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Monday, 26 February 2007
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Six Degrees is time-freeing technology designed so you can complete projects faster, without changing the way you work. It automatically connects the related messages, files and people on your desktop so that you can quickly navigate through projects in a powerful new way

Six Degrees is the first tool of its kind – a next-generation productivity application that replaces complicated centralized servers with a simple system that everyone already relies on every day – email. We all rely on email to help us work on projects and in teams. We don’t need a replacement to email, we just need a better way to work. Six Degrees is just that – an email driven productivity tool. It leverages the power of email by putting your inbox to work.

Every time you get or send mail, Six Degrees initiates a project, automatically. Ever get attachments and then make revisions? Six Degrees is right there with you. Later, when you need all the information about that project, Six Degrees gives it to you – right at your fingertips.

With Six Degrees Software you can:

  • Track files with similar names, anywhere on your system
  • Show email threads related to any file on your desktop
  • Generate email filters based on projects or people
  • Create “dynamic” projects with one click
  • Help you find files without searching for them – even misfiles or attachments
  • Create links to the email, files, and contact information for a project, regardless of where these objects are on your systems

The right messages. The right files. The right people. No searching required.

It gets better. Since Six Degrees uses simple things that you already do to build projects automatically, it starts working for you right away. No file check-in or project set-up required. And since projects are essentially dynamic, so is Six Degrees. It stays synchronized with your latest email and file revisions, as you work.

Right now, the future is cross-platform. So download your own 30-Day Free Evaluation Copy or view one of our online webinars – and take back control of your desktop.

For more information visit the Creo web site.

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