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Currie Group reaffirms Horizon alliance – magazine article

Thursday, 31 August 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

There is no apparant end in sight to the expansion of the leading Japanese post-press manufacturer, Horizon. Building on the success of its industry leading collating and bindery equipment, the company has developed a new manufacturing facility.

The state-of-the-art plant—located at Biwako, 45 miles northeast of Kyoto, Japan—is now 25 per cent larger and has been further modernised with over $A26 million in new machine tools, injection molding, parts logistics and assembly technology to permit faster and more flexible production. Manufacturing capacity is expected to increase by nearly 30 per cent when the Biwako factory reaches full-scale operation.

According to David Currie, (pictured on right with Bernie Robinson, general manager and an un-named Japanese geisha) managing director of Currie group, the exclusive Horizon distributor in Australia, no other company can match the concentration of post-press engineering talent and manufacturing expertise found in the Biwako plant.

Having been invited to Japan to celebrate the occasion, he said, “We’re very proud to be part of the celebration as our valued partner Horizon takes another big step forward as the automation leader in folding, binding, collating, stitching, cutting, and digital finishing solutions. We’re truly honored to be counted among Horizon’s longest-standing business partners,” he said.

The very best finishing touches

The Horizon expansion includes a new technical centre devoted to hands-on operator and service training for Horizon customers and dealers worldwide. This facility is the centerpiece of a company initiative to establish a world-class training and skill development program. A new customer showroom where Horizon’s complete portfolio of post-press products will be available for demonstrations and application testing is also located nearby.

“As Horizon marks its 60th year in business, we proudly dedicate this new facility to our worldwide customers. We listen carefully, understand their post-press needs, and then apply our passion for developing productive, innovative, and reliable solutions to meet those needs. We are gratified that this approach has helped our customers gain a competitive edge, and multiplied our business with sales partners around the globe,” said Horizon president Eijiro Hori.

On demand book finished and presented

Company chairman and founder Hachiro Hori presided over the opening ceremonies, which included traditional performances by Japanese musicians and dancers. Each of the 250 attending guests was presented with a commemorative hardcover book within an hour of the close of ceremonies. The book, which included a company history and photos taken during the event, was digitally printed and then bound using Horizon equipment as a live demonstration of on-demand printing and finishing technology.

Horizon is headquartered in the culturally-rich city of Kyoto, Japan, where it maintains corporate offices and continues to operate a light manufacturing facility. Main production is now centered at the ISO 9001 and 14001-certified factory in Biwako.

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