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Stuff Up 2: Outrage over Council Anzac Day typo with Chinese printer

Wednesday, 01 May 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Terrible typo and printed in China: Council Anzac signage

Sydney’s Canada Bay Council sparked outrage on Anzac Day with its commemorative signage, first for getting probably the best known phrase in Australia wrong, and then second for having the banners printed in China despite there being a plethora of sign shops in the council area.

The flag signage for the inner-west Sydney council area Anzac Day was printed Lest We Forgot instead of Lest We Forget, causing opprobrium amongst local residents, who called it ‘a shame’, a ‘disgrace’, and ‘disgusting’.

Then when it was revealed that the banners were printed in China the local business community was apoplectic, calling it a ‘national disgrace’ and ‘contemptible’.

The Council went into full apology mode for the spelling mistake when it was revealed to them, but had no comment on using cheap foreign print rather than local printers. The Council erected 30 large flags around its area with the misspelling.

4 Responses to “Stuff Up 2: Outrage over Council Anzac Day typo with Chinese printer”

  1. April 30, 2019 at 1:11 pm,

    Spelling Bee

    Stick a parking fine on the forehead of the public servant who forgot to proof read the artwork.

  2. May 01, 2019 at 1:33 pm,


    How many Australian printers could have done the job? Let’s keep the government, that “WE’ employ accountable.

  3. May 01, 2019 at 3:20 pm,

    terry rowney

    I cannot have china quote on my rates!!!!!

  4. May 02, 2019 at 9:56 am,


    Very unfair to critisise the Chinese printer. He printed the artwork supplied. The well paid Council Staff who approved the arkwork is/are the one(s) to blame as well as the local Graphic Designer.

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