Snir (pictured) a Scodix engineer at drupa, was happy to claim responsibility for the industrial design of the machine. “It’s my machine… I designed it,” he said, although he was also quick to point out that he is but one member of the team responsible.

    Walking around the stand he proudly detailed the simple yet elegant solution he came up with to the problems of digitising print enhancement. It has to do with putting Scodix’s proprietary clear polymer onto substrate using inkjet heads and UV curing. Sounds simple enough but according to Snir, the problems of making it work were immense.

    The results are rather similar to the old verko thermography raised printing process, but with digital inkjet accuracy and no messy powder or heating. The possibilities for digital embellishment are unlimited and at drupa Scodix introduced further refinements such as a Braille printer and a glitter station to add rainbow effects to any style of printing.

    The Scodix is viewed as being most suitable for professional finishing houses, although there is a greater willingness among commercial printers to take innovative finishing inhouse. According to Phil Rennell, the early adopters will reap the benefit. “Scodix allows printers to set themselves apart in what they can offer customers, especially agencies and high-end packaging customers.”

  • Independent Print Media

    The Independent Media Alliance
    … a new force in graphic arts publishing

    In a world of media without borders, being able to source first-hand accounts and reportage is the difference between real news and unmediated spin. Print 21 has always believed in treating its readers like intelligent professionals, able to distinguish context and fact from puffery and sales spiels.

    Now our readers will enjoy an even broader reach of in-depth reporting of events, technologies and personalities in the graphic arts from around the world. The IMA is a co-operative grouping of like-minded publishing houses committed to sharing independent quality reporting. In addition to Patrick Howard’s Print 21 in Australia and New Zealand members include Michael Seidl’s European-based PRINT & PUBLISHING International; Naresh Khanna’s authoritative Indian Printer and Publisher; and Hye-Jeong Ahn’s Graphics World covering the east-Asian economies.

    The IMA is the new authority for those wanting unbiased, trustworthy informationa on the graphic arts.

    Print 21 is proud to be a founding member of the Independent Media Alliance.

  • DIRECT Magazine

    A marketing publication focused on the information needs of Australia’s professional direct marketers.

    DIRECT… what is it?
    A marketing publication focused on the information needs of Australia’s professional direct marketers. One-on-one communication is revolutionising the entire marketing industry. Cross-media marketing in a digital age is a delta of channel options; SMS, personalised print communication, transpromo, CRM data-mining, PURL agency and personal internet spaces are some of the main streams in the contemporary marketing mix.

    DIRECT… who gets it?
    Savvy marketers who recognize the benefi ts of personalised one-to-one communication using print & mail in conjunction with the whole range of electronic media – that’s who GETS IT!
    But seriously…

    DIRECT is a bi-monthly magazine with controlled circulation to the target audience of marketers, creatives, agency professionals, mail and print programme developers and providers; members of ADMA (Australian Direct Marketing Association), in addition to a select database of corporate marketing managers along with selected news stand distribution. It will also be available by subscription.
    Other target groups include mailing house operatives, the sales and marketing forces of digital printing equipment suppliers, software developers and Australia Post nominees along with Australia’s marketing educational establishment.
    Print management groups and corporate print buyers are high on the list of targeted readers – these are the people the sector must educate about the unique properties of personalised print marketing.

    DIRECT – what’s it about? Content is king and DIRECT is rich with specialised commentary, local and international news, and trends for the print-oriented direct marketer. Issues vary to reflect the dynamism of the personalised direct marketing sector, including
    • Transpromo – developments and challenges in the new medium of commercial essential mail;
    • PURL – the power of personalized print combined with the internet;
    • Successful personalized mail & print programmes (PODi examples);
    • Copywriting for direct marketing and the mechanics of personalisation;
    • Campaign metrics – mailing for results.
    In addition, the magazine includes profiles of agencies and high profile marketers, columns by such well-known direct marketing writers as Malcolm Auld and Danielle Veldre as well as Rob Edwards, CEO of ADMA.
    DIRECT – facts & figures
    There are over 1,000 (estimated) digital print providers in Australia using an array of equipment and technologies with the capacity to develop sophisticated personalised marketing programmes.
    There are upwards of 400 (estimated) mailing houses large and small servicing the print & mail sector of DM. These enterprises are in the forefront of PURL development and RFID tracking.

    Australia Post estimates that of the total 402.2 million pieces of addressed mail it delivered in May 2006, 183 million were personally addressed promotional or transactional items of mail.

    DIRECT kicked off in early 2008 with a print run of 7,700 copies nationwide. There are six issues every year. It will change the landscape of DM in Australia forever.

    Editor: Heather Murphy

    Contact: 02 9356 3976

    Advertising Executive:

    Melita Amaral

    Contact: 02 9356 3976


    DIRECT is a publication of blueline media pty limited
    Publisher: Patrick Howard
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