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drupa puts the kybosh on large format sales

Wednesday, 04 April 2012
By Print 21 Online Article

Australia’s $21 million large format printer market suffered a 35% fall to 1,250 units sold in 2011 as businesses hold off new procurements until drupa, according to a recent report by International Data Corporation (IDC).

Despite ongoing uncertainty over global economic conditions IDC expects the overall local LFP market to recover by at least two per cent in 2012. The analyst firm predicts the technical printing market will lead this increase, while the graphics sector is expected to pick up at the end of year – post drupa.

"Whilst the technical printing LFP market result was mostly driven by refreshments in the commercial and government space, there was also a large increase in the 24" LFP segment throughout 2011, primarily due to a high sell-through by HP with aggressive promotions and advertisements.

"New models for both technical and graphical LFPs are expected to be released this year at the event [drupa], where vendors will showcase their four years of innovation and creation,” said Suzanne Tai, IDC.

In ranking the top five print vendors’ market share by unit shipments in the past year HP ran in first place at 50% with Canon following at 18%. In swift succession Roland, Océ and Epson all placed as top brands in the past year.

Shane Lucas (pictured), director of graphic arts for HP South Pacific, said the strength of the company’s market position could be accredited to an entry-level LFP price-point reset. This has allowed the brand to reduce the barrier for SMEs to purchase a Technical Designjet.

“We have also increased our footprint in retail increasing visibility of Designjets outside the traditional core target markets,” said Lucas.

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