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Creo installs 5000th CTP

Monday, 30 April 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Milestone indicative of larger industry trend

Ask any printer what’s most important and they’ll tell you that it’s making sure their customers are so happy with the quality and service they receive that they keep coming back. It is this repeat business that results in increased profitability and competitive advantage for any printing company.

Ask anyone from Creo the same question and you’ll get a similar story. So, while it is truly exciting for Creo to mark the 5000th CTP system installation this month, what’s more intriguing is what this milestone means to the whole industry. It signifies that more and more printers are adopting digital solutions – including CTP – as a way to remain competitive and keep their customers smiling under increasingly demanding market conditions.

In fact, it is estimated that there were 13,500 total CTP units installed worldwide at the end of 2002 – over forty times more than in 1995, just a few years ago. Of these, about 36% are Creo systems. That’s double the amount of the nearest competitor. To put that in perspective, Creo systems are involved in the production of over half of all materials printed in the USA alone.

Creo has been working hard to make digital print-production solutions – including CTP – available to printers of all sizes, including small commercial printers. Customized Creo solutions deliver solid value for these smaller operations, while supporting gradual expansion with affordable upgrades. Every printer now has the ability to deliver a level of quality formerly attainable by only a few large, high-end operations.

Share of total metal CTP units shipped worldwide

The number of CTP devices appearing in newspaper, packaging and converting facilities is also climbing quickly. Like commercial printers, these businesses depend on the integrity of digital workflows to achieve superior quality, greater consistency, and improved productivity in the pressroom. Today, Creo solutions are linking creative and production systems, management information systems (MIS), content management, Internet systems and more. It’s called Networked Graphic Production and it’s streamlining and automating every step in the print-production process – from idea to delivery.

Only eight years ago, Creo was unknown in the graphic arts marketplace. Today, Creo customers run some of the most successful print-related businesses on the planet. They represent nearly every aspect of the business, from creative professionals and publishing houses, to general commercial printers and tradeshops, to newspaper and packaging printers/converters.

Creo really does have 5000 reasons to say “Thanks!” to those customers. It is their commitment to extracting the full benefit of digital technologies that is helping Creo continue to drive change throughout the industry.

Did you know?

  • Creo offers the three top-selling CTP devices in the world (Trendsetter®, Lotem® and Trendsetter VLF), and the two leading workflow systems (Brisque® and Prinergy®).
  • Creo has installed 10 times more very large-format CTP systems than any other vendor.
  • Approximately 75% of all Creo CTP systems installed have interchangeable imaging heads, meaning that the core imaging technology components are easily upgradeable for maximum system flexibility moving into the future.
  • Creo is completely dedicated to thermal imaging technology and was the first to introduce a viable thermal CTP system in 1995.
  • Creo was the first to integrate digital halftone proofing into CTP systems.
  • Creo is the leading supplier of offset commercial CTP in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America.
  • Creo offers much more than CTP systems. Other product lines include computer-to-film devices; inkjet and halftone digital proofers; workflow management tools; color and copydot scanning systems; desktop software; variable information workflow systems; professional digital camera backs; on-press imaging technology; components for digital presses; and color servers for high-speed, print-on-demand digital printers.
  • To ensure consistently strong service to 25,000+ customers around the world, Creo operates the largest customer support organization in the industry.

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