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Dscoop members make 15% more profit

Wednesday, 20 May 2015
By Print 21 Online Article

The HP users group got together at PrintEx to hear from Gary Peeling, Dscoop Global Chairman, on the benefits of being a member.

The managing director of UK firm, Precision Printing, had an inspirational story for the 100 or so HP users that turned up on Day 2. As the driving force behind his firm’s switch to digital, he told them how the company was now making larger margins than ever on $2 and $3 photo printing jobs.  Mind you, it was pushing through up to 30,000 such jobs in a day. This is what he describes as “shaping the future of on-demand printing.”

The power behind Dscoop: Kelvin Gage, Dominion Printing, Shadi Taleb, Intelligent Media and Gary Peeling, Precision Printing UK.

This radical shift in the paradigms of printing underscores the necessity for a new conversation about how to work and what to aim for. Peeling had a font of inspirational stories, including the one about a personalized Amex direct marketing piece that resulted in 88% increased enrollments, 150% increased transactions with 35% increased spend per transaction.

In making a pitch as to why printers should become part of the users group, he made the point that Dscoop members ran more efficient companies and on average were 15% more profitable than non-members. It’s part of the organisation’s theme of commit, collaborate and dominate.

It was just the type of presentation that those who’ve invested in digital want to hear.

The local Dscoop committee was fired up at the good turnout from the industry. During the opening sessions they relayed some of the experiences of the team that went to the US Dscoop in  January this year and urged members to make the trip to the Asia Pacific meeting at IGAS in Tokyo later in the year.

It’s nice to see the re-energized group scoring goals.


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