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CyraChrome puts a double spin on proofing

Monday, 26 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

SPINJET imposition proofing systems are changing the digital prepress workflow of many of Australia’s publication printers. A revolutionary way of producing double-sided imposition proofs, SPINJET, supplied and supported by CyraChrome, operates on market leading HP DesignJet 1050, 1055, 5000 and 5500 large format printers.

According to Michael Laird, managing director of CyraChrome, (pictured) SPINJET systems provide the ideal solution to one of the major drawbacks in modern prepress production; the requirement to produce a double-sided imposition proof prior to CTP or CtF output.

“Digital processes have eliminated many steps in the prepress workflow, saving time and money. But they have also produced new challenges. It has become essential to be able to quickly produce an accurate, imposition proof before outputting film or plates. I believe the SPINJET system is the ideal solution and provides the missing link in the digital prepress workflow,” he said.

The SPINJET system is the result of extensive research and development by Techsage Spinjet Technology, a Danish-based company that pioneered automatic double-sided imposition proofing. When combined with carefully calibrated DuPont Digital Dylux it is rapidly becoming the proofing method of choice for printers seeking to eliminate unnecessary costs in film and plate output.

Using HP’s advanced paper handling system, the first side of the proof is printed from the roll, cut automatically by the printer and reloaded for reverse side printing. The completed proof is delivered into the printer’s receiving tray giving rapid access to a complete imposition of the entire job – before hitting the button to produce costly plate or film.

SPINJETS are the most sophisticated imposition proofing systems available today. Some of the outstanding features include:

  • Fully automatic
  • Roll-to-sheet operation
  • Low profile design
  • Completely blends in with the printer design
  • All original printer functionality maintained when SPINJET is installed
  • Full versatility in production
  • Print single- or double-sided, at will, directly from workstations
  • Fully HP endorsed solution
  • SPINFLOW RIP interface ensures data integrity to CtF and CTP output
  • Unattended operation (hot folders)
  • Multiple input queues for different systems and user
  • Set-ups for different job types: Work & Turn, Single Sided, Work & Tumble, Sheet Work
  • Sequential Printing of each side to HP ensuring print order is correct
  • Auto centering of the front and back impositions
  • Auto rotation of jobs to save paper (autofit/best fit option)
  • Jobs saved for reprinting
  • ICC-profiling can be applied in the host RIP or in SPINFLOW
  • Ink Reduction
  • Centering of impositions onto paper.

Speeding up the glow of data

SPINFLOW is the data interface between host prepress systems and the SPINJET system. SPINFLOW is a Windows 2000 (Intel) based application, which is loaded either into the host system’s PC, or onto a Print Server, placed between the output of the host systems RIP and the SPINJET System.

Getting the thumb-sized view

MicroView is an optional extension for the SPINFLOW software, providing fully scalable thumbnail views for fast and accurate job recognition.
Job pairs are processed as normal, when a completed job is selected, resizable thumbnail views are generated, these thumbnails represent both the front and back sides of the job in their original orientations, changes made in the process engine such as ‘side 2 flip’ and ‘rotate’ are not reflected.
The thumbnail view also contains a text window displaying the file creation date and a date stamp indicating when the job was last printed.
With a mouse-over function (Tool Tip) the actual job name can be displayed, when moving the mouse cursor over the completed jobs number (Job#).

For more information regarding the SPINJET systems, phone or e-mail Michael on 02. 9420 8188 or

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