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CMYKhub opens US office and enters agreement with NextDayFourColor

Wednesday, 13 August 2014
By Print 21 Online Article

CMYKhub has opened an office in Houston, Texas and has entered a licence agreement with NextDayFourColor (ND4C) to operate the company’s business network in Texas. ND4C is a leading trade printer in Texas with two manufacturing plants, Houston and San Antonio.

Todd Frost (left) with Clive Denholm in Texas.

According to Todd Frost he came to know Clive and Lesley Denholm and the CMYKhub team over the last three years. “We visited Australia a few times to check out the operation and were very impressed with the business model, in particular the information systems and software,” he said.

“Our businesses have a lot in common, they are family businesses, very customer focused and are 100% Trade Only. By joining the CMYKhub network, we gain access to great software and systems that will add value to our local resellers.

“Printing is a global business that needs global solutions, we already invested a significant amount into IT however as a group, this will now grow to over one million annual.

“As a result of the change, we have made some additional equipment investments to improve productivity and we are looking forward to working with Clive to grow the model in the US.:

Clive Denholm said he was very pleased to be able to work with ND4C, a company that shares CMYKhub’s values of putting resellers first.

“Todd runs a very good business and we have certainly learnt a lot from him as we have worked through business plans and analysed the best practice of both operations.”

“Selling print requires world class software, manufacturing needs to be global best practice and buying power is important to remain competitive. Both the Australian and US businesses will benefit from the relationship, the additional investment in IT will assist our resellers in both countries,” said Denholm.

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