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Thursday, 29 January 2004
By Print 21 Online Article

First cab off the rank is:

  • Tony Dalleore of MacDermid Graphics who will be there manning the booth of the Australian Flexo Technical Association. Undoubtedly he’ll also be spending some time at the company’s main stand.
  • Graham McKenzie will also be at the show flying the flag for DS Chemport as part of the Fuji Hunt organisation. Nice to see the company maintaining its own regional identity.
  • Jack Cumper from Melbourne will be exhibiting his Emseal technology at Hall 11. Be sure to drop in when you’re passing by.
  • Jason Kent is down as the representative of GSB Chemical, one of our more proactive export oriented companies.
  • Robert Murphy will be here showing Australian software expertise at the Serendipity stand in Hall 8.

It may not be a huge number but it is good to know that we do produce some products for the worldwide market. I’m sure there are many more who could hold their own against the best in the world if they had a go.


It’s not easy representing yourself to an international audience. We’re lucky that English is the world language, so that even at a German press conference most of the business is comprehensible . But spare a thought for the Japanese, German and Italians manufacturers who have to present to a hall full of journalists.

Clancy’s award for the bravest effort goes to Nobuyuki Hayashi, general manager information products marketing division of Fujifilm, who slowly and carefully, superbly mangled his prepared presentation. He didn’t have to do it but I imagine he felt it demonstrated the company’s commitment to international relations.


Mind you, some native English speakers are a bit hard to follow. In listening to the joint English and US presentations one was reminded of Winston Churchill’s comment that American and England were separated by a common language.


Clancy came across Andy Tribute at the drupa press conference and was advised of his new information site, Andy’s Blog. There’s no doubt about it the man has forgotten more graphic arts information than most of us will ever learn. Check it out at


If you come to drupa in Dusseldorf in May be sure to bring a wireless card for your laptop or PDA. The Messe (German for fairground) will be transformed into one of the world’s largest wi-fi hotspots, with remote internet access across the entire 17 halls. You buy a card and away you go.


As you read this on Thursday the four-day drupa press conference is still going on. Further reports will come your way next week. Meanwhile it’s getting colder in northern Germany and outside the first swirls of snow are filling the sky. Home and sunny warm weather never seemed more attractive.


And finally. . . local jokester, Astrid Sweres, kicks off 2004.

A blonde walked into an electrical store and asked “how much is that TV?”
The salesman said “we don’t serve blondes.”
The next day she put on a dark wig and went back to the store and asked the salesman “how much is that TV ?” and the salesman said “we don’t serve blondes.”
So the next day she put on a red wig and went back and asked the salesman “how much is that TV?” and he said “we don’t serve blondes.”
Finally she wailed: “OK, what’s going on, I come in as a brunette and as a redhead and you keep on saying you don’t serve blondes. I don’t get it. Why?”
“Because that’s a microwave….”

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