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  • Putting digital business in the fast lane

    Just-in-time printing and one-to-one and e-based communication services continue to transform our industry at a rapid rate.  These trends are enabling graphic communications providers to increasingly meet their customers’ specific business needs for relevant communication delivery – rather than simply manufacturing print pieces.

    The print providers who show healthy profits are usually those who develop the right business model, the right workflow and use the right technology. 

    Fuji Xerox Australia has developed a range of tools and programs geared towards helping   communication providers expand and enhance their service offerings, thereby ensuring their own success.  

    This suite of business development tools, called ProfitAccelerator was designed from customer input and from Fuji Xerox’s digital printing expertise. It provides the knowledge and tools to assist customers to spot new business opportunities and speed up their return on investment in digital technology.

    Each of the four main modules focuses on a particular aspect of the digital printing business and separately addresses executives, the sales and marketing division, and operators.

    * Financial Assessment Tools
    ~ a workflow cost comparison module, allowing print providers to easily determine digital vs. offset printing cost and profit for any job. This program enables printers to forecast cost savings over months and years by integrating digital capabilities into their business and analysing the entire workflow from database management through to mailing and distribution.

    * Sales and Marketing Tools
    ~ aimed at developing effective, innovative ways to generate anticipated volume and revenue. This module offers everything from marketing plans to open house guidelines to the means to create portfolio samples almost instantly.

    * Creative and Design Resources
    ~ a set of tools to help providers increase digital print sales to advertising agencies and graphic design companies. The suite includes creative industry applications, case studies, ‘how-to’ articles and business-building presentations aimed at helping print providers develop their digital printing prospects.

    * Training Resources
    ~ Knowledge is power when it comes to digital printing. Learning how to most effectively use, market and sell digital printing is essential to success. This module is designed to teach everyone from operators to salespeople all they need to know about the benefits of digital printing and how to talk to their customers about adding value to communication.

    ProfitAccelerator is a key component of Fuji Xerox’s ongoing efforts to help its customers diversify their business offerings and in turn, present the print provider with an opportunity to strengthen relationships with their customers.

    Long-time Fuji Xerox customer, Howard Long, managing director of message communication and print production company, DTS, is busy working his way through the marketing and business plan. Its components comprise: Planning for Success; Taking Stock of Your Business; Marketing for Success; Setting Goals and Objectives; Evaluating the Marketplace and Marketing Strategies for Success.

    Said Long: "ProfitAccelerator has sharpened my business focus. After working for so many years within the same industry, my motivation to try new things had dulled slightly. Before even completing the program, I can see that my re-energised approach has flowed through the entire DTS team. We have already  started instituting innovative new production processes and taking DTS’s colour services in new directions to help us generate new business."

    "Through ProfitAccelerator, Fuji Xerox gives its customers the necessary tools and support to prosper," said Nick Kugenthiran, general manager of Fuji Xerox’s Integrated Sales and Marketing Division. "By being able to take a measured approach to assessing digital printing opportunities and determining how best to increase bottom line results, print providers are much more likely to achieve long term prosperity. Our ProfitAccelerator programs are further demonstration of Fuji Xerox’s commitment to long standing partnerships with our customers and delivering real value by taking an active interest in their businesses."

    For more information on Fuji Xerox’s ProfitAccelerator, contact Fuji Xerox on 13 14 12

  • Printing Industries chases down Kevin Rudd

    While most of Australia are still celebrating Labor’s victory Printing Industries has been quick off the mark to remind the Prime Minister elect, Kevin Rudd, of undertakings made by his shadow Ministry in the lead-up to the election.

    CEO Philip Andersen said he had written to Rudd congratulating him on his parties’ election victory and reminding him that the dialogue established between Printing Industries and some of his shadow ministers prior to the election should continue to be built on for the benefit of the industry.

    "There are a number of issues of interest and of concern to our industry that need to be discussed with the relevant ministers once portfolios are allocated and we will be seeking meetings with these people as soon the new Ministry is known," he said.

    "It is very important that the views of our industry are heard across a whole range of areas including industrial relations, training, Occupational Health and Safety, industry and trade policy, taxation, and the environment – all of which will help shape the economic and social landscape of our country

    "I also took the opportunity to remind Rudd about his pre-election undertakings to invest in world class education and information technology infrastructure. This is something that is of vital interest to our industry and its pivotal role as major provider of communication services.

    "Consequently I have invited Rudd to address our Industry Leaders Forum in either Sydney or Melbourne in 2008."

    Andersen said Printing Industries would also pursue the establishment of the Wood and Paper Products Innovation Council, as promised by Labor during the pre-election campaign, to build an innovation culture in Australian businesses, research institutions, universities, and at all levels of government where the printing industry can have its issues raised and resolved.

    He said he expected that much of the new government’s focus in its early days would be on WorkChoices and related legislative change.

    "We will bring our members the latest information and advice as soon as these changes are known, which is unlikely to be before early in the New Year," he said.

  • Paper prices predicted to peak

    Hot on the heels of rising input costs overseas Australia is now bracing itself for a round of price rises on heatset web coated papers.

    Sappi Australia is flagging a rare price rise in reels of its magazine and catalogue grades. The world’s largest producer of coated paper has already lifted its prices in Europe and the USA and is currently contacting the local customer base to inform them of the impending price hike.

    According to Tim Schafer, managing director, Sappi Australia, the price rise is inevitable following an increase in input costs, including wood, chemicals, energy and a tightening of supply. The sector has not had a price rise for a number of years. The price rise is expected to be general across the sector and will impact on magazines and catalogue printers.

    The USA is currently feeling the full impact of the situation, with many magazines expected to be paying up to 25 per cent more for paper. Publisher Malcolm Campbell told media that this would ultimately result in one thing: the death of many magazines.

    "You’re going to see a lot of icons going down if paper prices go up that much," he said.

  • Australian Tenders of the Week, 4 December 2007

    ATM ID      COM2007/18462

    Agency: Australian Securities and Investments Commission
    Category: 82121800 – Publishing
    Close Date & Time: 17-Dec-2007 4:00 pm (ACT Local time)
    Publish Date: 22-Nov-2007
    Location:  ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, NT, TAS
    Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart

    ASIC invites tenders for the right to publish commercially in electronic and paper formats ASIC policy and other ASIC information in the ASIC Digest and in other commercial publications that the Publisher and ASIC develop.

    Timeframe for Delivery: July 2008
    ATM Type: Request for Tender
    Contact Officer: Chris Flanagan
    Phone Number: 02 9911 2612
    Email Address:


  • PrintEx07 gives visitors what they want

    Six months after the event, the PrintEx 07 Post Show Report confirms that the exhibition is attended most by those who are CEOs and managing directors from NSW.

    This year’s attendance topped all previous records, drawing in 11 087 visitors, 72 per cent of whom were from NSW. The next biggest demographic to visit the show was Victoria, 10.1 per cent, while Tasmania drew fewer attendees than overseas, brining only 0.8 per cent of visitors.

    CEOs and managing directors consisted of 17.2 per cent of the crowd, with managers coming in at 16.1 per cent, and sales and marketing at 12.8 per cent.

    PrintEx was a satisfying experience, according to results from the survey. 89.4 per cent said that they were ‘satisfied to very satisfied’ with the show overall. For Rolf Felgher, managing director of Techniweb, which exhibited at this year’s PrintEx for the first time, the show was a rewarding one.

    "The exhibition proved a fantastic investment, providing great networking opportunities with prospective clients, as well as allowing us to meet with existing clients," he said.

    "Developing such a large client base in Australia, Techniweb is obligated to have a PrintEx, and we look forward to exhibiting again in 2011."

    Visitors to the next PrintEx in 2011 are anticipated to be strong as 87.3 per cent of attendees said that they "probably" or "definitely" would recommend their associates visit the show.

  • ACCI survey is now open to everyone

    Question time returns as Printing Industries commences it annual ACCI Survey of Investor Confidence.

    Printing Industries has partaken in the survey for over a decade now, but it is only in the last year that the survey has been available to the wider community.

    Branching out beyond a board of directors will help gain a greater understanding of printing, according to Hagop Tchamkertenian, national policy and research manager.

    "The survey provides us with a macro picture of Australia," he said. "It is another avenue for us to gouge out the confidence, expectations and mood of the industry."

    Hagop remained uncertain of what results this year’s survey would produce, but he said that the recent change in government could see some new developments.

    "Our trends report in September picked up a dip in business confidence, so it will be interesting to see if that’s deteriorated or held its ground," he said.

    Hagop encouraged people to participate in the ACCI survey. "The information gathered is invaluable in allowing us to present the concerns of the printing and associated business community to decision makers whether in the government, the public service or industrial tribunals," he said.

    To access the ACCI survey click here.

  • Jobs of the week: Pre-press Operator


    Labelmakers the leading national supplier of packaging materials for food industry is seeking a confident, well organised and highly motivated person, to work full time in its Pre-press division in Campbellfield.

    The successful applicant will be responsible for and shall perform the following duties:

    • Operation of all aspects of pre-press equipment.

    • Macintosh programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, etc

    • Both Digital CTP for lithographic & flexographic plate making.

    • Operation of Management Information System.

    • Maintain Good Manufacturing and Housekeeping Practices.

    Expected Qualifications:

    • Solid knowledge and experienced in pre-press & the various printing processes.

    • Good communication, organizational skills and the ability to work with others.

    • Problem solving skills

    • Flexible approach to work & a team player

    Interested applicants should forward / email their expressions of interest, with accompanying CV, in writing to:

    The HR Manager
    P.O. Box 40
    Somerton Vic 3062

  • Private equity is here to help you: opinion piece

    Those unable to attend Printing Industries‘ CEO Forum last week missed some valuable insights into the operations of private equity in the printing industry. James Cryer of JDA Print Recruitment was there, and has a lot to say about the event.

    The PIAA’s CEO Forum might have been a languid affair, but our critical faculties were tuned like violins to a topic which has fascinated, aroused, intrigued and perplexed us for some time, as we’ve watched with a mixture of fear and envy our brother companies being willingly devoured by the great PE monster.

    There were many insights given into just what drives this insatiable beast. The first shock was to discover how young those PE-ers are these days. Tariq Osman is not some old, cigar-chomping banker in a pin-stripe Emilio Zegna suit, but a tousle-haired Gen X-er, casually dressed in shirt-sleeves, in stark contrast to the conservatively suit  and ties audience. To his credit, the delivery was fast and fluent as he initially adopted an almost apologetic tone in explaining what PE would not do.

    According to Osman, they were not "uninvited barbarians"; they were not "asset strippers"; they were not "quick-flip" artists, and they were not "debt junkies".

    He said that they instead preferred to work with existing management, operate in a stable environment and provide resources for growth wherever possible. He referred to their commitment to build businesses, to increase revenue by increasing earnings not cost cutting – and that employment would actually increase over time. There was also some suggestion that benefits can flow to employees through profit-share or similar schemes.

    Pictured: Robert McMillan, former managing director of McMillan Print Group with guest speaker, Tariq Osman, associate director of CHAMP.

    While it is easy to be cynical about these claims, there is some evidence that PE, when well conducted, can add value by providing extra financial support and resources not readily available to small businesses. There are claims that returns are higher to those firms under PE regimes than the general average, although – "the evidence is mixed, however, on the extent to which a PE structure improves risk-adjusted returns …"

    Anecdotally, there is a strong case that it is better to have the barbarians on your side of the fence, rather than the alternative, on the basis that they have "skin" in the game (another descriptive Tariq-ism).

    I think the reason for our industry’s collective apprehension is that this sort of wholesale invasion has never happened before. We’ve also possibly undervalued our industry’s potential worth. It often takes an outsider to see with greater vision the true opportunities. Maybe we look good by comparison to some other industries?

    My concern is not at the possible destruction of our industry by the invasion of PE – it may even help. What Tariq may not have addressed is how they intend to extract sufficient value to satisfy the high performance hurdles they require. Particularly, as one of the points Tariq made, was that PE groups constantly search for bargains and buy low, so there’s lots of upside. (My recollection of Geon’s purchase of Promentum does not support that thesis. I recall the share price was actually bid up, from just over $1 to just over $2 during the six months preceding the sale.

    Furthermore, all the companies recently purchased (by both Geon and Tariq’s CHAMP), such as Graphic World, NCP, Dynamic Press are all run by tough, hard negotiators who would not have sold the family jewels lightly (believe me, they all belt me up regularly). These were not fire sales, so much as simple transfers of assets. Where’s the bargain?

    And I don’t believe there is too much "fat" in most companies, so there’s not much scope for the axe-wielders (plus it’s not "company policy," say the PE-ers).

    Moving away from an accounting perspective, most printing companies still possess a whiff of their craft-based heritage; they prefer to remain clustered in small, tribal groupings. They don’t like enforced amalgamations, such as we’ve seen from the ill-fated Teldon experiment. I would guess that between 50 and 150 is the optimal size for a printing business, any bigger than that and you risk alienating staff and creating dis-economies of scale.










    Pictured: (L-R) Printing Industries NSW general manager, Robert Fuller, Tariq Osman, outgoing Printing Industries NSW President Peter Goodwin and incoming NSW President Neil Bown.

    Tariq’s opening remarks included reference to the other "elephant in the room" – Stream (although Andrew Price wasn’t there). Print management is the thing we love to hate, but ironically, if anyone is going to keep the barbarians honest it’s going to be the PMC’s of this world. This is because, for the PE-backed organisations to generate adequate returns, they must go direct to the end user. They’ll wish to present themselves to the big financial institutions as the modern one-stop wonderland and thus usurp the PMC as we know it. It’ll be like a modern day version of a fight between a woolly mammoth and a sabre-tooth tiger.

    In a convoluted sense, these two forces – PE funds and PMC’s – while mortal enemies at one level, are unwitting and probably unwilling bed-fellows in bringing about long overdue, if painful, changes to our industry. The print management companies have wrought "allocative efficiency" in terms of directing work to the most appropriate producer. The PE phenomenon now holds the promise of implementing greater "productive efficiency", ie, lowering the general cost-base – something that may make print more competitive, in relation to other media.

    We live in fluid times, impossible to accurately predict outcomes, however I do have two final questions for Tariq –

    1) Our industry is increasingly a "service" one, that happens to use manufacturing as the means to the end. Manufacturing things is considered "old model" – surely the trend is towards service-based industries where you have greater scope for value-adding (including logistics, distribution, etc). But you’ve chosen to focus on the manufacturing end not the service-based end, ie, print management, which has seen a phenomenal growth, far out-stripping the growth of actual printing companies. Why invest in more manufacturing (wholesale) capacity, when the real profits are in the customer-focused (retail) end of the supply-chain?

    2) Our industry now comprises both the older, offset as well as the newer digital technology. Sure, you’ve invested in a spread of both, but the greater margins and growth opportunities are occurring in the hyper active digital end of the market, which appears to be under-weighted in your portfolio. I know of one digital printing company which has grown to over 100 employees within 10 years – that potential is just not possible in offset, so why invest so heavily in the "old growth" sector?

    These and many other questions float upon the breeze, as we await the next knock on the door from our friends the Barbarians.

  • Jobs of the week: Account Manager Sales

    Heidelberg is currently seeking applications from customer focused and results-driven individuals for the role of Account Manager – Sales, based in Auckland. Directly reporting to the Senior Account Manager and being an integral member of the New Zealand Sales Team, this role is responsible for effectively developing, managing and maintaining customer relationships within a given sales territory, with a focus on developing customer solutions whilst ensuring an increased awareness of the Heidelberg product offering.

    The successful candidate will have extensive experience in a customer focused, commercial sales environment for high ticket capital equipment with a preference for a background in the Graphic Arts Industry. You will be a self-motivated individual with strong business development skills and working knowledge of the printing industry, with a proven ability to communicate effectively at all levels. In addition, extensive experience in structuring and selling sales agreements and demonstrated ability to develop, build and maintain effective working relationships are fundamental to this role. A tertiary qualification in a business or graphic arts related discipline will be well regarded. Computer literacy and proficiency using the Microsoft Office Software suite, demonstrated experience in using customer management databases, and a current drivers’ licence are also essential.

    This is a permanent full time position, based in Auckland. National and overseas travel may be necessary in this role. Salary will be determined according to qualifications and experience of the successful candidate and local New Zealand employment terms and conditions apply.

    Applications including covering letter and resume should be directed to: Isabel Klingler, Human Resources,
    Phone: +61 3 9263 3378

  • ACT Page Awards keep turning out big winners

    Canberra and politics might go hand in hand, but the recent ACT Page Awards proved that the capital territory also excels in printing.

    "The awards went off with a bang," said Kieran May, chair of the Page Awards committee.

    Judging was as difficult as ever, and May conceded that the difference between a winning and losing entry was only slight. "With the technology available in Canberra printing industry and high quality of the graph design community there’s not much difference in capabilities of companies," he said. "It comes down to a combination of factors with an eye-catching design that’s been printed well."

    ACT chief minister, Jon Stanhope also made an appearance on the night. "He indicated that there would be continued support for the sector," May said. "The awards have a long future ahead of them."

    Winners are below.

    Excellence in the production of a 2 or 3 colour Annual report (offset)   

    Andrew Hancox
    Stream Solutions
    165 Canberra Ave
    ACT 2609

    Excellence in the production of an Annual report in 4 or more colours (offset)   
    Phil Abbott
    Goanna Print
    151-155 Gladstone Street Fyshwick ACT 2609

    Excellence in the production of other Printed Material (offset under $5,000) 

    Alberto Florez
    Level 9
    221 London Circuit
    ACT 2601

    Excellence in the production of other Printed material  (offset over $5,000)   

    Michael Smith
    National Capital Printing
    22 Pirie Street Fyshwick ACT 2619

    Excellence in the production of digitally Printed material  (under $5,000)   

    David Daniel
    Union Offset Printers
    16 Nyrang Street Fyshwick ACT 2609

    Excellence in the production of digitally Printed material  (over $5,000)   

    David Daniel
    Union Offset Printers
    16 Nyrang Street Fyshwick ACT 2609
    Excellence in New Media (multimedia/web development over $5,000)   

    Karina West
    National Museum of Australia
    GPO Box 1901
    Canberra ACT 2601
    Environmental excellence (business)
    Mel Dalgleish
    Paragon Printers Australasia
    13-15 Willuna Street
    Fyshwick ACT 2609

    Innovation excellence (specialised processes)

    Mel Dalgleish
    Paragon Printers
    13-15 Willuna Street
    Fyshwick ACT 2609

    Innovation excellence (Client satisfaction)
    David Daniel
    Union Offset Printers
    16 Nyrang Street
    Fyshwick ACT 2609

    Young achiever award

    Kristin Giannasca
    Canprint Communcations Pty Ltd
    16 Nyrang Street Fyshwick ACT 2609

    Service to Industry award
    Peter Trick
    National Capital Printing
    22 Pirie Street Fyshwick ACT 2609

  • Jobs of the week: Team Leader – Prepress

    Heidelberg is currently seeking applications from highly motivated, efficient and customer focused people for the position of Team Leader-Prepress, Northern Region. Reporting to the Customer Support Manager for Northern Region, this role will be responsible for managing the team of Prepress Field Service Representatives – technical & applications support. Using your organisational skills, you will coordinate the Prepress team to manage installations as well as facilitating the demonstration, training and servicing of Heidelberg Prepress applications and associated hardware in a customer focused manner.


    The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience working in a prepress environment. You will have successfully managed a team of employees, and have the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships, both internally and externally. Excellent interpersonal skills are essential for this role, as are well developed verbal and written communication skills. You will have a strong commitment to and appreciation of delivering high quality internal and external customer service. Applicants must hold a relevant Printing Diploma or Certificate, and have previous experience in the Graphic Arts industry in the Prepress field. Computer literacy and proficiency using the Microsoft Office Software suite as well as a current drivers’ licence are also essential.

    This is a permanent full time position, based in Sydney. Some national and overseas travel may be necessary. Salary will be determined according to qualifications and experience of the successful candidate.

    Applications including covering letter and resume should be directed to: Isabel Klingler, Human Resources,

    Phone: +61 3 9263 3378


  • Jobs of the week: Business Development Manager

    • Strong account management skills
    • Attractive salary package
    • Eastern suburbs


    Leading environmentally friendly printing company is looking for a person to join our sales team. You will need to display a high work ethic, strong communications skills; team orientated and has a proven track record in sales.

    Reporting to the General Manager you will source, build and maintain relationships with new and existing clientele.

    You will plan prepare and deliver high caliber presentations.

    To achieve your objectives you will be supported by state of the art printing and finishing technology, photography and graphic design studio, proactive customer service and production team.

    This role presents an exciting opportunity to join a company that is currently enjoying significant growth.

    An attractive salary package will be provided based on knowledge and experience.

    Please email applications to Attn General Manager

    Applications close Friday, 30 November 2007

  • The winds of change; people leaving, starting, moving: 29 November 07

    The printing industry has more people coming and going than an airport. This week, Print 21 takes a look at the flurry of changes that has occurred.

    Optimus takes a great bite into Oz
    MIS company Optimus has experienced rapid growth in Australia this year. First moving to new headquarters in Melbourne, followed by the establishment of a Sydney branch, the company has now appointed three new people: Heather Lyndon, Con James and Hadi Fakhreddin.

    "These three key appointments put us in an even stronger position to continue to expand our service to our growing customer base in Australia and New Zealand and to respond to the escalating interest in this part of the world in Optimus MIS technology," said Peter Charlton, managing director.

    Heather Lyndon has been appointed on a contract basis as Optimus project consultant, Con James to technical consultant and Hadi Fakhreddin as program consultant and technical support analyst.

    Charlton said that the appointments were proof of Optimus’ commitment to the Australian market and a sign of their longevity. "We are here to stay," he said.


    DES appoints account managers

    Two new account managers, David Evans and Terry Mays, have joined DES.

    Evans (right) comes to the company after 17 years as a sales manager at Screen. "I decided I needed a change and DES provided that," he said.

    Here, Evans will be responsible for looking after all of DES’ products
    to the print and colour critical markets. With a background of 26 years
    in sales, he reckons that he is well equipped to take on the role.

    Mays is originally a printing machinist by trade but after moving into
    colour management sales he was attracted to DES and decided to make his
    way over. "The good thing about DES is that they have a large portfolio
    of products to go out to the marketplace with," he said.

    In March next year, Mays (pictured, right) will take over DES Queensland as state manager.
    "It will open up doors to a lot more avenues and people than ever
    before," he said. "It’s a big step forward, and I just hope I can
    maintain the high quality work done by my predecessors."

    Welcoming Mays and Evans to the team, Russell Cavenagh, sales director,
    said: "We were very pleased to have them join DES as they bring
    considerable experience of the graphics markets to us. DES will continue
    to help customers drive from analogue to digital processes and they both
    have a strong digital background."

    Graduates step outside of the classroom

    A new wave of graphic designers passes through the University of Waikato.

    The university first began its graphic design programme in 2002 and has recently introduced an Honours program. Justine Wilson, retail sales supervisor said that the course has produced some top-notch designers who are now fully equipped to enter the workforce.

    "The degree is a computer-based qualification fusing design and technology," she said. "We have grown to know and develop a close working relationship with most of the graphic design students. I can honestly say that this year the students have produced the best work yet."

    Student Garth Lye spoke positively of his experiences studying at the university. "I have developed a strong interest in motion graphics, print and logo design while studying at Waikato," he said.

    "I have had a passion for art and design since I was very young and I hope to further enhance these skills later on by taking on further study or working in one or more of these areas."

  • Jobs of the week: Carton Gluing & Cut, Crease Machine Operator’s

    • Northern Suburbs
    • Modern Factory
    • Day shift Position

    If you are currently in a fulltime job looking for a change or maybe ready to start with a new company, then this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

    The 1st position is for an experienced carton gluing operator, if you have run Jagen Berg gluer’s or similar machinery.

    Also there is a full time position for an experienced cutting & creasing operator, both jobs are day shift.

    Salary is negotiable to your experience.

    The conditions that you will be working in are second to none.

    Register your interest with Stockdale Printstaff via email.

  • Queensland PICAs come alive

    As 2007 draws to a close, Queensland celebrates a massive year of printing.

    With a James Bond 07 theme, the QLD PICA Awards was the highlight of many printers’ social lives. "The night is like an end-of-year celebration," explained QLD Printing Industries manager, Neal McLary.

    Changes in the industry have been reflected through the awards. "Our demographic is not confined only to men in suits," McLary said. "It’s very much a mixed function and a celebration that recognises technical excellence in the industry."

    McLary cites a number of positives such as an increase in both attendees and awards, but it is the apprentice of the year award that stood out to him most. "This is the first time the prize has been this size," he said.

    Adam Murphy of Print Works, who won apprentice of the year, received a trip to Drupa next year along with professional development course fees.

    "The prize is a collaborative effort with Southbank Institute of Technology that is designed to market the industry to young people and broadcast the career opportunities available in printing to the wider community," McLary said.

    For 22-year-old Murphy, winning was a truly surreal. "It was an indescribable experience," he said. "I asked people afterwards what happened: once they said my name it was like I was floating. The smile didn’t come off my face all night."

    Another change to take place this year was the judging format. No longer using local judges, the PICAs were instead placed in the hands of three judges from the National Print Awards.

    "The move was to create consistency and conformity across the range of judging awards and to facilitate the articulation between PICAs and the National Print Awards," McLary said.

    Pictured: Happy staff from Print Works, Daryl Baker, bindery supervisor, Adam Murphy, winning apprentice and Simon Rowbottom, production manager.

  • All the winners: Queensland PICA awards

    Here they are, Queensland’s cream of the crop.

    JUDGES’ CHOICE:        Platypus Graphics

        Platypus Graphics



    Gold:               Platypus Graphics
    Silver:              Fine Print
    Bronze:           Fine Print

    Web Offset Printing

    Gold:                Craft Inprint Brisbane
    Silver:               Craft Inprint Brisbane

    Sheet Fed Labels

    Silver:                Westminster Printing
    Bronze:             Fine Print

    Roll Fed labels
    Gold:                Hally labels
    Silver:               Colourcraft Labels
    Bronze:            Colourcraft Labels

    Business Forms &
    Security Printing

    Bronze:                The Buckner Group

    Card Construction
    & Mobiles

    Gold:                Platypus Graphics
    Silver:               D & D Colour Printing           
    Bronze:            Printing Services

    Limited Edition
    Prints/ Art Repro   

                Print Works (Qld)

    Pictured below: Queensland Government Business Excellence Awards 2007 for companies with more than 31 employees is presented to Paul Scanlon from Print Works (Qld) by Printing Industries Association of Australia President Susan Heaney (right) and Lillian Van Listenburg MP Member for Redcliffe.



    Gold:                Heaneys Performers in Print
    Silver:               Craft Inprint Brisbane
    Bronze:            Print Works (Qld)
                              Platypus Graphics

    Gold:                Geon Scanlon Printing
    Silver:               IPG Print


    Gold:                CPX Printing & Logistics
    Silver:               Geon Scanlon Printing
    Bronze:            Platypus Graphics
                              D & D Colour Printing

    Digital Printing
    (Non-conventional inks)   

                Queensland Complete Printing Services
    Silver:               IPG Print
                              Octane Digital
    Bronze:            Octane Digital
                              Queensland Complete Printing Services

    Digital Printing

    Gold:                QLM Label Makers
    Bronze:            QLM Label Makers

    Digital Printing

    Gold:                First Print
    Silver:               Salmat Print on Demand
    Bronze:            CPX Printing & Logistics           
                              CPX Printing & Logistics

    Digital Printing
    (On demand 200+ run)   

    Gold:                IPG Print
    Silver:               IPG Print
    Bronze:            IPG Print
                              IPG Print

    Lithographic Printing
    (Single colour)

    Gold:                Platypus Graphics
    Silver:               Platypus Graphics
    Bronze:            Bayfield Printing
                              Print Works (Qld)

    Lithographic Printing
    (2 or 3 colours)

    Gold:                Print Works (Qld)
                              Print Works (Qld)
    Silver:               Liveworm Studios
    Bronze:            Bayfield Printing

    Lithographic Printing
    (4 or more colours)   

    Gold:                Fine Print
    Silver:               Fine Print
    Bronze:            ABC Printing
                              D & D Colour Printing
                              Platypus Graphics

    Lithographic Printing
    (Polyester plate)

    Gold:                First Print
    Silver:               Queensland Complete Printing Services
    Bronze:            Bayfield Printing

    (Incl business cards)

    Gold:                Lloyd Grey Design
    Silver:               Lloyd Grey Design
    Bronze:            D & D Colour Printing
                              Printing Services


    Bronze:                Australian Envelopes

    (From flat sheet)

    Gold:                Fast Proof Press
    Silver:               Print Works (Qld)
    Bronze:            Print Works (Qld)

    Post Cards &
    Greeting Cards

    Gold:                Print Works (Qld)
    Silver:               D & D Colour Printing
                              Print Works (Qld)
    Bronze:           D & D Colour Printing
                             Print Works (Qld)

    Commercial Posters &
    Show Cards

    Gold:                D & D Colour Printing
    Silver:               Print Works (Qld)
    Bronze:            Platypus Graphics
                              Print Works (Qld)

    Pictured: Printing Industries Association of Australia and Queensland School of Printing & Graphic Arts Apprentice of the Year 2007 (from left) Adam Murphy from Print Works (Qld) with finalists Lauren Grubic of Stanthorpe Print n Copy, Paul Rotherham from Artcraft and Che Lancaster of Heaneys Performers in Print.






    Presentation Folders

    Gold:                IPG Print
    Silver:               Platypus Graphics
                              Queensland Complete Printing Services
    Bronze:            Lloyd Grey Design
                              IPG Print

    Annual Reports &

    Gold:                Platypus Graphics
    Silver:               Platypus Graphics
                              Platypus Graphics
    Bronze:            Lloyd Grey Design
                              Print Works (Qld)

    Saddle Stitched Booklets
    (Self cover)

    Gold:                Platypus Graphics
    Silver:               Geon Scanlon Printing
    Bronze:            Heaneys Performers in Print
                              Platypus Graphics

    Saddle Stitched Booklets
    (Plus cover)

    Gold:                 Geon Scanlon Printing
                               Craft Inprint Brisbane
    Silver:                Platypus Graphics
                               Platypus Graphics
                               Platypus Graphics
    Bronze:             D & D Colour Printing
                               Heaneys Performers in Print

    Perfect Bound Booklets
    (up to 60 pages)   

    Gold:                Geon Scanlon Printing
    Silver:               Platypus Graphics
                              Fast Proof Press
    Bronze:            K W Doggett Fine Paper
                              Print Works (Qld)
                              D & D Colour Printing

    (Wiro, coil, spiral, etc)

    Silver:                Platypus Graphics
    Bronze:             Craft Inprint Brisbane

    (Perfect/burst bound)

    Gold:                Platypus Graphics
    Silver:               Geon Scanlon Printing
    Bronze:            Platypus Graphics
                              Queensland Complete Printing Services

    (case bound)

    Gold:                Liveworm Studio
    Silver:               Queensland Complete Printing Services
    Bronze:            Platypus Graphics

    Self Promotion

    Gold:                Print Works (Qld)
    Silver:               Uniscreen


    Gold:                Greenridge Press
    Bronze:            Greenridge Press

    Best Apprentice

    Gold:                Queensland Complete Printing Services (Brad Wegner)
    Silver:               Franklin Professional Bookbinders (Stephen marland)
                              Print Works (Qld) (Jason Whitehead)
    Bronze:            Print Works (Qld) (Jason Whitehead)

    Specialty Printing

    Gold:                Fireworks Digital Printing
    Silver:               Fireworks Digital Printing
    Bronze:            Colour Crew

    Pictured: Queensland Government Business Excellence Awards 2007 for companies with up to 30 employees is presented to Anne Blacklaw of Queensland Complete Printing Services by Printing Industries Association of Australia President Susan Heaney (right) and Lillian Van Listenburg MP Member for Redcliffe.


    Business Excellence Award  – 30 or fewer employees: Queensland Complete Printing Services

    Business Excellence Award – 31 or more employees:        Print Works (Qld)

    Environmental Management Award:
    Queensland Complete Printing Services

        Adam Murphy – Print Works (Qld)

  • GAMAA get in planning for PacPrint

    PacPrint isn’t until 2009, but GAMAA has already announced its representatives.

    Comprising Alastair Hadley (chairman), Brent Stephens, Brett Maishman and Ian Martin, the team will be joined by equal representation from Printing Industries.

    Newly appointed chairman Alastair Hadley said the GAMAA members were excited about the 2009 show as it would offer those working in the region with a fantastic opportunity to view the latest developments for the industry.

    "Everyone in the industry knows that much of what happens at Drupa sets the agenda for global trends in print, but not everyone in the industry is able to make the trip to Germany," he said.

    "There is considerable activity expected at Drupa next year and as a consequence we anticipate PacPrint09 will showcase a number of advancements in technology and business practices that will attract visitors from our region."

    Pictured: L-R: Brent Stephen, Ian Martin, Alastair Hadley, Brett Maishman.

    The GAMAA PacPrint09 board members are responsible for working with Printing Industries’ representatives, in overseeing all aspects of the show. Hadley said that the event will require a mammoth effort from all involved.

    "Until you’ve sat on a board like this you don’t realise how much work is involved in putting together a major trade show.  The board works very closely with Reed Exhibitions and is involved at all levels," he said. 

    "The 2009 show will reflect what we’ve learned from past shows and the feedback given by visitors and exhibitors ensuring its relevance to the market. We look forward once again to working with Printing Industries to bring the industry another stellar show and anticipate solid support from suppliers and visitors alike."