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  • Grand wide format statement from Big Image

    First 5-metre wide grand format UV billboard printer goes into South Australia following extensive research on superwide solutions by  Carlo Capogreco, owner of Big Image. The Fujifilm Uvistar Pro8 meets the company’s need for a machine to handle the growing super-wide graphics market around Adelaide.

    “We saw a desperate need in South Australia for a 5-metre wide printer. There is a large market here for super wide graphics,” said Capogreco “However, the Uvistar has proven so versatile and of such good quality that we can use it as a multi-roll printer, flatbed printer and for a host of other specialised tasks.” The multi-roll capability refers to the Uvistar’s unique ability to run up to three 1.6 metre rolls side-by-side, at full production speed, thereby tripling productivity for 1600mm wide jobs.

    The four-person Big Image business thrives on close relationships with wholesale trade customers, mostly sign shops. “We have a few advertising agencies and designers as clients but essentially, we are a wholesale shop,” says Carlo.

    Replacing a 3.2 metre machine, the Fujifilm Uvistar Pro8’s hybrid nature has added flatbed capability to the company’s offerings, opening up new opportunities for rigid panels and displays.

    “It is a wonderful machine with exceptional speed and print quality usually seen only in smaller, slower printers. Its ability to print perfectly registered graphics on both sides of backlit media for colour consistency, for day/night viewing is exceptional. The ease and speed of how it converts from roll to roll to flatbed is great, minimising downtime. I’m very impressed with the high quality graphics it produces, the brilliance and toughness of the inks and it actually prints true greys without colour casts.”

    So far, Big Image has run a variety of media through the new Uvistar Pro8 but PVC banner, mesh and fabric dominate the mix. Run lengths vary but, being a trade supplier, are often on the long side which the Pro8 relishes as well as the shorter run work. Carlo says: “There are many jobs since we acquired the Uvistar which have amazed both us and our customers. One of our first ‘jaw-dropping’ moments was with a particular backlit job on PET film. We were struggling to get the desired colours and colour strength from our other machines and had unsuccessfully given a couple of samples to our client. As we had just installed the Uvistar and were still under training, we decided to give it a go.

    “Without a specific profile for the film, we loaded it and pressed the go button. The colours we were trying to hit came out perfectly, the sharpness was amazing. It not only worked with perfect alignment of very small text, but the inks adhered to the reverse side so well they could not be scratched. The client was very impressed and within half an hour approved the double-sided backlit print – the Uvistar came to our rescue.”

    James Young, Fujifilm’s manager for Graphic Systems in South Australia notes that this is Big Image’s first piece of Fujifilm equipment. “Carlo happened to mention to me on one visit that he was looking to replace the 3.2 metre wide printer. He hadn’t heard of the Uvistar Pro8 and hardly knew that we were in wide and grand format UV at all. It was a great opportunity to show how far Fujifilm has come in digital inkjet technology and inks, although Big Image was using our inks on his 3.2 metre device with great satisfaction.”

  • Currie Group goes “above and beyond” with Rapid Labels install

    Melbourne-based Rapid Labels dives into digital, with brand new HP Indigo WS6600 install set to build greater scope and service potential for the growing business. The Australian-owned self-adhesive label company adds the seven-colour digital press into its Bayswater site to power up its turnarounds and reinvest production downtime into customer face-time.

    The install replaces a second-hand HP Indigo 4500 that Rapid Labels picked up as a digital stepping-stone two years ago. Running a conventional press-house, from a Mark Andy P7 to a Gidue M5, Rapid Labels dipped its toe in the digital waters and found the Indigo filled up the work almost immediately, as well as expanding the business into new areas. With customer demand exceeding expectations and capacity, the food and wine label specialists turned to the Currie Group to handle the upgrade.

    Speaking with Print21, David Power, general manager, Rapid Labels, said, “We’re floored by the thing. It’s an absolute beauty. It changes the way you think about label printing. It went in over the weekend, and down to the amazing support from the team at Currie’s we were up and running in no time. It’s the best install they’ve ever done.”

    Approaching a peak period for the business, management at Rapid Labels were understandably cautious about a full-scale install, but Power is quick to praise the hard work and dedication of Currie Group’s ANZ labels and packaging division general manager, Mark Daws and technician Phil Watt.

    “The best install they’ve ever done.” – Dave Power, general manager, Rapid Labels

    “They’re a great team, switched on guys. They’re the reason we’re manufacturing in November. It’s a busy time of year, and we’re flat out. We can’t afford to be out of action for too long. The 4500 was taken out on the Thursday, the WS6600 went in over the weekend and we were up and running live jobs by midday on the Monday. They really went above and beyond,” says Power.

    Power adds that with the extra speed of the WS6600, any lost time was caught up by the end of the day. The press increases throughput by as much as 33% on most colour jobs with its Enhanced Productivity Mode, and by 25% when adding white ink, achieving recognisable Indigo quality with greater savings and an increased turnaround. It can produce up to 130 linear feet per minute in colour, and up to 196 linear feet in one or two colour mode.

    According to Power the quicker turnarounds not only takes the pressure off meeting customer deadlines, but also frees up Rapid Labels to reinvest the energy and time saved into customer service and support.

    “Now there’s not much we can’t do. It’s only been in for a few weeks but it’s already exceeding expectations. There’s a mix of new digital jobs, and some conventional work that we’ve transferred over to digital because it’s a better match for the runs. We had a fair bit of work that we felt was more suited to digital which we can now get through in half the time,” he said.

    The WS6600 offers a crossover point in narrow-web high-volume production, compared with analogue, for the majority of pressure-sensitive label jobs. It provides high resolution and registration, and the broadest digital colour range, using up to seven ink stations, achieving up to 97% of the Pantone gamut with on-press simulations or an off-press ink mixing system.

    Established in 1982, Rapid Labels has grown under the management of Power and managing director Sean Kennon to operate a team of 35 employees across three factories.

  • Remote sytem will monitor Inca printers

    New data-driven Inca Vision support will pick up any signs of future malfunction – before it happens. A system to remotely and regularly monitor and diagnose Inca digital flatbed UV inkjet printers is designed to catch issues before customers decide to call for engineer service.

    “The last thing any company wants is machine downtime. Inca Vision is able to detect possible failures before they happen, offering customers the opportunity to proactively service their machines and, in many cases, avoid costly delays,” says John Mills, Inca Digital CEO (pictured). By gathering data from machines globally on a daily basis, Inca engineers can conduct remote diagnostics to determine how well the printers are performing and whether there is need for intervention with engineering support.

    Dashboards used by the Inca Digital Support Team offer a view of high-level data across all machines throughout the world. A RAG (red, amber, green) screen allows the Inca Support Team to prioritise printers most urgently in need of attention and the team can also assist distributors and provide back-up data for any serious machine issues in their regions.

    Data can be interrogated at a detailed level per machine to help determine causes for any failures. For example, a faulty UV shutter message or high temperature alarm compared with area printed or ink consumption – generally, machine usage – can help detect if a component is failing.

    Customer scans on iNozzle mapping allow Inca to monitor the condition of printheads to help the customer maintain quality and to offer suggestions for maintenance procedures. Also, the gathering of data on the use of vacuum zones can help to determine most commonly used sheet sizes.

    While most printer activity is downloaded on a daily basis, the data – such as machine alarms and machine status changes – can be interrogated in minute intervals. In addition, the First Line support team can work with the customer to ‘log-in’ to the live data for more detailed analysis.

    Recent Inca Onsets are built with greater access to machine data, but even older models such as Inca Spyders offer access to sufficient data. For customers, this means that their Inca printers can be monitored on a daily basis for any signs of future problems. Their support team can offer suggestions to help them maintain their machines in good running condition, based upon their own patterns of use, preventing downtime .If a printer needs onsite repair, data collected by Inca Vision can assist with a quick diagnosis and repair as well as parts requirements.

    “On average 60 per cent of the cases opened by our Customer Support Team are resolved remotely. With the launch of Inca Vision we are aiming to increase the overall number of machine uptime as well as the number of cases solved remotely,” says Mark Noble, senior customer service manager at Inca. Inca customers have access to similar, but much more specific data through ReporterPro, a software service launched by Inca in January 2013.

    Unlike Inca Vision, ReporterPro allows customers to see the files, customer names and job specifics that are unique and confidential to their business. ReporterPro provides an accurate picture of overall efficiency, allowing managers to fine tune production schedules and generate a variety of internal management reports.

    It is designed to allow the customers’ management team to gather more information about machine utilisation, productivity and job costing. While the Customer Support team will use individual machine data to diagnose machines remotely and predict problems before they arise, other departments within Inca will also benefit from the composite data. For example, the R&D team can run reports on failure modes or review a sequence of events prior to a component failure. Results can assist with future machine development – in addition to determining service frequency/failure periods on key components.

    The marketing team may use machine data compiled from many machines to spot usage trends or plan future product features. Inca Vision is currently in service in the UK and other regions directly supported by the Inca support team. [Stayed tuned for news on the status of the Australian & New Zealand market] It will be rolled out to the US during Q1 2014. Inca Vision will be built into higher-level service contracts as part of the complete support package. It will not be actively offered to customers without a support contract.

  • Summer Fun prize pool winners go home smiling

    The November winners of the joint Spandex and 3M Summer Fun promotion have been drawn with the prizes already winging their way to the recipients.

    Nathan Barclay, Elon Goldbery and Graham Dadd unveil the prize pool

    The final round of the promotion is on now, so to ensure chances of winning some great holiday prizes, simply purchasing 3M products from Spandex before December 16th will place customers in the running.

    Spandex Marketing Manager Nathan Barclay said: “It’s great to be able to give these prizes away so close to Christmas; my congratulations to all the winners. I would like to thank 3M Commercial Graphics Division also, for making the draw possible and look forward to the next draw in December.”

    Elon C Goldbery, Business Manager, 3M Commercial Graphics Division for ANZ commented: “Congratulations to the winners and our thanks for supporting 3M vehicle graphics and sign making products. It’s always fun to run promotions like this so close to Christmas, and great to see such huge engagement with our customers.”

    The draw was conducted on Thursday 21st November at Spandex NSW headquarters by Nathan Barclay (Spandex), Elon Goldbery (3M) and Graham Dadd (3M). A further draw will be held prior to Christmas for another five of each prize. Entry is simply by purchasing 3M products from Spandex, to the value of $300 or over.

    Multiple prizes of GoPro Hero action cameras, Weber BBQs and 3M toolkits were won in the first draw by:


    Sign Up Now – NSW

    JG Graphics – WA

    Kemsigns – VIC

    Q Safe – QLD

    Hyland Fox Access Clothing – SA



    Designi Colour Printing – NSW

    Compac Market – WA

    SAR Ballarat – VIC

    Marchant Signs – QLD

    SAR Melrose – SA



    Signs, Letters & Lines – NSW

    Signs & Lines – WA

    Adherettes – VIC

    Zigi Print Centre – QLD

    Ted Turner Signs – SA

  • Ipex back on track as “the only major print event in 2014”

    Ipex 2014 has had a tough year, but with industry engagement on the rise more suppliers are coming back on deck. Despite the vast distances involved, Australian printers are among the fore of those bring a renewed support for the troubled international trade show, according to Screen Europe president Brian Filler.

    “The only major print event in 2014” – Brian Filler, president, Screen Europe

    Screen Europe has reaffirmed its commitment to support the London-based exhibition, which Filler calls “the only major print event in 2014”. Screen will showcase leading products in its Truepress Jet continuous digital inkjet series, demonstrating end-to-end solutions and material applications to the industry. Filler sees growing interest in the Australian market and a range premier print companies from around the globe a positive sign of renewed industry confidence.

    “Ipex will be perfect for companies who are planning and making their print on demand technology investments in 2014,” he said. “It promises to be an important show for Screen and our Truepress Jet high-speed, continuous inkjet printing solutions.”

    Backing up the sentiment, Goss International has recently announced its return to fold, confirming its taking a stand at Ipex 2014. The US web offset press manufacturer will focus on customer engagement, and explore new opportunities in direct mail, magazine, newspaper and catalogue printing.

    Jean Segura, Goss International vice president of sales Europe Middle East and Africa, said, “This is a clear message of commitment to the markets served by the show. It underlines strong sales in the UK, as well as presenting a useful opportunity for face-to-face discussions with customers from farther afield.”

    Ipex 2014 will also host the World Print Summit, a senior level thought-leadership event with 15 keynote speakers and 25 in-depth presentations of the future of print. Speakers include Frank Romano from the Rochester Institute of Technology, futurologist and author Richard Watson and the man behind the Nanographic revolution, Benny Landa.

    Ruth Clougherty, content producer for the Ipex 2014 World Print Summit, said, “These are speakers who have entered markets where others have dared not to tread, invested in new technologies that others have shied away from, and been brave enough to create a culture of exploration, failure and innovation. The World Print Summit is an event not to be missed.”

  • Find out the future of print advertising this friday

    Research findings on Australian consumer advertising preferences will be released at a special event held this Friday morning at the Sydney Graphic Arts Club, and in Melbourne on 4 December.

    The study was commissioned by Australia Post and conducted by an independent research company, Quality Online Research (QOR). Initially, nine focus groups were conducted with a wide cross-section of Australians to help uncover prevailing attitudes to advertising and communication channels.

    A survey was then used to canvass advertising preferences and gauge information channel usefulness, based on a sample of 9,641 Australians nationally.

    The research asked the questions:

    • What do Australians think of advertising?
    • What do consumers consider the most effective advertising channels for your marketing messages?
    • If people are evaluating options, making a final purchase decision or getting rewards or information from a product or service provider, which channels do they consider to be most useful to them?
    • The findings will be presented during the 90 minute events which will feature Vera Skocic, Head of Marketing, Communications Management Services, Australia Post and Paul Fanthorpe, Head of Insights, Australia Post.

    Admission is free, but pre-registration is required.

    The Sydney event will be held at the Graphic Arts Club, 182 Coward Street, Mascot from 10am-11.30am on Friday 29 November. To register for the Sydney event please call Peter Hawkins at Printing Industries on 8789 7382 or mobile 0425 333 485, or click here

    The Melbourne event on Wednesday 4 December will be held at Printing Industries’ Victoria Office, Unit 3, 5-7 Compark Circuit, Mulgrave from 11am- 12.30pm. Bookings to Virginia Honeybone 03 8541 7333, or click here

  • Web printing royalty rub shoulders at manroland dinner

    High-end web printing’s most influential and well-known personalities gathered to share war stories over drinks and a meal at this year’s manroland Customer Club dinner.

    Two dinners were held, in Melbourne around thirty high-ups enjoyed a rich Italian feast at the Sapore in St Kilda, while in Sydney the guests were treated to seafood and steak at the Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant, nestled on the shore of the Gladesville river. The elite crowd included Geoff and Paul Selig from Blue Star Group, Craig Dunsford of IPMG, Warwick Hay from Webstar, Sam Hanna from Hannapak, Bob Lockley of Fairfax North Richmond, Geoff Booth and Stephen Johnston from News Ltd, and Adrian O’Connor from Hannanprint, among many others.

    Speaking with Print21 Allison Whitelaw, manroland Australasia sales and marketing coordinator, calls the dinners a success: “We had the absolute top quality of the industry there. It’s manroland’s way of saying thank you to our users and customers. In the past we’ve had speakers and forums, but this year it’s just been great to have everyone around the table for a wonderful dinner. It’s a good opportunity for all the guys to get together and catch up.”

    The star-studded gathering saw fresh members join from the CaxtonWeb takeover of Blue Star, and recent press sales into Colorpak and Hannapak brought an added vibrancy to the night, according to Whitelaw.

    The now annual event kicked in 2009, with the inaugural dinner held to introduce the manroland Australasia team to the industry. Since then the format has evolved into a forum event held over two days, covering more topical issues and featuring insights from international speakers and key industry figures.

    In 2011, manroland brought in MIS workflow specialists to talk with members, Amcor’s Bill Hicks offered insights into the International Packaging Council, and Phillip Lawrence provided an informative introduction to grappling with the carbon tax.

    Last year’s event was one of the Customer Club’s great success stories, says Whitelaw, with an exclusive site visit to Vistaprint offering members a chance to see the only direct drive in the country in action. Manroland also brought in an international expert to speak on the Clean Technology Investment Program, which was ultimately picked up by a number of members including The Franklin Printing Group who netted a $1.88 million grant, and projected carbon reduction of 65%.

    “This year it was a little bit different. We didn’t feel there was a whole lot new to offer topic-wise, so we went back and just put on the dinners as a big thank you. It really helps keep up that bond between us and the customers, and it’s a great networking opportunity for everyone,” said Whitelaw.

    Whitelaw suggests that manroland plans to go back to the two-day forum format next year, and is in the process of looking at the industry to identify key areas to include in future events.


    Picture 1 of 3

    Web-printing royalty raise a toast at the Sydney dinner, at the idyllic Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant, Gladesville

  • Time left for stragglers with PICA NSW deadline extension

    Printers have a whole new reason to front up for the NSW PICA dinner, with the announcement that a new Judges Choice Award will make its debut at the industry who’s who event. To make sure no-one misses out on the festivities, the dinner booking deadline has been extended until 5pm, Thursday 28 November.

    The Media Super 2013 NSW Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards presentation night dinner will also feature presentation of the inaugural NSW Printer of the Year – Judges Choice Award for the most outstanding individual printed piece across all categories.

    Introduction of the new award will cap-off the industry’s biggest awards function of the year. This year the gala event is jam-packed, kicking off with the National LIA Graduate of the Year Awards, 33 NSW Print category awards, four Business category awards, the Media Super Future Leaders award, Printing Industries Membership Longevity awards and rounding out with the prestigious NSW Printer of the Year awards.

    Venue is the Grand Ballroom of the Sydney Wenthworth Sofitel Hotel in Phillip Street, Sydney on Friday 6 December beginning with pre-dinner drinks from 6.30pm for a 7pm presentation start.

    Tickets are available by contacting Stephanie Korpa at Printing Industries on (02) 8789 7388 or email: .

    Ticket booking forms can also be faxed to (02) 8789 7387

    Download dinner booking form here


  • GAMAA starts to gear up for PrintEx15

    Preparation has already kicked off for Australian industry landmark PrintEx15, with GAMAA announcing its board of representatives responsible for organising the 2015 Sydney event.

    Names emerged following GAMAA’s quarterly meeting this month. The board will consist of Phil Rennell, sales director for The Currie Group, David Procter, Konica Minolta’s general manager, and Craig Heckenberg, business unit manager for Epson. They will be joined by equal representation from Printing Industries Association of Australia, and will meet to discuss plans for the upcoming event in December.

    Adrian Fleming, president of GAMAA, said, “While 2015 seems a long way off, there is considerable pre-planning that goes into mounting an exhibition like PrintEx. The GAMAA board members give freely of their time and share their expertise to ensure the show meets the need of the exhibitors and visitors alike. We are conscious of the shifting landscape for trade shows and the board will be looking at trends both here and internationally to inform their decisions.”

    The 2015 show will be held for the first time at Sydney Olympic Park following the temporary closure of the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour, which is being refurbished. The joint board of GAMAA and Printing Industries representatives are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the show and will work with Reed Exhibition who will manage the sales and operational aspects on behalf of the two co-presenters.

  • Issue 604 – 27 November 2013

    It’s been another busy week in the world of print, with the tide turning on a few cultural landmarks. Heidelberg marks the end of an era, announcing it has officially closed up shop on its classic Printmaster GTO 52 press. Roland DG marks the silver anniversary of its arrival in the Australian market with drinks and dinner, and a celebratory open house at its impressive Sydney Creative Centre. And Epson’s SureColor T Series goes from strength to strength, baking up new business opportunities for Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.


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  • Roland DG’s silver birthday bash goes off in style

    Roland DG opens its Sydney Creative Centre for a special anniversary event, celebrating 25 years in the Australian market with a showcase of its latest technology, an exclusive cocktail dinner and warm words from well-know industry leaders.

    Proud to be celebrating silver, John Wall, Roland DG general manager

    Visitors were given the inside running on Roland DG’s brand new VersaCAMM VS-i series and VersaUV LEF-20, and a good few tips and tricks for the latest version of Versaworks. Roland DG CEO, Marc Margetts was on hand to raise a glass to the wide-format manufacturing company’s silver birthday, before he makes the move down to Melbourne for a more global position in the business, and John Wall, still fresh in his new role of general manager.

    Speaking with Print21 John Wall said, “I am extremely proud to be celebrating this momentous event with everyone here today. 25 years on and Roland DG is all about providing a full solution for customers, meeting new trends and innovating with business for the future. This room, the Creative Centre, is all about showing that, about fully demonstrating that commitment.”

    Wall attributes the company’s ongoing success to its legacy of balancing innovation and dependability, as well as its willingness to embrace new market sectors and challenges to grow its business offering. According to Wall, its brand trust is built on an holistic view of providing service and end-user solutions, and its strong focus on education with the company supporting development opportunities with high schools, TAFEs and universities around the country.

    “Roland DG, and the industry at large, is entering into a new era, diversifying content and capabilities. We want to change the perception from supplier to artist, helping our customers to differentiate themselves with new technologies and qualifications. We are servicing more new printing markets outside of signage, focusing on areas like packaging, special effects work, tactile print and an increased demand from end-users in graphic arts and designers,” he said.

    The most recent addition to Roland’s best-selling VersaCAMM range, the VS-i series, took centre stage at the event, and figured largely in Wall’s predictions moving forward. The VersaCAMM is not only Roland DG’s highest selling product, but is also the single best-selling print and cut wide-format printer of all time. Wall confirms that local VersaCAMM sales are in double-digits every month.

    Product specialist Simon Waters led an informative session on the latest version of Roland DG’s VersaWorks software, and Emanuel Baldacchino introduced visitors to the new VersaUV LEF-20 and VersaCAMM VS-i, and highlighted the extended mileage and improved colour registry of its new ECO-SOL MAX 2 inks.


    Picture 1 of 10

    John Wall, Roland DG general manager, celebrates 25 years in the market

  • Angry workers drag Silverbrook companies to court

    Desperate employees demand courts order winding up of technology and research companies Precision Mechatronics and Geneasys, owned by Memjet inventor Kia Silverbrook’s partner, Janette Lee.

    The current and former employees say they have not been paid by the companies since as far back as February, and are owed more than $1.9 million in salary and  redundancy entitlements. The applications before registrar Rebel Kenna in the NSW Supreme Court seek for the businesses to be wound up, in order for the workers to claim government assistance from the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) scheme.

    The application against Precision Mechatronics lists 46 supporting creditors, while Geneasys lists two, totalling over $2 million in statutory demands. Lee has an interest holding in the two companies, which share the same registered office address. Precision Mechatronics was previously a part of Silverbrook Research, responsible for manufacturing the machinery and components for Silverbrook’s Memjet technology.

    The companies have challenged the applications on the grounds that businesses remain ongoing solvent concerns. They argued that a “typhoon” of statutory demands related to the unpaid amounts have “stymied… its ability and time frame to continue to pursue commercial credit options”. They have appealed for the case to be stood over while a forensic report can be conducted to support their claims of solvency.

    Silverbrook himself has struck back at the claims, saying to The Weekend Australian, “These [employees] have been advised by a law firm to put in wind-up orders, which has worsened the situation and made it very, very difficult to do things. There are people looking for solutions at the moment and the whole thing will be solved in a relatively short amount of time, in a matter of weeks or months.”

    Chris Wood, barrister for the plaintiffs, has emphasised the need for a “tight timetable” as many employees are owed from as far back as February, however they only qualify for the FEG entitlments if the businesses are declared insolvent.

  • Fujifilm team goes for gold on Hamilton Island

    For the first time, a team of five Fujifilm employees and aspiring athletes laced up their trainers and ran under the company banner at the Fujfilm Hamilton Island Triathlon and Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim.

    Lining up for the starter’s pistol was Nadine Lafleur, Terrie Morgenson, Carmelo Gallo, Michelle Washington and team captain Sarah Fenton, representing a wide range of ages and experience levels from novices to seasoned marathon runners. Competitors dived for a 750m swim across the idyllic Catseye Bay, before saddling up for a 20km cycle, and a 5km run to a glorious beach-side finish.

    Dave Marshall, Fujifilm COO, did not compete himself but was on hand to cheer his team across the finish line.

    Marshall said, “We have been the major sponsor in this event for five years now, and it was great to see Team Fujifilm racing for the first time. I am exceptionally proud to be supporting such a great bunch of athletes and we are looking forward to encouraging even more employees to give it a go next year.”

    Nadine Lafleur, graphic systems marketing, secured a podium spot, placing 2nd in the 30-39yr females age group. Michelle Washington, customer engagement manager, recovered from injury to compete, but was forced to drop out of the race with a flat tyre during the cycle leg.

    At 59, Fuji technical services helpdesk operator Terrie Morgenson relished the opportunity and the challenge of competing in the event.

    “I decided at age 59 that this would be a great challenge and give me goals to aim for in my physical fitness,” she said.

    Seven-times Ironman and Fujifilm IS network manager, Carmelo Gallo said, “It has really lifted the spirits in the company to have a common goal with your team mates, especially because we all come from different areas of the business.”

    Team captain Sarah Fenton, executive assistant to the CEO, also praised the support extended to the group by Fujifilm.

    “It was fun training with our weekly run group and the Fujifilm swim squad at Manly Dam. These team building exercises are different and promoting life work balance,” she said.

    Fenton is currently in training for Ironman Port Macquarie.

    L-R: Terrie Morgenson, Sarah Fenton, Carmelo Gallo, Nadine Lafleur, Michelle Washington
  • Xeikon shows Asia its 3030 at Labelexpo Shanghai

    Xeikon, an innovator in digital color printing technology, announces it will exhibit at Labelexpo Asia, taking place in Shanghai, December 3 to 6. Labelexpo Asia is the most important show related to labels in the Asia Pacific area and this year marks Xeikon’s fourth participation in a row. The Belgium-based company will demonstrate its solutions that have positioned it as a force in the digital label market.

    This includes the Xeikon 3030 digital press, live producing digital labels, as well as the digital front end options such as MyPress, Xeikon ColorControl and VariLane. “Asia is an important market for Xeikon. Labelexpo Asia offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate Xeikon’s capabilities in terms of digital label printing. Being at Labelexpo Asia for the fourth time is no coincidence,” says Filip Weymans, Director Business Development and Marketing Labels and Packaging at Xeikon.

    “Labelexpo Europe earlier this year in Brussels was the most successful label show ever for Xeikon, and we are confident that also Labelexpo Asia will fulfill our high expectations. All our local dealers will be represented at the show, and Xeikon specialists will be available to explain the Xeikon offerings and capabilities.”

    Xeikon’s See The Proof program gives label converters a low threshold way of testing and evaluating the quality of digital printing of their own label projects. Participants have the opportunity to upload their own label files onto a dedicated website; Labels will be printed on different substrates from Raflatac, Avery Dennison and Manter- including a PE substrate using Xeikon’s brand-new ICE toner – and can be retrieved at the Xeikon stand during Labelexpo Asia.

    Josep Roca, Sales Manager Asia Pacific at Xeikon adds: “The See The Proof campaign was a big success since it was launched in June earlier this year. It gives converters first-hand experience with the technology and see the outstanding quality for themselves. It was put back online upon request from label converters around the world, perfect on time for anyone in Asia Pacific to upload their labels and pick them up during Labelexpo Asia.”

  • QLM Label Makers goes digital

    QLM Label Makers has announced the acquisition of Melbourne based company Self Adhesive Markings.

    Since its establishment in 1970, Self Adhesive Markings (SAM), based in Melbourne, has been a leader in the use of high end digital print technology for labels with a focus on quality and customer service.  In making this acquisition, Simon Pugh, CEO of the QLM Group noted the synergies in core values, customer target markets and an expanded manufacturing footprint for the QLM Group in the Victorian label and packaging market.

    The addition of 2 HP Indigo Printing Presses compliments the extensive range of Flexographic equipment currently used by QLM Label Makers in Australia. Pugh also complimented Rob Baines, founder of SAM as visionary early adoptor of digital print technology in this space, a technology that will add to the company’s already existing digital capabilities in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Malaysia.

    The QLM Group has operations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City and Dhaka with offices in Sydney and Singapore running 51 manufacturing platforms in the self adhesive and packaging market.

  • GTO to go – passing of an icon marks end of era

    A towering icon of the offset printing world takes its final bow, the Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52 will be officially discontinued from March 2014 after more than 40 years in production.

    “End of an era”, Richard Timson, managing director at Heidelberg ANZ

    The announcement marks the end of an era for the german offset manufacturing giant, and for the printing industry at large, with production of the popular press stretching back to its grand unveiling at drupa 1972. The decision was reached in light of productivity demands, with work being transferred increasingly from the classic GTO onto the Speedmaster SM 52 and SX 52 platforms.

    Richard Timson, managing director, Heidelberg Australia and New Zealand, said, “It’s the end of an era. The GTO really was like the T-model Ford of the printing industry. It was the most popular machine in the history of Heidelberg. It got nearly every printing company in Australia and New Zealand printing offset.”

    Legacy aside Timson notes that the move is unlikely to have a significant impact on the Australian market, commenting that only one GTO had been sold in the region in the last five years.

    “It’s been a generational transition. When the Speedmaster came into the picture, the number of people investing in the GTO started to fall off. It’s the whole automation package, automatic plate loading, faster running speeds and more generationally modern features,” he said.

    According to Timson there are around 1000 Printmaster GTO operating around the country, which Heidelberg will continue to support after production of the press is discontinued.

    The highly productive Speedmaster SM 52 has long given printers running the older model a springboard for growth, offering short set-up times and production output of up to 15,000 sheets per hour. Since drupa 2012, the SX 52 has been available in configurations that can be tailored to customer requirements. The press can be ordered with the Anicolor short inking unit, offering even shorter make ready times and low paper waste for short print runs.

    Heidelberg claims over 30,000 Speedmasters have been sold worldwide, with Timson reckoning over 1000 installations of the SM 52 in the Australian market.

  • Man the presses for a chance at the Ipex crown

    The world’s best offset press operators will go head-to-head in a test of skill to be staged at Ipex 2014, battling it out for the official Make Ready Challenge crown.

    Offset printers the world over are invited to put forward their best two-man team to enter into the competition and make ready a job in the quickest time possible. Contenders are up for a chance to win riches and glory, with a cash prize on the line as well as the prestige of being crowned the official Ipex 2014 Make Ready Challenge Champions.

    Wayne Beckett, Ipex 2014 sales director and organiser of the Make Ready Challenge, said, “It adds an extra element to Ipex, and while it is a bit of fun, the challenge is a great opportunity for offset operators to demonstrate just how skilled they are. It promises to be a very entertaining spectacle and we fully expect it to pull in the crowds.”

    The challenge is set to run six sessions a day throughout the event, 24-29 March 2014, firing up the presses at 11:00 am with teams stepping up to log their best time every hour on the hour, winding up at 4:00 in the afternoon. Only 36 slots are available, and according to Beckett they are filling up fast.

    In a race against the clock, challengers will start with a profile set up, fill the feeder with a maximum of 250 sheets, load the plates and achieve colour registration to complete a job to be scored by a specially assembled panel of Ipex judges. The fastest time will be crowned the winner, and a bonus prize will be awarded for the team with closest to a 100% match.

    Weapon of choice will be a Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52-5, circa 2003, with auto-plate removed, supplied by Burnetts, an industry leader in providing print machinery breakdown insurance plans and sponsor of the Make Ready Challenge. All teams must be led by an operator fully trained on the SM52-5, and at least a year’s experience running a Heidelberg of this type.

    Slots are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. To find out more, go to or click here.