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  • Letters, feedback, get it off your chest: 3 May 2011

    It’s déjà vu, not a manifesto! writes Mark Reid in response to James Cryer’s commentary, while another reader offers their thoughts on how green the industry is.

    Re: Print has an exciting story to tell … why is no one telling it? asks James Cryer

    James Cryer’s article is more like a rambling dose of déjà vu than a manifesto. It raises a smorgasbord of familiar issues about the print industry, and even more familiar suggestions about how to deal with them.

    And why suggest an industry debate about the proposed carbon tax is unusual? Printers everywhere talk about matters outside the industry’s usual purview, all the time. It’s perhaps a little condescending to suggest otherwise.

    The implication that printing has severed its ties to the real world is curious. Every printer knows the industry is stuck in a very real world. It’s a tough world where you struggle to remain profitable, or even just preserve equity, while technology renders paper-based media less relevant (not irrelevant). It’s the real world where an increasing oversupply ratchets up the pressure on everyone. If as James suggests, printing is about creating content, printers could just create more of it to keep busy. But it is customers (those pesky agencies, publishers, mail houses, manufacturers and so forth) that create content for us and there aren’t enough of them. Without content what is there to print?

    Maybe it hasn’t occurred to James that the environment, school leavers, apprenticeship training are the same dog’s breakfast the every manufacturer – not just printers – deals with all the time. (Oh – I think a sovereign wealth fund is great idea when we recover some wealth to add to it!)

    Like James, I look forward to seeing the newly structured PIAA board raise the industry’s profile. Let’s hope it attracts the attention of the press as well as clients, school leavers, and more than a sprinkling of new investors. (A tweet-wielding media savvy press relations person and relocation to Canberra might be useful first steps …)

    As for those extravagant back-slapping events, some external promotion would be useful, but any chance to get together with industry colleagues is valuable in itself.

    It’s a useful place to see familiar faces and talk about familiar issues and familiar solutions to familiar problems.

    Mark Reid

    Good article. The print industry has been for so long hanging on to past comforts of the major communication supplier. Challenges have been coming over the last 50 years, Television, satellites etc. and advances in technology of course has improved printing techniques and quality. The changing technology has seen significant changes such as traditional areas made obsolete (unthinkable years ago) but replaced with new techniques. Now with computerisation and the threat of obtaining print we should be looking at enhancing this technology in print.

    We now have a lack of trade people and apprentices in the industry. Have we been keeping up with these changes at the grass roots?

    As far as apprentices are concerned there are good Government incentives but a total lack of print knowledge in school career advisors. I have said for years that the industry should have a print understanding program for these areas or a representative to promote the industry to schools.

    Apart from that Industry companies need to look at keeping an apprentice scheme going to stop the short fall in trade personnel.

    Gordon Brian
    Teacher Print Finishing
    School Graphic Arts Ultimo


    I am all for apprenticeship training and promoting the printing industry however, it is difficult to glorify our industry with the current apprenticeship wages and even the pay rates some qualified adults receive in this ever competitive digital world. Let’s face it, attractive remuneration attracts employees and self promotes industries.

    Vick Tsaccounis


    Thanks James, a positive view and thought-provoking.
    Bruce Sinnott

    Re: Taking the spin out of green – a printer’s perspective
    A very confusing article.

    It started well, but at the end it is not clear what it is about or what the author tries to say.

    One of the ‘green’ challenges in Australia is that we are not very well informed what the rest of the world is doing. For example, Germany has been using 100 per cent recycled paper for many years. The recycled paper is not bleached. Recycled paper is a way of life in Germany and it seems nobody is complaining about not having white paper.

    Printers learned to live with recycled, unbleached papers years ago and are processing that paper on the same type of printers as used in Australia.

    Jorg Koplin


  • Two Xerox 1000 presses snap into place with Sydney franchise

    Snap franchise owner group, CBD Print Group, grow with two Fuji Xerox’s Color 1000 presses.

    According to director and partner at the CBD group, John Budgen, the Fuji Xerox Color 1000 press’s dry ink technology will enable Snap’s CBD group to offer new and creative print options.

    “Print providers can no longer rely on solely providing fast turnaround or competitively priced printing – they need to recognise that consumers demand the right information reach them at the right time and through channels of their choice,” he said.

    “The Color 1000 Press contributes to our ability to provide effective, efficient, and unique print communication for our clients and their customers. Snap offers creative effects with in-line clear dry ink technology, combined with superior image quality never possible before.”

    Adam Fittler, production solutions specialist at Fuji Xerox Australia, worked closely with the team at the CBD group when installing the presses. “The CBD group is the largest owner in the Snap Franchise Group in Australia, so they understand that printing companies today have to constantly provide greater value to their clients in order to stay ahead of the competition,” he said. “The new Color 1000 Press, combined with expertise in effective marketing campaign expertise, assists the CBD group in doing this.”

  • Griffin Press goes global with GPS system

    London Book Fair marked a whole new chapter for Adelaide’s Griffin Press, which launched Global Print Solutions system, allowing customers to print from anywhere in the world.

    The solution enables simultaneous global manufacture, publication and delivery of books from around the globe. Partnering with Griffin Press is CPIgroup in the United Kingdom, Edward Brothers in the USA and Markono in Singapore. All four organisations manufacture a range of books, from paperbacks, hardbacks, saddlestitched and coil-bound products.

    According to Ben Jolly, (pictured), general manager of Griffin Press, GPS was created to better service clients’ needs in terms of both time and price. “Last year we identified a growing need for customers to expand into overseas markets and meet international orders quickly and efficiently,” he said.

    “We needed to challenge and evolve traditional publishing business models by incorporating new partnerships and technology to deliver zero inventory for our customers wherever they are.”

    When customers use gps, they can order products to be manufactured in Australia, Europe, North America or Asia at what they company claim as a “consistent unit price.”

    “Ordering in Australia and manufacturing near the end-user means publishers can make significant savings in time and cost,” Jolly added.

  • Talk to us at PrintEx11

    DES Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading provider of digital imaging solutions including large format digital printers, copiers, scanners, papers, inks and colour management software.

    At PrintEx this year let the DES team help you select the most appropriate technology that will work for your business from both an operational and financial perspective. DES stands 1214 and 1015 will be divided into three segments:

    • Display Graphics
    • Colour Management
    • Packaging and Labels

    DES will be showcasing a range of Vutek and Rastek printers. Complementing those machines, DES will demonstrate EFI and CGS proofing and colour management solutions in unique packaging and commercial printing markets. Displays include live demonstrations running daily on large format flatbed printers, scanners and process control solutions. There will also be daily sales promotions at the DES Direct Shop counter.

    The DES team looks forward to greeting all PrintEx11 show visitors and will be offering daily giveaways and a chance to win a major draw prize.

  • Hike in interest rates will hurt printers

    Printing Industries is urging the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) not to lift official interest rates despite the reported spike in the rate of inflation for March 2011 quarter.

    Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that headline inflation increased by 1.6 per cent during the March 2011 quarter lifting the annual rate to 3.3 per cent, meaning it is now above the RBA upper target range of 3.0 per cent.

    The March quarterly increase was the largest recorded increase since June quarter 2006. The annual rate now is at its highest level since December quarter 2008.

    According to Printing Industries national manager for policy and government affairs, Hagop Tchamkertenian, (pictured) the annual underlying rate of inflation which helps to remove on-off or temporary influences on prices remained stable during the March quarter.

    "The observed spike in the headline inflation rate is not reflected in the annual underlying rate which at 2.3 per cent is still well within the RBA’s target band of 2-3 per cent. In fact compared to a year ago when the annual underlying rate of inflation was at 3.1 per cent, the latest inflation data actually shows moderating underlying inflation," he said.

    "This is an important consideration and no doubt the RBA will take some comfort from the fact that whilst the temporary inflationary forces are at play, the ongoing or structural inflationary factors seem to be under reasonable control.

    "Another consideration for the RBA will be the currency factor as a strong Australian dollar should continue insulating the economy from the threat of imported inflation."

    The main contributors to the spike in the headline rate were automotive fuel, increased food prices caused by natural disasters such as floods and cyclone Yasi, deposit and loan facilities and pharmaceuticals.

    Hagop said a number of cyclical influences also account for the recorded price increases in health, education and alcohol and tobacco groups.

    "This is why Printing Industries is urging the RBA to keep official interest rates on hold. The headline inflation rate certainly looks bad, but once you start dissecting the numbers then you see numerous one-off or temporary influences at play. The critical thing is that the annual underlying rate of inflation was actually lower than the same period a year ago, and that should persuade the RBA to keep interest rates on hold," he added.


  • NZ newspaper consolidation flagged for Fairfax and APN

    While speculation mounts as to a joint print venture for rivals Fairfax and News Limited in Australia, across the Tasman APN and Fairfax are in negotiations about ways to combine some of their printing facilities. 

    Faced with flagging revenues and over capacity in highly capitalised printing plants, newspaper groups thorughout the region are looking for ways to rationalise their production facilities. The new round of merging specultion was kicked off by new Fairfax CEO, Greg Hywood, who said: "I don’t think it’s any secret that the industry is, in a broader sense, interested in trying to rationalise printing and distribution and, you know, we’re interested in doing that.”

    This not only applies to Australia but also to NZ where an article in The Australian this week claimed that discussions have taken place between Fairfax and APN for a joint NZ print and distribution model. In New Zealand, APN’s newspapers include the New Zealand Herald, seven dailies and 40 community papers, compared to Fairfax’s nine dailies and 60 community papers.

    There are many difficulties in rationalising newspaper printing, despite the attraction of lower costs. Multiple formats, sizes and folds plus the need for competing newspapers to be printed at the same have ensured that the idea never gets past the discussion stage. So far.

    The talk in New Zealand follows ongoing speculation on a joint venture taking place in Australia between News Limited and Fairfax. However, one authoritative source cast doubt on the likelihood of this happening. “In Sydney, I just can’t see it,” he told Print21. “Neither plant is big enough to do them both [newspapers] … there was talk of it in Hobart once, but both companies like to have the latest breaking news and there is a lot of politics involved in who prints first and things like that.”

  • Bottcher makes move to new Melbourne home

    Bottcher builds stronger presence in Victoria with new premises in Cheltenham.

    The Victorian office houses a full complement of printing rollers, consumables, including blankets and blanket/roller washes, along with its maintenance products.

    According to Mark George, Victorian sales and business development manager at Böttcher Australia, the new premises will enable the company to develop its maintenance services with additional customer support capabilities.

    “Our new office is an accumulation of years of industry support, team work and a great company environment,” said George. “The Southern Regional office started in a small office in an arcade in Ringwood some 13 years ago. Our new premises are centrally located, just off Centre Dandenong Road in Cheltenham, near Moorabbin Airport.”

    Pictured: The new building in Cheltenham, Victoria.

    Mitchell Mulligan, managing director of Böttcher Australia, is confident the new premises will add to Böttcher’s reputation as the premier provider of solutions for Victorian printers.

    “We find ourselves in an ever changing industry, and never more so than during the past 18 months,” he said. “Our sales team has tried continually to adapt to the varied needs of customers to not only grow market share but continue to support their time sensitive requirements.”


  • Epson has large format covered

    From A2-sized prints up to 1.6 metre wide banners and signs, Epson has the entire range of large format printing requirements covered at PrintEx11, with all machines displaying Epson’s legendary reputation for high quality prints with smooth tones, wide colour gamut and exceptional accuracy.

    Epson Australia will be using PrintEx11 to display a full range of its large format printers for the proofing, photographic and display markets, including its ground-breaking white ink Stylus Pro WT7900 printer and the low-solvent Stylus Pro GS6000 for the signage sector. Epson’s range of large format printers are renowned for their high quality output, flexible media handling and productivity across a wide range of applications. The combination of Epson’s unique printhead and proprietary ink technology sets the industry standard in terms of print quality, image stability and colour accuracy to deliver the highest possible results on print media widths ranging from 43cm up to 1.62 metres.

    Printer models on display at PrintEx include:

    Epson Stylus Pro 4900: An A2 (17 inch/432mm) printer designed for high quality and high volume print production, the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 features print speeds more than twice as fast as its predecessor. With automatic switching between matte and photo black inks, users can quickly change between black inks to match the appropriate media. Ten UltraChrome HDR ink colours, including orange and green and three levels of black, deliver the widest colour gamut of any Epson Stylus Pro printer, making it ideal for graphics arts professionals for whom colour accuracy is critical.

    Epson Stylus Pro 7890: This 24-inch (610mm) printer is ideal for colour critical printing applications such as eye-catching retail point-of-sale displays, contract and imposition proofs, photography, limited edition fine art print making and detailed colour maps. The combination of Epson’s revolutionary Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print head and UltraChrome K3 ink with Vivid Magenta delivers superior print quality and productivity gains across a wide range of print media. With double the nozzle count of previous models, the Epson Stylus Pro 7890 can print twice as fast as its predecessor.

    Epson Stylus Pro 7700: The 24-inch (610mm) Epson Stylus Pro 7700 (and the larger 44-inch Pro 9700) is a four-colour large format printer that is designed to deliver enhanced productivity and image quality for accurate reproduction of architectural drawings and colour presentations, engineering plans, spatial data maps, and attention-grabbing point-of-sale displays.

    Epson Stylus Pro 9900: The combination of Epson’s MicroPiezo TFP print head technology together with 10-color UltraChrome HDR (high dynamic range) inkset in the 44-inch (1,118mm) Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer provides the outstanding performance required by graphic designers and print professionals. The printer’s ability to achieve the widest colour gamut, including matching 98 per cent of Pantone colours, produces high-quality images with great subtlety and exceptionally smooth gradations.

    Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 (pictured): This ground-breaking printer with its unique white ink capability offers an affordable, low maintenance means of producing high quality, colour accurate package proofs on both clear and opaque substrates. Along with the Epson UltraChrome HDR with White Ink, the printer has nine colours including Orange and Green. Using a water-based pigment ink formulation, it is capable of producing high quality package proofs for environmentally conscious users in both office and factory locations. Using a uni-direction 720x1440dpi print mode, it is capable of rapidly producing an A2 package proof in less than 16 minutes.

    Epson Stylus Pro GS6000: This 64-inch (1,625mm) wide photo-quality printer is equipped with Epson’s UltraChrome GS eight colour inkset, a ground breaking solvent-based ink that is nickel-free and has fewer harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds) than other solvent-based inks. Prints made with UltraChrome GS ink are virtually odourless, eliminating the need for expensive ventilation and air purification systems to protect the operators. The Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 sets new quality and performance standards for the sign and display market, and comes with an included three-year onsite vendor-supported premium warranty and maintenance program. With a maximum print resolution of 1440 x 1440dpi, the Pro GS6000 delivers the same high quality photo and display graphics as Epson’s proven aqueous printer technologies.

  • Direct mail gets boost from Euro ad campaign

    A massive European promotion campaign highlights the advantages of print as a trusted DM channel.

    According to Print Power organisers, research proves that advertising in print is twice as effective as on television for retailers. In the UK, direct mail expenditure has increased by 140 per cent in the past eight years. Print Power claims ROI can be up to 40 per cent, while customer engagement time levels average over 10 minutes.

    The campaign is part of a fight back from print-based suppliers to combat the increasing focus on digital media among the marketing community. Highlighting some benefits it claims that by adding print to TV and online media, marketers can double awareness and increase buyer’s purchasing intentions by over 50 per cent. It quotes Royal Mail research that says that on average every $1 spent on direct mail generates $14 in returns. Printed catalogues are claimed to engage customers for up to 25 minutes per session.

    In Australia, a similar print promotion is being launched called the Power of Print. The campaign will be showcased at PrintEx11, next week. Mitch Mulligan, (pictured) PrintEx11 chairman says that there will be plenty on show that will interest designers, marketers and advertisers and help them “reconnect with the powerful and creative medium of print.”

    A Think Pop Art original poster design competition will feature at PrintEx11 and across social media channels. The winners will receive free printing of the poster, $500 and the work will be exhibited at the site gallery.

  • Fuji Xerox sets a course for success

    Fuji Xerox Australia takes a walk on the creative side to offer printers unique cross-media and digital communication opportunities. Now it’s up to printers to get creative too.

    Every printer knows there is no simple answer for a stable future in this business. Every business has to face challenges in a crowded media market.

    That’s where creativity comes in. The clever printer understands that thinking outside the mundane, of exceeding client expectations and bringing a new perspective and scope to communications, offers a bridge to new business opportunities and builds a cadre of customers who have looked beyond boundaries in their own communication projects.

    This is Fuji Xerox’s raison d’etre in bringing not just technology, or machines or systems, to the communications industry, but new thinking, new ideas and solutions to old problems.

    These solutions start at the beginning, by providing opportunities for printers to step beyond the boundaries of that term, ‘printer’, and become marketing services providers, delivering much more than a printed product.

    Fuji Xerox will use PrintEx11 to announce a strategic release for printers and marketing experts in personalised promotions, photogifting and online ecommerce storefronts. This range of cloud-based workflow solutions is ideal for print providers searching for unique services to take to customers who are themselves looking for a new way to do things.

    Like a touchless workflow using the Fuji Xerox Freeflow Digital Workflow Collection. Imagine the freedom of mobile customers ordering personalised products on an iPad or iPhone, having the job automatically preflighted, then imposed using Freeflow Process Manager 9.0, automatically colour matched by Oris Press Matcher and delivered to the appropriate output device – without any intervention by an operator.
    This strategy is complemented by the latest versions of Fuji Xerox’s state-of-the-art software solutions for variable data print (VDP).

    Integrated cross-media, personalised web-to-print and marketing analytics can be performed by the latest suite of XMPie Solutions. These include PersonalEffect 5.0 for one-to-one variable data and cross-media communication, which now supports Adobe Creative Suite 5.0, and uStore 4.0, XMPie’s web-to-print and marketing portal solution, now with anonymous store visiting and search engine visibility for web portals. uProduce Marketing Console 1.8.1, XMPie’s campaign tracking, reporting and analytics dashboard, brings it all together for complete control of every aspect of every job.

    These new resources for printers are designed to work in close cooperation with Fuji Xerox’s unparalleled range of digital presses for perfect print performance.

    The centre of attraction
    The recently released Color 800/1000 Press will be the centre of attraction for all digital printers at PrintEx11, with its combination of outstanding image quality and its ability to use clear dry ink on documents for dramatic effect.

    Over 850 digital printers now use the 700 Digital Color Press in Australasia. At PrintEx11 it will demonstrate how it sets the benchmark for print quality and productivity for printers looking to grow their business.

    The new Fuji Xerox Color 550/560 Printer offers printers an affordable print solution without compromising on image quality, media handling and professional finishing. It can also grow with the business by offering a series of upgrade opportunities.

    Following its successful acquisition of Triangle in 2010, Fuji Xerox Australia is expanding into the wide-format solutions market. The global partnership of Fuji Xerox, Epson and Mutoh brings integrated end-to-end solutions and support, with advice on business development, integrated software, aqueous and eco-solvent technology, consumables and media expertise to the Australasian market.

    Fuji Xerox will also run a “Quick Response (QR) Code” Promotion powered by XMPie. By scanning QR codes in press advertisements and at locations around PrintEx 2011 with a smartphone, “registered gamers” can earn points to win a prize. Gamers will be able to track their progress on the live leader board on the Fuji Xerox stand.

  • Coffee, the daily news and digital colour from Ricoh

    Whether it’s a relaxing coffee, a guide to the best places to eat and drink in Sydney, or a look at some of the most productive digital production devices on the market, Ricoh Australia has something for everyone at PrintEx.

    Visitors to the Ricoh stand at PrintEx11 will be able to witness production printing at its best and find out about exclusive show specials. Be the first to see Ricoh’s exciting new products and discover how they can help your business improve its efficiency while reducing costs and waste. Or simply grab a free coffee and pick up a copy of Ricoh’s Sydney Guide to find out the best places to eat, drink and be entertained during the exhibition.

    An array of production devices will be on display at the exhibition including Ricoh’s premium colour production devices, the Pro C901/901s Graphic Arts Edition (pictured). Printing at a rapid speed of 90 A4 colour pages per minute with no loss of quality or productivity on stocks up to 300gsm, these machines are the ideal business partner for today’s busy production environment.

    The Pro C901 series offers a robust monthly duty cycle of 580,000 pages with wide media versatility and professional inline finishing options to expand the range of jobs that users can accept. Ricoh’s next generation oil-free imaging technologies produce output with near-offset quality while minimising costs. A powerful EFI Fiery print controller offers advanced colour and job management tools to execute sophisticated document assembly with ease.

    In addition to the Ricoh Pro C901/901s machines, the powerful black & white Ricoh Pro 1107EX will also be on show. This speedy mono device prints at a pace of 110ppm and is compatible with a full suite of document workflow software solutions.

    Featuring a heavy-duty design, the Pro 1107EX is built to cope with peak volumes in the most demanding environments. It offers standard full colour scanning at 80 originals per minute, accurate simplex and duplex registration, nine paper feed stations with automatic tray switching and tandem copying, and maximum paper capacities from 7,900 to 8,450 sheets. A large, 10.4 inch colour touchscreen allows for easy operation and viewing of stored documents, while print quality is assured with excellent 1,200 x 1,200dpi reproduction.

    Software on show too
    Software is an essential part of the total business package and Ricoh will be demonstrating a range of solutions, from Print MIS to web-to-print, that will uncover ways your organisation can develop streamlined, sustainable and cost-effective workflows.

    Fully-integrated with EFI Fiery controllers, PrintSmith is a complete print shop management system that offers powerful estimating, point-of-sale, account management, production management, receivables and sales analysis tools. It is designed to save you time and money by automating all the detail-laden aspects of your business from estimating to production to invoicing and more. Scalable from neighbourhood copy shops to large production operations, PrintSmith is backed by industry-leading development and support.

    Similarly, Digital Storefront allows you to build branded, customisable storefront websites and online catalogues for your customers. Generate more revenue with a unique customer shopping experience that allows them to easily navigate through your full suite of print products and services in a single, centralised platform. Customers can preview, approve and order everything online while you benefit from a seamless workflow.

    Throughout the show, Ricoh will be an exclusive sponsor of the PrintEx11 Daily and, each day, will be advertising what it is doing in the latest edition, so drop by the stand at any time to pick up your copy. And if you are planning on attending the show, be sure to speak to your Ricoh Production Specialist to find out more about an exclusive customer event.

  • Formula for success snaps into place at PrintEx

    In today’s world, it’s become de rigueur to rely on Google and the internet to find out what you need to know. In a manufacturing business like print, however, there’s no substitute for the ability to see, feel, touch and taste the possibilities at a trade exhibition like PrintEx11.

    PrintEx11 will follow the formula for success set by PacPrint09 and PrintEx07 to deliver the mix of product promotion, demonstrations, education and collaboration which has paid enormous dividends to visitors in the past – with an extended reach and enhanced offering which is set to make this year’s event even more valuable.

    Visitors are expected in Sydney from across Australia and as far afield as New Zealand and other nearby markets, with the vast majority likely to be owners or managers of print and related businesses who consider PrintEx a ‘must-attend’ event.

    Results from PrintEx07 and PacPrint09 suggest that most of those visitors will be there to conduct serious research into new options for their business, with many armed to make purchasing decisions at the show. And it’s the perfect destination to do so.

    Last PrintEx, nearly 80 per cent of visitors reported that they saw something they were likely to buy following the show with the majority of those arranging a quote or appointment during the show, with similar numbers reported after PacPrint two years ago in Melbourne.

    The ability to see the majority of the industry’s leaders showcasing their latest equipment, systems and services under the one roof is what makes PrintEx so valuable to visitors and, for the first time this year, that value will be extended by the exhibition’s co-location with Visual Impact Image Expo.

    The two shows, which PrintEx11 chairman Mitch Mulligan describes as ‘natural partners’, will ensure businesses can access a wide range of ideas and opportunities, making the most of their visit, while the PrintEx Forum Series will provide important educational opportunities to help businesses set their future direction.

    “For some time now, we have experienced an extremely challenging economic environment,” Mulligan points out. “Coupled with the momentous events of recent weeks and months, there will be unprecedented challenges facing the printing industry – and, indeed, business across many different sectors – which must be met with sound strategy, ingenuity and determination.

    “The aim of PrintEx has always been to give print service providers the opportunity to inform themselves about market trends, new technologies and services, and to help them discover ways to diversify their businesses and create new revenue streams,” he says.

    Leading names line up
    The primary drawcard will be the exhibition itself, with leading names on the exhibitor list including Agfa Gevaert, Aldus Engineering, Böttcher Australia, Canon, CPI, Currie Group, Cyber, Dainippon Screen, Ferrostaal Australia, Fuji Xerox Australia and Fujifilm Australia, Ferag, Ferrostaal, GBC Australia, Heidelberg Australia, iMedia Imaging Supplies, Konica Minolta, Kodak, KBA and manroland Australasia.

    As well as the latest solutions in printing, there will be a range of workflow and management solutions on show from market leaders including Dainippon Screen, Esko Artwork, Hexicom Software, OneVision Software, Optimus, Price Wizard, PRISM, Quote & Print and Tharstern among others, with many promising new releases and improved offerings at the show.

    The finishing sector has not been forgotten, with leading names like Müller Martini Australia, Renz Masterbind, Paper Handling Equipment, Hilton Plastic Laminating, Twin Loop Binding, MailPack and MiniPack and newcomer Finishing and Bindery (FAB) Equipment all planning to be at the show.

    A number of these exhibitors have indicated their intention to show improved and upgraded products for the first time at the show, with several planning the debut of completely new offerings at PrintEx11, ensuring Australian print service providers remain at the forefront of technology.

    As well as this full house of exhibitors showcasing the very latest equipment, systems, services and solutions for print and graphic communications businesses, PrintEx11 will feature the now-familiar Forum Series which this year will focus on strategies for future success – creativity, innovation and ways to bring print into the cross-media mix.

    Plus, in an unprecedented move, associations and organisations from all sectors of the industry will co-operate to showcase print and demonstrate its integral – and indispensable – role in everyday life. The display will be an ideal place for print service providers to bring their clients to demonstrate the possibilities offered by print, view some of the most exciting and inspiring print in the country today, and inspire them to build more print into their marketing mix.

    In short, says Mulligan, PrintEx11 will have ‘something for everyone’ and will provide an important venue for information, education and communication which will be vital not only to the success of individual businesses but of the industry as a whole.

    “PrintEx11 comes at the ideal time to give our industry much needed inspiration and information to face these incredibly challenging times, and to educate, inspire and excite key target markets about the medium of print,” he says.

    “The ability to reconnect these decision makers with print, together with the new technologies, business solutions, ideas and strategies which printers can find at Darling Harbour this May, could well prove the key to a successful future.”

  • Konica Minolta picks up place on Fed govt panel

    The Commonwealth Department of Finance and Deregulation appoints Konica Minolta to the Major Office Machines Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel and launches bizhub 552 and 652 printers.

    Konica Minolta is a panelist in Category 1 and 2; Network Printers and Multi-function Devices. “A focus on customer requirements is what set Konica Minolta above our competitors,” said Anne Phibbs, national manager of government accounts, Konica Minolta. “We are large enough to service and deliver on Government projects but our customer service is the differentiator on this panel. Our company’s track record on other Government projects put us in good stead.”

    Konica Minolta has worked with the Department of Defence since 2007 and over this time has implemented over 4,500 machines. It also supplies MFDs to government agencies and departments through whole of State Government contracts in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

    Meanwhile, the company has also launched two new printers for its multifunctional device portfolio: the bizhub 552 and bizhub 652. "The bizhub 552 and 652 round off our black and white portfolio, serving the growing demands of data capture with colour scanning," said Reichter Aguilar, office product manager at Konica Minolta business solutions. "In addition to the award winning bizhub 423 series, they cover the needs for higher speed and volume in office segments."

  • Plan for the future at PrintEx Forums

    The popular PrintEx Forums, which last time played to packed audiences, are returning to this year’s exhibition with an exciting line-up of speakers and panellists, moderated once again by Peter FitzSimons.

    Exhibitions like PrintEx11 provide plenty of chances for businesses to gather important information, and one of the most important at Darling Harbour this May will be the chance to hear first-hand about trends, developments and new technologies from experts at the PrintEx11 Forum Series.

    The sessions, offered completely free of charge to registered PrintEx11 visitors, will be held each day of the exhibition and will feature high-profile speakers who will bring their wealth of expertise and experience to bear on the challenges facing the industry and individual businesses.

    The series will kick off on Wednesday 4 May with a panel discussion on ‘The Role of Print in an Electronic World’. Panellists include Graham Plant, (pictured) executive general manager, Pacific Micromarketing and PMP Digital, PMP Limited, Mark Roberts, manager, Letters Portfolio, Products & Business Development Group, Australia Post, and Raphael Richards, community analyst, Lonely Planet.

    This session will focus on the opportunities available to use print as a powerful addition to multi-channel marketing campaigns, with leading communications users outlining their thoughts on ‘what works and why’ as they explore the corresponding roles of print and digital media in a world where instant communication is the ‘norm’.

    An understanding of where print and digital media are headed, and the ability to build print into a cross-channel mix, will be vital for any business operating in today’s multi-media world, so this session is not to be missed.

    The following day, Thursday 5 May, creativity guru and Gruen Transfer regular, Todd Sampson, (pictured) CEO of Leo Burnett, will be the keynote speaker with a presentation on ‘Creativity and Innovation – the Destiny Makers’.

    In addition to his regular appearances on The Gruen Transfer, Sampson is the co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative, a global phenomenon which has been recognised as one the best ideas in the world and awarded the Yahoo Chair for Innovation.

    Sampson believes creativity is “one of the last remaining competitive advantages companies have today” and his insight will provide a valuable basis for exploring the concept of creativity and its power in solving problems, including the challenges facing business today.

    Tomorrow’s industry today
    Wrapping up the series on Friday 6 May, innovation and strategy expert Göran Roos (pictured) will look at “Innovation and how it is shaping tomorrow’s printing industry”.

    This world-renowned expert will look at opportunities for print manufacturers to create entirely new and profitable business models by successfully capitalising on new fields of technology like augmented reality, social media, synthetic biology and cleantech, in a presentation which will be invaluable for any print service provider looking to secure their future success.

    The extraordinarily knowledgeable Roos – professor, strategist, innovator, award-winning author, educator and ‘global personality’ – was recently named one of the 13 most influential thinkers for the 21st century by the Spanish business journal Direccion y Progreso and has been appointed ‘Thinker in Residence’ by the South Australian Premier for the period commencing 2011.

    “Göran is one of the founders of modern intellectual capital science and a recognised world expert in this field,” says Printing Industries’ Joe Kowalewski. “He has authored or co-authored over a hundred books, chapters, papers and articles on his areas of expertise and is a major contributor to the thinking and practice in the areas of strategy and innovation management as well as industrial and innovation policy.

    In addition, says Kowalewski, Professor Roos has a long association with the printing industry, dating back to the early 1990s, when he was then appointed as the principal consultant to the Federal Government and worked closely with industry stakeholders like Printing Industries, GAMAA, the National Paper Council of Australia and Australia Paper, to develop the Print21 Action Agenda.

    “In Australia, Göran is perhaps best known for his work on the Print21 Action Agenda, an industry blueprint which was designed to help print service providers move towards more innovative and profitable business models and capitalise on new opportunities,” Kowalewski explains.

    “Göran is a truly world-class speaker whose strategies and approach may hold the key to future success for many businesses in our sector,” he says, “and I would urge visitors to PrintEx11 to take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from his expertise by registering for the free Forum Series.”

    Attendance at these sessions is free of charge for registered PrintEx11 and VIIE visitors but, as places are filling fast, those who wish to attend should register immediately at – just select the ‘Visiting’ tab and click on ‘Register’.

  • Leading technology and lasting solutions from Fujifilm

    Few companies at PrintEx can match the range of technology and production systems available from Fujifilm Graphic Systems, covering everything from CTP plates to UV inks, workflow solutions to large format printers and media.

    The Fujifilm Graphic Systems stand at PrintEx will showcase its expertise in CTP thermal and violet plate setters and processors as well as celebrating Sericol’s 60th anniversary of quality screen, solvent, and narrow web products, and demonstrating the successful Euromedia substrate range. The sales and technical service team will be on hand to welcome visitors and answer any enquiries regarding the latest digital hardware, UV ink technology and workflow software solutions. Fujifilm will also proudly launch its CloudNET service that is set to revolutionise the print industry.

    The Fujifilm Graphic Systems advantage is its vast range of hardware, consumables and workflow software with nationwide service and distribution. Digital inkjet printers include the Acuity range and Uvijet inks, Inca Onset, Uvistar super wide format POP printers, right through to Mutoh textile and dye-sublimation and the Epson solvent range of printers. At the same time, narrow web and screen inks have been the backbone of the Sericol brand for decades, ensuring the best quality materials for outputting the best quality work.

    Fujifilm’s thermal and violet platesetters cater to the offset market and, with the respected Pro-T and Pro-V plates, set a new benchmark for reliability and quality.

    The latest Advance
    The Acuity Advance HS (pictured) is the latest breakthrough in wide format UV digital imaging technology from Fujifilm. The printer offers near photographic quality printing and improved speeds, all at a truly affordable price. While the Acuity Advance HS maintains many of the leading design features of the Acuity HD2504 and Acuity Advance models, it incorporates a modified printhead array to achieve up to twice the printing speeds of the Acuity Advance. With typical production speeds of 40m² per hour and a high quality mode with speeds of 28m² per hour, the Acuity Advance HS delivers more daily output than any other printer in its class. In addition, a new ‘express’ mode offers billboard quality prints at up to 65m² per hour.

    The Acuity Advance HS also has a newly redesigned UV curing system which reduces heat output by 40 per cent compared to the Acuity Advance while maintaining UV curing output for excellent finishing results. The Acuity Advance HS flatbed design employs a zoned vacuum table to hold all types of media, including irregularly shaped or uneven surfaced materials. This ensures accurate registration even on multiple passes. It also prints edge-to-edge, saving time and labour in finishing. In addition, the Acuity Advance HS expands the number of possible print applications with a versatile white ink option to complement the standard four-colour CMYK offering. It also offers a roll media option for printing onto any number of flexible materials. The Acuity Advance HS is so versatile an operator can prepare rigid material on the flatbed while the roll media option is printing.

    Worldwide inks
    Fujifilm’s Uvijet inks are used the world over and are recognised for their bright vivid images and low ink usage. The Uvijet ink system is designed specifically for the digital print platform and gives superb adhesion and flexibility. It produces a wide colour gamut and excellent spot colour reproduction. Using Fujifilm’s unique Micro-V ultrafine dispersion technology to maximise pigment loading, Uvijet UV curing inks deliver strong, vibrant, lightfast colours.

    Fujifilm’s brand of Sericol Inks are regarded as one of the world’s most reputable products in the printing industry, and rightly so. Established in 1951 Sericol pioneered the development of screen ink products right through to today’s most technologically advanced digital hardware, the Euromedia range of media, and Uvijet UV cure digital inks that are almost instantaneously touch dry.

  • What’s on show at PrintEx … news products and releases

    There’s plenty to see over the three-day PrintEx show. Read on to find out what Australia’s leading suppliers are showcasing – some for the first time.

    MailPack makes a mark with Astrojet printer
    PrintEx will see the first Australian showing of MailPack’s Astrojet M1 full-colour desktop document and envelope printer (pictured).

    The printer, which is manufactured by Astro Machine Corp, can be seen at stand 4107. According to Michael Seale, sales director for MailPack, it is capable of boosting the trans-promo market.

    “We believe that the AstroJet M1, using Memjet technology, will dramatically impact how colour printing is used in the mailing and trans-promotional market,” he said. “The technology gives you the ability to print what you need when you need it at speed and in colour with variable date, a true on-demand process.”

    Böttcher Australia
    Böttcher is set to roll out a number of exciting products at its PrintEx stand, and not to be missed is the launch of its Roller Savings Calculator.
    The Calculator allows customers to add up the real cost of rollers and compare them to each other in terms of operating cost over the life of the roller. Every visitor who takes a closer look at their business with the savings calculator will be eligible to go into the draw for a fantastic offer to have either a Ducati 1098 for the weekend or to drive a V8 racecar around Eastern Creek for a day.

    Other innovative new products that will be showcased include the ProAqualis roller which allows IPA-free printing whilst resisting chemical attack; the new exclusive dual-layer Duotech blanket designed for the packaging and high volume printer; new Mistral and Twister washes; the GATF-awarded Chameleon dual-purpose compound roller; the all-new Stabillis inking compound roller specifically designed to resist the effects of soya-based ink technologies; the IPA-free fountain solution, S-3006, and a special newspaper fountain solution, N-1004SG; and the non-chemical system conditioner, Molex, which kills algae bugs and prevents re-growth.

    The Currie Group

    As the supplier to leading print service providers in Australia, Currie Group will showcase its extensive product range from prepress through to finishing, a complete end-to-end solution for applications in print.

    In the digital arena, Currie Group will feature the HP Indigo 7500, the HP Indigo 3550 and, for the labels and packaging market, the WS6000 (pictured). All will be fully operational demonstrating brochures, books, labels and other marketing collateral. Horizon finishing equipment including collators, binders, folders and creasers will be showcased along with the ABG Digicon on the back of the WS6000. Workflow management tools, consumables and further finishing equipment will also be running at the stand.

    At this year’s PrintEx show, DES will be displaying its digital imaging and process control solutions across two event booths, covering three key markets – graphic arts, display graphics, and packaging and labels.

    In the area of large format flatbed UV printers, DES will showcase the EFI Vutek GS3200 for the first time (pictured). This is the most versatile 3.2 metre wide large format flatbed UV printer in the market. Capable of photographic quality and speeds in excess of 200m2 per hour, it is a production powerhouse taking the Australian market by storm with recent sales in the commercial offset and packaging markets, signage and the display graphics markets.

    New products being launched in the colour management sphere include the X-Rite/Pantone CAPSURE colour appearance tool and X-Rite i1Professional Solutions – the much-awaited next generation of colour measurement software. In addition, DES will be showcasing colour conformance and standardisation across the print space with scanning solutions, X-Rite IntelliTrax and X-Rite EasyTrax, coupled with its Mellow Colour software applications for spot colour and ink formulations.

    DES will also showcase the latest and most productive large format MFD on the market, the Colortrac Gx+ 42T large format scanner interfaced with a Canon iPF8300 large format printer, offering scan-to-file and scan-to-print for a wide range of documents from technical drawings to fine art material.

    In proofing, DES will demonstrate the latest versions of its proofing solutions from EFI and CGS with special focus on the packaging and label markets with the latest printers from Epson and Roland.

    Environmental considerations are becoming ever more to the forefront for label and packaging printers. DES will be showcasing the latest Asahi water washout flexo plates which eliminate expensive and increasingly difficult to handle solvents and have a low carbon footprint. And with production runs becoming ever shorter, the new EFI Jetrion digital label press is the obvious cost-effective and productive solution.

    Ferag Australia
    Complementing Ferag Australia’s new partnership with Kalfass in the area of shrink-wrapping and polybagging, the company will display strapping and bundling solutions from its JobFolio range.

    The JobFolio series are plug-and-play machines at very competitive prices. The range currently includes: compensating stacker – JobStack; signature/product stream feeder – JobFeed; bundle strapping machine – JobStrap; rotary trimmer- JobTrim; and strap material – JobPop.

    In addition, Xingraphics-Screen CTP systems, as well as trade consumables and marketing collateral from both Ferag and its partners, will also be available.

    HP Graphic Solutions
    At this year’s PrintEx11, HP Graphic Solutions – HP Designjet and HP Scitex – will be displayed on a number of HP channel partner stands including GBC, Celmac and CPI, while HP Indigo presses will be on display on the Currie Group stand.

    Shane Lucas, director, HP Graphic Arts South Pacific said PrintEx11 and the co-located Visual Impact Image Expo (VIIE) provided HP with a platform to showcase a wide range of digital print solutions to a targeted audience.

    “The co-location of these trade shows enables HP to have a strong presence through our dedicated HP Application Gallery at VIIE and through our channel partners at PrintEx11. At VIIE, we will be demonstrating the effectiveness of the HP latex ink technology which has become an industry standard with printers around the world taking advantage of the environmental credentials of the HP latex ink printers to drive sales.”

    At VIIE, HP will display the versatility and range of applications achievable with HP Designjet and HP Scitex printers. With over 30 different applications and samples on display in the HP Application Gallery, HP will provide visitors to the show with the opportunity to experience first-hand the possibilities available with HP wide-format printers. From custom-printed fabric lounges to leather beanbags and backlit photo prints on display, a visit to the HP stand should not be missed!

    HP will be showcasing the HP Designjet L25500 printer, winner of the 2010 BERTL Best Eco-friendly Wide Format Inkjet Printer award, and the new HP Designjet Z6200 photo printer which recently won a ‘Hot One Award’ in the March 2011 edition of Professional Photographer Magazine. Supplying a complete workflow, HP will be driving its printers using the latest HP Workstations with HP Dreamcolor monitors.

    Kayell Australia
    Soft proofing and the newly-released GMG ColorProof 5.2 and ColorServer 4.7 will be among the highlights at Kayell’s PrintEx stand.

    ColorProof 5.2 incorporates major innovations such as the integration of the new Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 and support for the new Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers. The packaging market will benefit from a number of improvements to the SpotColor Editor.

    Kayell Australia supplies hardware and software from image capture to printed output and all steps in-between including workflow as well as Fogra PSO and ISO certification. Kayell has distribution agreements, some exclusively, with world-leading firms such as GMG Color, Datacolor, Barbieri, GTI Graphiclite, Eizo monitors, Serendipity, Elinchrom, Drobo, Canson and Lastolite. It is also major reseller partners for Epson, Apple, X-Rite, Adobe, Hasselblad, Canon, Nikon, Manfrotto, Redrock Micro and Sandisk.

    Bannershop has become one of the fastest growing suppliers of large format digital printing products in Asia Pacific.

    At PrintEx, it will be showcasing its newest product, Super Smooth Block-out Double-sided Vinyl, a block-out double-sided poster material that completely blocks out the reverse image in all light conditions. This inexpensive material is one quarter of the weight of traditional vinyl, super smooth, curl-, UV- and water-resistant and will last longer than paper or polypropylene.

    Morgana Australia
    With a renewed focus on digital print finishing, Morgana Australia, a division of Ferrostaal Australia Pty, will showcase the latest range of digital print finishing equipment from Morgana Systems (UK), Fastbind and Challenge Machinery.

    The product showcase will focus on finishing machinery that can be integrated with any manufacturer’s digital printing machine. This includes folding and creasing machines from Morgana Systems that ensure printed materials can be creased or folded without cracking; guillotines from Challenge Machinery that ensure consistent and accurate positioning of paper for reliable cutting of digitally printed paper; and binding machines from Fastbind for the production of photobooks, case bound, perfect bound and strip bound books.

    The exhibition will be the first Australian showing of the Morgana Pro series of folding, creasing and cutting products: the Digifold Pro (pictured), AutoFold Pro and AutoCreaser Pro 33. Also on display from Morgana will be the newly-released business card cutting machine, the CardXtra Plus. It can feed sheets up to SRA3 in size and can trim, cut and crease in multiple positions.

    Müller Martini
    The new Presto E90 saddle stitcher and Connex workflow system will be two of the highlights at Müller Martini’s PrintEx stand.

    The Presto E90 saddle stitcher (pictured) is based on the proven and successful line of Müller Martini entry-level saddle stitchers. Highly efficient and flexible runs can be realised at speeds of up to 9,000 cycles per hour. The space-saving layout combined with a high level of automation makes this saddle stitcher the most productive and efficient on the market for small- to medium-size runs. The robust and reliable E90 features the latest in ergonomic design for good accessibility and ease-of-use.

    The Presto E90 also features a large, easy to use touchscreen. From feeders to trimmers, the operator is guided through each step of the job set-up, making it easier than ever.

    Using the new Connex workflow system, it is possible to network all Müller Martini systems, from a standalone machine to a complex production line, with the customer’s own management information system (MIS). Connex can be installed as a total solution (in connection with MIS and prepress) or as a fully-functional standalone solution (without MIS). This is particularly significant for purely post press operations or companies which are looking for a gradual entry into digital workflows.

  • Canon fires up new flagship

    PrintEx11 will be the ideal showcase for the launch of Canon’s new flagship colour press, the imagePRESS 7010VP, as well as highlighting the results of its joint development work with Océ.

    There will be not one but two imagePRESS 7010VP machines on display at PrintEx. One will be on the Canon Australia stand and will mark the official launch of Canon’s latest flagship digital colour press. The other one on the Océ stand will be the Océ imagePRESS C7010VPS series, the first jointly-developed product from Canon and Océ combining the image quality and productivity of the Canon imagePRESS 7010VP with the processing power of the Océ PRISMAsync workflow software.

    “As the first jointly-developed product it is an important demonstration of Canon and Océ’s existing R&D synergies and our ability to develop leading technology that ultimately will drive better solutions for customers,” said Craig Manson, director, Canon Business Imaging, Canon Australia. “With this launch we will begin to show how our R&D program, our broad range of products and our collective industry knowledge will help us to grow our customers’ businesses and become the global leader in the print industry.”

    The imagePRESS 7010VP will provide customers with greater profitability through increased productivity and flexibility as well as the traditional imagePRESS benefits of exceptional quality and maximum performance on all media types and weights. New features include faster simplex and duplex output on a wider range of stocks (from 60-325gsm) and higher productivity on mixed-sided print jobs, offering commercial printers, print-for-pay businesses and print rooms a broader array of applications.

    The new imagePRESS series also builds on Canon’s heritage and expertise in digital colour with the inclusion of X-Rite iProcess Control V3, an enhanced version of its colour management software. New features help to maximise the colour capability of the new press and deliver significant user benefits. Spot Colour Optimisation allows users to add specific spot colours into the profiling process and tune the imagePRESS to be able to hit them with greater accuracy.

    Océ’s imagePRESS 7010VPS series takes colour production printing and workflow efficiency to the next level, offering customers the unique benefits of a press that combines Canon’s proven digital colour press technology with Océ’s PRISMAsync operation management. Damian Schaller, marketing manager at Océ said: “For print professionals, the merging of front-end and printing press into one integrated system delivers offset-quality print and improves production efficiency with the convenience, shorter run lengths and cost benefits of digital production.”

    The Océ imagePRESS VPS series introduces a number of unique productivity-boosting features including an intelligent job scheduler and a media-based workflow that minimise downtime and increase the user’s freedom to plan ahead.

    Wide range of products
    In addition to the new imagePRESS machines, Canon Australia will be demonstrating two of its imageRUNNER Advance Pro series of devices –a full colour imageRUNNER Advance C9000 Pro and a monochrome imageRUNNER Advance 8000 – the latest in easy-to-use printing technology for light production environments with a range of output speeds.

    In the large format print market, Canon will also be introducing the imagePROGRAF 8300s which is also the official launch of this product. Built for the photography, proofing and production markets, the iPF8300S delivers high quality imaging while increasing overall productivity. Equipped with an eight-colour LUCIA EX ink set, 160GB hard drive, built-in calibration and 44-inch borderless printing, the iPF8300S is an excellent solution for portraits, advertisements, retail signage and contract proofs.

    The newly-formulated eight-colour ink set increases the achievable colour gamut by approximately 20 percent compared to previous imagePROGRAF eight-colour printers and provides for smooth colour gradations, improved scratch resistance and minimised colour shifts.
    “From a technology point of view, we’ve got a wide range of products and can cover a large number of areas,” said Paul Thompson, general manager, production printing systems, Canon Australia.

    “Digital is becoming stronger and stronger in terms of where it fits in these shows. For those traditional commercial printers who haven’t seen the light already, PrintEx is going to be an opportunity for them to see what’s on display and get a better understanding of what digital technology they can bring to their business to complement what they do.”