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Digitalpress snaps up first Fogra certification for Nexpress

Monday, 27 September 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

Sydney’s Digitalpress steps onto the global stage with Fogra certification for its Kodak NexPress.

Theo Pettaras, manager of Digitalpress, said that the process, which was completed in August, took a lot of work but definitely worth the effort. “Clients are starting to talk about it and so are printers,” he said. “We needed to know and be assured that we are printing consistently to a colour standard.”

According to Pettaras, Digitalpress is the first NexPress operation in the world to achieve Fogra certification. “The advantage that this gives us is that it encourages others like us to go down that route,” he said.

“Some of our large corporate clients  are from government companies … this certification does have commercial merit.”

Pictured: Theo  Pettaras (left) with Kodak’s colour management specialist, Scott Barry.

The results which Fogra certification has given Digitalpress include greater consistency in print runs, something which is of great importance to the company, which is both award-winning and known for producing high-end work.

“It’s amazing that you can get such a difference in print results,” Pettaras said. “To the naked eye, it might look fine; but when you measure it, you can see how far out you are.”

Joining them on the journey was Scott Barry, colour management specialist  from Kodak, who described the team at Digitalpress as “incredibly helpful” throughout the entire process.

“It’s a great thing not only for Digitalpress but for all Kodak customers,” he said. “The market is demanding this kind of certification and standards. Now we’ve had good success at Digitalpress we will be  offering this service  to all of our NexPress customers in the future.”


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