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Currie’s Indigo Roadshow

Monday, 11 September 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Phillip Rennell, Indigo Business Manager, holds forth on the benefits of the new Platinum to a group of interested industry professionals at the Currie showroom in Sydney.

A satisfying turnout of “good prospects” at the Melbourne and Canberra legs of the Currie Indigo Roadshow, saw the company field a number of offers to buy the Platinum press off the floor.
“We are very happy with the level of interest in the Platinum and we could have sold the showroom equipment in Melbourne and Canberra a number of times,” said Phillip Rennell, Marketing Manager for Current Images, the Currie Group division responsible for the Indigo products. “It confirms my belief that we will almost double the Indigo installed base in Australia this year.”

The Roadshow will continue it’s triumphal progress to Queensland and roll into Brisbane April 30th for a three day show in Stafford.

This is the first time the new six-colour Platinum which is generating a storm of interest around the world, is being shown to the Australian industry.

The revolutionary Indigo Platinum – changing the way the industry thinks about digital printing.

The Platinum Roadshow is designed to introduce the Australian industry to a new level quality, production rates and price for commercial digital printing. The new generation Indigo engines are transforming expectations about how digital printing fits into the industry. Covering a wide range of options they provide printers with tailor-made solutions for making money from digital printing.

The Platinum Roadshow will include daily sessions where participants will see the latest Indigo technology working in conjunction with Currie’s Horizon finishing solutions. This is the complete printing process of the future– from the desktop to printing and print finishing, Currie and Co now offers a total digital print solution.

According to Phillip Rennell, the Platinum Roadshow will be the first time an Indigo press has been demonstrated to the general industry in Queensland.

“We are very excited to demonstrate the quality that is offered by the Platinum. We are anticipating a huge response for this event so people will need to be quick in registering their interest in attending.”

To ensure your place in the future of printing contact Current Images, a Currie & Co enterprise, today, contact Felicity Webb: 1800 463 446 (1800 INDIGO)

Locations and Session times are:

Currie & Company
Unit 1, 87 Webster Rd

Platinum Print 2002
Tuesday 7th May 10.00am and 2.30pm
Wednesday 8th May 10:00am and 2.30pm
Thursday 9th May 10.00am, 2.30pm and 6.00pm

During the Roadshow there will also be the availability of individual demonstrations to companies and organisations on request.


The Platinum, Indigo’s newest Digital Offset Colour Press delivers uncompromising image quality, unlimited colour and substrate options at a very competitive price. Designed for moderate to high volume production of on-demand and personalised jobs, the Platinum produces 2,000 full colour, A4 (two-up) sheets per hour.

Platinum’s breathtaking print quality is enabled by a new laser writing head development called Image Tracking Technology (ITT). This breakthrough capability enables the imaging lasers to precisely lock on to the surface motion of the Photo Imaging Plate (PIP), creating high resolution images and highly uniform tints and solids.

Combined with Platinum’s high resolution imaging, Indigo’s unique liquid ElectroInk produces deep, rich offset quality printing that is uniform, brilliant and glossy. The Platinum also offers six colour printing capability including spot and fluorescent colours. An unlimited substrate selection expands the ability to take on a greater variety of jobs.

The Platinum features a streamlined workflow with large job file capacity and simultaneous batching/printing. The Platinum also offers automatic duplex printing and electronic collation, full colour personalisation and customisation. The Platinum packs more quality and functionality than any other digital solution in its price range.

Key benefits include:

  • Full digital printing at 2,000 full colour letter-size/A4 pages per hour (two-up)
  • True liquid ink-on-paper offset quality printing
  • High resolution imaging
  • High tint uniformity
  • Printing on an unlimited range of paper and other substrates
  • Printing quantities of as few as one
  • Six-colour printing capability, with 4 process colours + 2 spot colours
  • ‘Virtual memory’ for non-stop printing of large and complex jobs
  • Electronic collation, automatic duplexing, colour personalisation and customisation options
  • SNAP high performance personalisation
  • Can be uptraded to higher capacity Indigo systems

UltraStream 2000 – The world’s highest speed digital colour printing press

Offering a remarkable combination of speed, quality and economy, the UltraStream 2000 paves the way to high-volume digital colour offset printing for commercial printers, repro houses, colour print service bureaus and others.
In addition to offset quality, customers want speed, flexibility and low prices. Indigo meets these needs with UltraStream 2000. The UltraStream 2000 is the ultimate in digital printing technology. It allows printing professionals to provide a higher level of service – and greatly increase their income potential as a result.
Thanks to its efficient workflow and high printing speed, UltraStream 2000 increases the run length at which digital short-run printing is economical. At the high monthly volumes now achievable, the fixed ownership costs per page are much lower, posing a direct challenge to conventional offset presses for the day-to-day short print run jobs.

UltraStream 2000 is designed for high volume, high quality printing. Its process speed is 240 feet per minute, delivering 4000 full colour A4 single-sided pages per hour (2-up). This means that ‘on demand’ work can literally be done “Now”.

The UltraStream 2000 also features full colour personalisation of text and images, electronic collation and automatic duplexing further enhancing overall productivity and job profitability. Proofing is easily done at any stage, without delay. The UltraStream 2000 is ideal for one or multiple proofs, and prints directly onto the final substrate rather than onto special proofing stock.

UltraStream 2000 uses ElectroInk, Indigo’s specially developed liquid electrostatic ink that produces high resolution and high quality colour images. Using IndiChrome OffPress mixed inks, a wide range of special effects are possible while the High Definition Imaging option substantially enhances fine details and overall image sharpness.

Indigo UltraStream 2000 has the flexibility to print on the widest possible selection of substrates, from coated and uncoated paper to transparencies, cards and a variety of plastic film. Changing stocks between jobs is a simple process.

Key benefits include:

  • Full digital printing at 4000 full colour A4 pages per hour (2-up)
  • Offset quality printing for quantities as few as one
  • SNAP high performance personalization
  • Seven-colour printing capability, with 4 process colours + 3 spot colours
  • True liquid inks that give brilliant glossy offset quality colours on almost any substrate
  • ‘Virtual memory’ for non-stop printing of large and complex jobs
  • Electronic Collation, Automatic Duplex, High Definition Imaging, colour personalization and customization options
  • The fastest speed at the lowest cost per page

This article was brought to you by Currie’s Indigo Roadshow

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