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Dealing with your management points of pain.

Monday, 24 April 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Terry Gallagher, managing director of Quote & Print Solutions (Distributors of Quote & Print for NSW, ACT and S.A.), gets serious about identifying your symptoms and suggesting possible sources of relief.

Does your business have some management areas of ‘pain’?

When we have an honest look at how our businesses are operating most of us can identify a few stress points, a few niggling worries that may prove serious if not treated. Although we may not always be able to pinpoint the exact causes, it pays to investigate the problems.

How can you alleviate these business pains?

Quote & Print may be able to assist you in pain relief with a wide range of software modules and over twenty years experience in management software for printing companies.

For example, in the Sales area, are you suffering from reps keeping their contact database hidden in their PDA’s?

Q&P’s Sales module can help you regain control of your database of existing and potential customers. Or if you are unsure just how much margin your reps are sacrificing to get their sales, then Quote & Print’s reporting power can give you answers.

Is Invoicing and Accounts a pain, where you have to re-key details between Estimating and Accounts?

Do you get a headache worrying if you have missed invoicing some jobs that have slipped into the gap between Estimating and Accounts computers?

If this is your business, then Q&P’s fully integrated Accounts modules can relieve the pain and make invoicing easier, more accurate and much less stressful.

Do you have a management pressure point in production?

Perhaps you don’t know whether you are really making a profit on those large new jobs. Are you unsure how much time your staff are really spending on job changeovers? Many printers have found that Q&P’s Shop Floor Management and Employee Times modules can provide real answers and genuine relief for you, the business owner or manager.

Does you business have a recurring ache when your customers treat you as a
“price taker” rather than as a valued partner?

Our Finished Goods Management and Logistics modules give many printers the tools to offer their customers more valuable services and a changed relationship.

Is thinking about the Internet and your customers’ future wants giving you a nightmare?

Quote & Print has a proven and fully integrated Internet Business-to-Business solution. Many Quote and Print customers are using this to achieve a stronger tie-in with their corporate customers.

Please talk to your local Quote and Print partner about our products that can relieve some of the pain of managing your business.

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