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Monday, 30 October 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

How many digital proofers can the Australian graphic arts market absorb?
This is a question that proofing experts CyraChrome are asking as sales
for their ColorTuner/Epson combination continue to surge.

At its peak, analogue DuPont Cromalin proofing enjoyed around 300 installations across Australia. CyraChrome has just surpassed that number of ColorTuner proofing installations, mostly with Epson printers as the output engine, but with a few HPs in the larger format and A3 area.

“Since the launch of our new advertising and awareness campaign, and the introduction of the new Epson 7600 and 9600 engines, ColorTuner proofing sales have simply exploded,” says Marketing Director Andy McCourt.
“Epson cannot keep up with our demand for printers; they’re searching the world for available stocks. ColorTuner proofing with Epson printers has become a standard for contract-quality proofs in Australia.

“What we are now seeing is proofing moving ‘up the food chain’ to advertising agencies, graphic designers, publishers and even into the marketing departments of big brand companies. In analogue days, our sales universe was limited to prepress shops and printers with inhouse prepress. Today, it is ten times as large, with remote proofing adding to it.”

ColorTuner is software written by CGS Publishing Technologies International of Frankfurt, Germany and it contains unique algorhythms to enable fine-tuning of ICC profiles and individual colours.

CGS’s Christophe Thommessen, currently in Australia, says “Australia was our first big growth overseas market following Epson’s release of the 9000 printer in 1999. Since then, it has become the leading contract-quality proofing software in many other countries including the very demanding Japanese graphics market where we have over one thousand installations.

“In December we will release version 5.0 and all I can say is ‘watch this space’ because it is the most efficient, time-saving and colour accurate proofing software ever written.

“CyraChrome has done a great job in supporting ColorTuner in the marketplace. Colour management is the most critical part of the printing and publishing process and CyraChrome’s engineers are the best in the business.”

So how many digital proofers does Australia need? “I don’t know,” says McCourt, “I used to think we’d peak at 200, now we have 300 and a backlog of orders. I’ll go for 500 now. Speak to me at PrintEx next May and I might say 1,000!”

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