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Did you know? Some surprising facts about Quote & Print

Monday, 12 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

As Australia’s leading MIS company Quote & Print has some notable factoids that distinguishes it from the rest. Founder Dave Bell asks … and answers, the questions you were afraid to .

Q. How many people work under the Quote and Print umbrella?
A. The total number is 23. This includes development staff, admin, sales, support and training staff.

Q. How many years of printing experience does this add up to?
A. In total over 500 years of experience in the printing industry.

Q. How old is Quote and Print’s oldest user?
A. Our oldest user was 85 when he started training – age is no barrier to using Quote and Print

Q. When was the first version of Quote and Print software produced?
A. The Mark I version was released in 1980. It was written in Basic and ran on an old PDP-11 computer salvaged from a proprietary typesetting equipment.
The Mark II version ran on a KayPro computer using the CPM operating system.
The Mark III version ran on an IBM PC and was released in 1987.

Q. How many countries is Quote and Print software used in?
A. Four Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Tasmania.

Q. How many companies use Quote and Print software to run their business?
A. Over 500, corresponding to about 3000 users .

Q. What are the backgrounds of our staff?
A. Beside the printing industry Quote and Print staff have backgrounds in accounting, IT, teaching, training, mechanical engineering, armed forces, nursing, chemical engineering, publishing, maths and physics. There are a wide range of resources that we can draw upon to help.

Q. What other industries is Quote and Print software used in?
A. None. We are totally dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for the printing industry. Quote and Print was designed from the ground up to be industry specific.

Q. What language is Quote and Print Written in?
A. Clarion, a fourth Generation Programming language.

Q. Are there still printers who are not computerized?
A. Yes there are a few.

Q. Where do the majority of our new sales come from?
A. Basically, they come form replacing legacy systems. A legacy system is computer software that is many years old and is no longer properly supported and maintained. Many DOS based systems fall in this category.

The next biggest area of new sales is from printers who have many non integrated systems and look for software that can handle all their requirements from estimating, job tracking, accounts and internet interface.

Q. What doe the future hold for Quote & Print?
A. We will be concentrating our efforts in three main areas..

  • The internet and using it to improve customer communications.
  • JDF and JMF to increase factory productivity
  • Customer specific requirements. eg We recently implemented a loyalty program for a major Australian printer.

Q. What do you see as the outstanding achievement of Quote and Print Software?
A. Freeing up business owners and managers from the tyranny of paper work. Many of our early customers were working up to 12 hours a day on basic office admin and estimating. Installing Quote and Print software freed up to 50 per cent of their time enabling them to grow their business.

This article was brought to you by Quote & Print

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