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Currie Protect: Marcus Robinson, service manager ANZ, Currie Group

HP Indigo users who take operator training packages from supplier Currie Group are now able to transfer the training free of charge to a new operator, should the original operator leave within 12 months, under the new Currie Protect programme.

Marcus Robinson, service manager ANZ at Currie Group said, “Buying an HP Indigo is a major investment, and Currie Group wants to ensure that Indigo users get the most from their presses. The new Currie Protect programme means that Indigo users can invest in training new operators, or upskilling existing ones for the HP Indigo, in the knowledge that if that operator moves on within a year Currie Group will train the replacement free of charge. Some conditions apply however this initiative is designed to aid in the ongoing support of our valued customers.

“Our commitment is to HP Indigo users. The Currie Protect programme means HP Indigo users will be completely up to date with the latest skill levels, and safe in the knowledge that their company is protected from extra training fees should an operator move on.”

Currie Protect is for existing users who are wanting to train up new staff or upskill existing staff. Robinson said, “The Currie Group Training Centre is located in Hawthorn, Victoria. Equipped with both sheetfed and reelfed HP Indigo presses, it is one of the only HP Indigo certified training facilities  in the region.”

Recently adding a WS6x00 series labels and packaging press to the Currie Group training centre has enabled operators to now be certified within Australia, instead of travelling overseas.

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