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Celmac to host HP Latex R rigid Open Week

Friday, 17 August 2018
By Wayne Robinson
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The new HP Latex R Series printer for rigid or flexible media will be on show all next week at the Celmac headquarters in Brunswick, Victoria.

The R series is the first Latex printer to print on rigid media, and it also prints flexibles. Rigid substrates include foamboards, PVC cardboard, fluted polypropylene, solid plastics, aluminum, wood, and glass.  

According to Celmac the new HP Latex R Series enables vibrant colour printing on rigid substrates, and marks the introduction of HP Latex White Ink. Like its other water-based Latex inks, HP says the Latex R’s  white ink will maintain the appearance and texture of the substrate when printing on materials like aluminum, acrylics or woods.

HP also claims that its new white ink will not yellow over time, which can be a problem with some white UV inks. The company has also addressed other white ink issues by including a fluid management technology.

HP has added an ink recirculation system to keep ink moving both within the ink delivery system and at the printhead. The ink storage system has an automatic ink agitator to prevent settling over time.

The new printer comes with proactive alerts and preventative services in order to maximise uptime.

It will be on show all week at the Celmac technology Centre, 6 Syme Street, Brunswick, all print businesses are invited to the event, contact Celmac to arrange a time.

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