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drupa blog # 4: Game on with offset, says Kodak

Friday, 30 May 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Forget all the talk about niche applications and ‘complementary’ technology, offset print is now the standard to which all digital print should aspire and eventually replace, says a bullish Antonio Perez, chairman and CEO of Kodak.

Speaking at the company’s drupa press conference, Perez stated that the new Stream inkjet technology would eventually replace offset printing as the preferred imaging technology and that the goal of the company was to deliver offset quality in everything that it does.

"We believe this technology is going to change the industry for ever," he said.

Kodak is the latest digital print company lining up to stick the boot into offset with Screen, Epson and Fujifilm all announcing their intentions to slice into the commercial print market using inkjet technology. No doubt there will be more to come. Kodak, however, believes it has the edge over its rivals thanks to the superior speed and quality of the Stream technology. Ironically, Perez said the technology used in the Stream press had originally been developed to apply coatings to film, a market which is now practically extinct.

In addition to the Stream press (pictured), Perez highlighted a number of new product offerings from Kodak including Prinergy Version 5.0 workflow, the new Colorflow colour management software, the Versamark VL2000 for the data printing market, a new higher speed NexPress S3600 digital press, the Flexcel NX flexo plate system and a new thermal CTP plate, the Electra XD.

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