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DIC Australia adds Avlo to its portfolio

Friday, 02 February 2018
By Jake Nelson

Supplier DIC Australia has officially announced its September acquisition of Avlo, which specialised in additives, binders, pigments and resins for the surface coatings, adhesives, construction, masterbatch and rubber industries.

Steve Ilett, DIC.

DIC chose Avlo because of its strong relationships with customers and suppliers, and because of the retirement of Avlo owner John Downie. “John was looking for a good fit for where his business would go, and DIC’s trading vision meshed really well with almost no conflicts of agencies,” said Steve Ilett, Victorian branch manager at DIC. “Avlo is over 100 years old with a good reputation in the market.”

The acquisition brings on board Avlo agencies including Scott Bader, Glitterex, Bernd Schwegmann, Mepco, Lanxess, and Dainichiseika. “This will add new agencies in the fields of additives, specialty pigments, and resins. It fills a lot of gaps,” said Ilett. “We’re thrilled at the opportunities the Avlo agencies have brought us and the prospect of expanding our sales.

“The two companies had a large range of mutual customers, so the new agencies give our customers more reasons to be at DIC,” he said.

DIC purchased Avlo in September last year, and announced the acquisition this month. “It’s been a huge success and we’d like to thank John Downie, who we employed for four months to help the transition. It’s been one of those genuine ‘one plus one equals two’ mergers – it’s been really well done internally,” said Ilett.

Avlo had supplied Australian industry since 1906, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

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