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Creo customers to switch over to Kodak plates

Thursday, 25 August 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

Already the company has closed the Middleway plant in the US, which produced the thermal Mirus and Fortis and the conventional Eternus line of plates. Bing Wang, local regional vice president of marketing for Kodak GCG, assures customers that all existing contracts for Creo plates in the region will be honoured while emphasizing that no interruption in supply is anticipated.

“While production is halting on the Mirus, Fortis and Eternus line of plates, we have enough existing stock to continue supplying our customers in the region for at least a few more quarters,” says Wang. “This provides us with plenty of time to assist our customers with the transition.”

The printing plate plant will be out operation by the first quarter of 2006, resulting in the discontinuation of the plates, along with all associated chemistry.

Wang insists that Kodak has every intention of making the transition process an easy one. “We will help them every step of the way with the testing of the new plates, the process of migrating from the old Creo products and with the installation into their production environment.”

Australian and New Zealand group Blue Star Print is a current user of the Mirus line of plates, and technical manger Stuart Truemen is relaxed over the prospect of the shift. “The move doesn’t surprise me. With both Kodak and Creo producing plates, there has to be a rationalisation somewhere,” he says. “I expect to hear from Kodak about it shortly.”

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