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DES leads the ISO charge

Wednesday, 12 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

DES has been developing its ISO offerings for a number of years but it is only more recently the ISO buzzword has really taken hold of the industry. The proofing experts at DES are now leading the industry ISO charge – and accordingly increasing their resources & staffing to handle the ISO demand.

“A few years ago there were a few ISO early adopters, but we are now fielding considerably more requests which have now resulted in doing back-to-back implementations,” commented Russell Cavenagh, Sales Director at DES. “Our PrintSpec product has continuously evolved and is now proving to be the first choice solution. We have also developed new proofing media, optimized to the ISO standard to keep our offering current and competitive. Four of these Chromajet stocks are now FOGRA approved and meet all the ISO standards. In addition they meet the US-based GRACOL & SWOP standards.”

DES is not only leading the field in the proofing stocks arena, but also with its software. PrintSpec is designed to evaluate your print to the targets and tolerances of ISO 12647while the EFI & CGS colour management systems can be set up according to the exacting ISO standards.

“The overall aim of ISO is to create consistent, efficient workflows at all points of the process in order to reduce costs whilst producing repeatable print,” said Cavenagh. “DES’s strength is that we provide a strong blend of experience, knowledge and products to provide an end to end service, from proofing to on-press”.
DES offers a number of FOGRA certified ISO solutions combined with FOGRA certified ISO proofing stocks so the exacting ISO workflows can be achieved on its EFI & CGS proofing RIPS. “Our goal has always been to take ISO out to the industry so they can appreciate the benefits. We will continue to work hard so our clients can continue to reap the rewards,” said Russell Cavenagh.

Full details of PrintSpec, EFI & CGS Colour management & Chromajet paper stocks are available from
Anyone who would like further information on how ISO can change their business should call Russell Cavenagh on 02 9736 6700 or email

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