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Drupa travel made easy

Wednesday, 12 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Travel during drupa 2008 will be a unique experience for many people attending the world’s largest printing industry trade fair for the first time.

There will be some 450,000 visitors each day to the fair. To put this into perspective: during the Sydney Olympics, Sydney, a city of close to 4 million, hosted 470,000 visitors over two weeks.

Gerd Wilmer (pictured) of Landmark Travel, Printing Industries official supa drupa tour agency, said; "We closed roads, shut businesses, many people left Sydney and in some places entire suburbs were blocked off to ensure a smooth running of the Games. Düsseldorf, a city of 580,000, hosts the same number each day without any of those measures.

"Expect overcrowding at airports, railway stations and public transport. Expect traffic jams if driving or in taxis. Pubs and restaurants will overflow and taxis will be hard to find.

"Taxis generally are of high standard, more often than not Mercedes, clean but expensive. They may be hard to find during drupa – think of Sydney or Melbourne on a rainy Friday night.

"Like in Australia taxi drivers are a multicultural group. You will see plenty of them waiting at the taxi stand when you don’t need them. When you do, none seem to be around."

Gerd says that he has worked hard to ensure supa drupa tour members have a much easier time getting around during drupa.

"If you are using our group flights, we will pick you up from the airport. Every day there is a dedicated bus service from the hotel direct to drupa and back," he said.

"Our head hotel is in Mönchengladbach, is less than 20 minutes away by train, but far less crowded. Restaurants, pubs and bars are within walking distance from the hotel.

"Bi-lingual tour guides, including myself, will be staying at your hotel."

To discuss tour options, hotels and your flight requirements contact Gerd or Helmut at Landmark Travel on (02) 9977 7100 or e-mail  Information, including supa drupa BBQ booking registration, is available on

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