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Creo Technology Event in Vancouver

Monday, 05 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

At a two-day Technology Event in Vancouver, Canada, leading prepress company, Creo launched a number of new initiatives and products, pre-IPEX. The company reaffirmed its commitment to developing technologies for the graphic arts industry.

According to Amos Michelson, CEO of Creo, the company’s strategy of developing unique sustainable solutions for the graphic arts will see it continue to concentrate on simplifying the digital production workflow. He emphasized to a group of Australian industry professionals, the importance that Creo places on maintaining its “three to four year lead” over rival products.

Creo CEO Amos Michelson (right) with Print 21Online publisher Patrick Howard at the Creo Technology event in Vancouver this week.

He pointed out that Creo is the only 100 per cent dedicated prepress equipment and solutions manufacturer among the big five suppliers and has a track record of consistently trail-blazing the industry’s technology development. The company has emerged from its internal focus of digesting the Scitex prepress business which it acquired last year and a painful downsizing following the tech bust.

It now has a total of 300 graphic arts products in many categories with a strategy of devoting around 900 of its 4,000 employees to R&D. Among the projects under development is a direct-to-press imaging system where it is working with Agfa on developing a reusable plate or cylinder emulsion that can be imaged, used to print, then removed and used again.

Two thirds of the company’s revenue now comes from its software development and service (the other third from manufacturing, mainly CTP). At the Technology Event, it announced new versions of its two workflow software products. The release of Prinergy 2.1 and Brisque 4 provide significant upgrades and develops the concept of networked graphic production.

The PDF-based Prinergy, which has sold 1,000 systems (2,200 servers, 7,000 Mac and PC workstations), is the high-end production workflow and this latest upgrade moves it onto the web. The modular system has a new Synapse Insite, which is an internet portal that lets printers allow customers to submit jobs, track job status, remotely proof and approve jobs. It is a collaborative module and according to Creo there are now 200 Insite operations worldwide.
A feature of the new version is the entry-level module; Entro, which allows small graphic arts enterprises to install a fully spec’d Prinergy system, but only initially use and pay for the RIP. Other workflow applications can be turned on by licence as required.

The Brisque product, which was inherited from Scitex, is now being tailored more towards servicing the packaging industry where the reliable CT/LW file format gives a RIP once output many workflow.

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