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E-Bisprint expands on growth spurt

Wednesday, 05 August 2015
By Print 21 Online Article

E-Bisprint management team. (l to r) Paul and Ann Freeman, Catherine Gibson, Sean Havard, Peter Miller.

Print management company E-Bisprint has expanded its leadership team and reported ‘astounding’ growth to begin the new financial year.

The Tuggerah, NSW Central Coast-based company has appointed Sean Havard as its CEO who will manage the E-Bisprint team under founder and executive chairman Paul Freeman.  Havard will be supported by a new executive line-up with Catherine Gibson taking up the role of national sales manager and Peter Miller managing the local and offshore IT development teams.

In making the announcement, Freeman revealed an impressive opening to the financial year.

“We budgeted to increase business this financial year by 30 per cent and we have reached that figure after just one month with booked orders.  It’s an astounding figure and suggests a maturity in the marketplace where the added value of print management and marketing services is increasingly recognised.

“We’ve also restructured our sales model and realigned our sales support staff in NSW and Qld.  We’ve managed to secure a lot of business from state governments, especially here in NSW, and also from local governments and corporate clients.  So we’re extremely optimistic about the future.”

Havard, who’s worked at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) in both the US and Australia and at Apple Australia, first joined E-Bisprint in 2004 and spent eight years managing the finance department before becoming director for Risk and Compliance at WorkCover NSW. He re-joined E-Bisprint in 2014 as the general manager.

“It’s Sean’s ability to solve everyday problems and deliver unique solutions that fits perfectly with E-Bisprint’s innovative approach and culture,” said Freeman.

Havard says clients are responding to the company’s unique product offering.

‘With E-Bisprint’s range of IT products such as QOKKI Event Management, ZOOL online quoting and the GangGang Garments system, E-Bisprint has created a buzz with our clients and staff in what we can offer,” he said.  “They are not out of the box, and very different to our competitors. These products have opened the door for our sales team in offering customised solutions to everyday problems, making E-Bisprint a unique alternative in the market.”

E-Bisprint was started in 1990 by Paul and Ann Freeman and just celebrated its 25 year anniversary. The company is a managed services provider that includes print management, marketing services, corporate apparel & workwear, fulfilment and warehousing services across corporate Australia and government. All services are provided through a centrally branded client ePortal.

E-Bisprint employs 45 employees in Australia and six in Asia. Head office is at Tuggerah on the NSW Central Coast.


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    Well done on your achievements.

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