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Colour Central’s plan to help printers go digital

Wednesday, 12 September 2007
By Print 21 Online Article
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More details on new co-op scheme that invites printers to share digital plant. 

The program, first reported by Print21, works on the basis that a company pays a one-time establishment fee of $1000 to cover the cost of software set-up. From here, they commit to a minimum level of monthly print volume from six options to suit their business needs. This then gives companies access to a Colour Central digital print hub to produce offset-quality digital prints of celloglazing at cost.

Phillip Parsons, operating manager, admits that: "This is a relatively new concept for people; we’re trying to build a product that will suit big and little users."

The inspiration for this initiative came from hearing growing companies say that they required small start-up commitments to explore and build a digital business. "We listened to potential unit holders about their needs and developed an option to suit all types of businesses," Parsons said.

Parsons points to benefits such as eliminating the costs associated with set-up, staffing, equipment and machinery maintenance, allowing them access to equipment from companies like Fuji Xerox, Canon, Kodak and GBG Australia when needed.

Available to printers throughout Australia, Parsons said that Colour Central is currently in the process of acquiring interest from potential customers. "We’ve currently got reps in each state who are visiting interested parties and explaining the whole concept to them," he said.

"People by nature are fence sitters and we need them to commit to us. We’ve tried to make it as simple and risk-free as possible. It’s a great way for people to get in and open up new relationships."

Not all printers are complacent. Parsons notes that already there are cases of those who are more than eager to join up. "There are some customers who can’t sign fast enough – this is all about maths," he said. "It’s a very strong model."

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