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Friday, 24 October 2003
By Print 21 Online Article

Not a bad milestone considering they have only been going for six years.
And the 10-millionth book? The biography Edison: A Life of Invention by Paul Israel published by John Wiley & Sons. It was first published in 1998 with traditional offset printing. After four years the publishers added the title to Lightning Sources’ library where, thanks to digital technology, it remains available and in print.


There is nothing tokenistic about Creo’s approach to technology, though its latest product is called Tokens. A simple file-transfer software package, it sends an email to recipients informing them of a file on the sender’s computer or server. The receiver then decides whether to download the file or not. Files are encrypted and compressed for security and fast downloading. Once a Token has been created it is impossible to access the contents of the file without a Token.


Nice to see John Weichard of D2P jumping in to take commercial advantage of Telstra’s recent email stuff-ups. Promoting his fast and secure file transfer system he targets those for whom the lack of emails is crucial (and isn’t that all of us?) His boast? We don’t make excuses; we just deliver 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Isn’t that what Telstra was supposed to do? If you’re looking for a reliable email service contact John


China’s first astronaut, Yang Liwei, said in an interview on the China Central Television that “I did not see the Great Wall from space.” However, he said the Earth looked “very beautiful.”
There was a popular saying in China that the Great Wall was the only manmade architecture that could be sighted by naked eyes in space. The myth persisted even though US and Russian astronauts said it wasn’t so. Maybe now they’ll believe it.


And the most depressing item of news this week? According to a Bloomberg report, the US Rice Federation want preferential treatment from the World Food Program in supplying rice to Iraq. They cite the US support for the program and the efforts of the US army in the country to bolster their case against the current major supplier – Vietnam.


You can now use Dynagram, the digital imposition software with the latest version of Quark 6 on OSX, The Canadian company announced the launch of INposition 6.0, that allows you to impose, preview, edit, colour separate and print all within one environment.


And finally . . . here’s a bit of nostalgia.

A jackeroo was out checking fences in his ute when he hit a pig. He radioed back to the house for advice. “The pig is stuck in the bullbars and still alive but kicking and squealing so much I can’t get it free” he said.

“Okay,” said the cocky. “In the back of the ute there’s a .303. Put it up to the pig’s head and shoot it. When its body goes all limp you’ll be able to get it off the bullbars and throw it into the bush.”

About 45 minutes later the jackeroo called in again: “I did what you said, boss. I shot the pig in the head, it went all limp and I got it out of the bullbars, no problem. But I still can’t go on.”
“Why not?” asked the cocky. “What’s the problem?”
“Well it’s his motorbike, the blue light is jammed under the wheel-arch.”

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